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新概念英语第二册语法总结:非谓语动词之动名词 1.动名词定义:具有名词性质,可在句中担任主语,宾语表语,定语,具有所有格作修饰语。


doing → being done

having done → having been done



Saving is easier than doing.

His coming here will be a great help.

It is no use waiting here, he has left.

There is no getting along with him.(简直无法和他相处)


His job is keeping the hall clean as possible.

Seeing is believing.


a. 动词宾语:

He admitted taking the book.

I do mind your smoking here.


admit, appreciate, avoid, complete, delay, deny, enjoy, fancy, finish, mind, practice, resent, risk, suggest, allow, permit...

特注:以allow为例:allow + doing sth(动名词作宾语)。但可以:Allow sb to do sth(不定式作宾补)。

这类动词常见如 advise, allow, permit, recommend, etc.

b. 作介词宾语:

He left without saying goodbye to us.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.(to 在这里是介词)


reading room swimming pool walking stick


His leaving is a great loss.

Mother dislikes my (me) working late.

John's having seen her did not make her worried.



I am thinking of setting a new dictionary.(以后)

He never talked to me about his having been in Paris.(以前)


He doesn't like being flattered.

I heard of his having been chosen to be the coach of the team.


(1)在 begin,start,continue 等词后用动名词或不定式区别不大。

He began writing / to write in 1980.


He stopped talking. 停止讲话。

He stopped to talk. 停下来开始讲话。

Please remember to post the letter. 记住寄走这封信。

I remember posting the letter. 我记得寄出了这封信。

I forgot to lock the door yesterday. 昨天我忘记锁门了。(未锁)

I forgot telling him the news. 我忘了我曾告诉过他这个消息。(做过的事情忘记了)


1.The workers favor ________ funds to build the bridge.

A. to raise B. raising C. raised D. rising

2. No one can avoid ________ by one's surroundings.

A. to be influenced B. having influenced

C. influencing D. being influenced

3. She doesn't feel like ________ tonight.

A. dancing B. to dance C. dance D. to be

4. Does Mr Wang object to ________ her the money?

A. that we lend B. be lent C. lending D. lend

5. I can still recall ________ with him many years ago.

A. to stay B. to staying C. to have stayed D. having stayed (后设答案,大家不要偷看哦~(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……)


1. B 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. D

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