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come 短语

come about 发生

come across 遇见…… come after 跟随 come along 随同

come and go 来来去去 come apart 破碎 come around 来 come at 到达 come away 掉下 come back 回来

come before 优先于…… come between 介入……之间 come by 走过 come down 降下 come for 来迎接

come forward 挺身而出


1. come about

To take place; happen. 出现;发生 To turn around. 转向

2.come across

To meet or find by chance: 偶然遇到或找到: 3. come along

To make advances to a goal; progress:

进展对一个目标有进步;前进:4.come around or come round To recover, revive: 恢复,还原: 5.come at

To obtain; get: 获得;得到:

come in 进来 come into 进入

come of 由……产生 come off 从……掉落 come on 上演 come out 出来 come out of 出自 come through 经过 come to 来,到 come together 和好

come under 归入……类别 come up 上升

come upon 发现……

come up with 想出,找出(答案)

6.come back

7.come by占有;取得访问 8. come down 9. come into

10. come off发生,出现: 11.come on

12.come through 13.come to 14.come up 15.come upon 16.come down on 17.come down to 18.come down with 19.come in for

20.come true 实现, 21.come up against 22.come up with

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