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Unit 10
If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!
Section A Period 3 (2d-3c)

Read the conversation and 2d answer the questions.
1. What will happen if we ask people to bring food? They’ll just bring potato chips and _____________________________________ chocolate because they’ll be too lazy to cook. _____________________________________ 2. What will happen if we give people some small gifts if they win? More people will want to play the games. ___________________________________

Role-play the conversation. Hey, Ben. For the party next week, No, let’s order food should we ask from a restaurant… people to bring food?

1. If we ask people to bring food, they’ll just bring potato chips and chocolate… ask sb. to do sth. 请求/要求某人做某事 e.g. He asked the doctor to tell him the truth. 他请求医生告诉他真相。

2. Yes, the games will be more exciting, too. exciting 意为“令人兴奋的、令人激动的” e.g. The movie has an exciting opening. 电影的开头非常刺激。

前者是“对……感到兴奋”,通常主语 是人,后者是“令人感到兴奋的”,通 常主语是物/事件。例如: Are you excited about going to Beijing? 你要去北京了,感到兴奋吗? He told us an exciting story yesterday. 他昨天给我们讲了一个使人激动的故事。

has 1. I’ll buy a computer if I _______ (have) enough money. goes 2. I’m sure if he _____ (go) to the party, he ________ (have) a great time. will have

won’t get 3. You ___________ (not get) nervous if
you _____ (do ) enough exercise. do 4. If she _______ (finish ) work early, she finishes ______ (go) home. will go 5. If it rains _____(rain), we ________ (stay) at will stay home.

if 引导的条件状语从句,表示对未来的一种 假设,可位于主句之前或之后。在if 引导的条 件状语从句中,若主句用一般将来时,从句要 用一般现在时表示将来。如: She will come if you invite her. 如果你请她,她会来的。

在when, as soon as, after, before 等引导的 时间状语从句中,如果主句为一般将来时, 从句要用一般现在时表示将来。如:
I will call you as soon as I reach Canada. 我一到加拿大就给你打电话。

if 条件状语从句
If you do, you’ll be late.

(一般现在时) (一般将来时) You’ll be late if you do.

主 将 从 现


if 条件句不一般,几个要点记心间; 条件句,放在前,逗号要居中间; 条件句表可能,主句多用将来时; 条件句表事实,主句常用现在时。


1. a. You think you are going to study English hard. b. You will do better in English. If you study English hard,you will do better in English 2. a. you think you are going to eat more . b. you will be fatter. If you eat more, you will be f

atter. 3. a.He thinks he is going to do more exercise. b.His health will be better. If he does more exercise, his health will be better. 4. a.I think I am going to be NO.1in class this term. b.Mom will take me to KFC. If I am NO.1in class this term, mom will take me to KFC

What will happen if I touch (触摸) it?


exercise If you touch it, it will …



3a Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
Dear Su Mei, I don’t _______ (know) what to ______ (do) know do about going to Mike’s birthday party think tomorrow night. My parents _______ (think) I should study for my English exam next go week. If I ______ (go) to the party, they ________(be) upset. Mike ______ (tell) us to will be told wear nice clothes, but I don’t ______(have) have any. If I _______ (wear) jeans, Iwill look(look) ______ wear

go the worst. Also, I’m not sure how to ______ (go) to the party. If I _______(walk), it will take ______ walk (take) me too long. If I _______ (take) the taxi, take it _______(be) too expensive. Can you give me will be some advice please? Tina

What will you do if you go to …?

visit old people’s home

clean up in the school

children’s hospital

A: What will you do if you go to visit the old people’s home? B: If I go there, I’ll bring them some flowers.

3b Complete the sentences using your own ideas.
1. If I get up late tomorrow, _______________ 2. If I don’t finish my homework, __________ 3. If I don’t get enough exercise, ___________ 4. I will not have enough time to study if _______________________________________ 5. I will not make any friends if ____________

3c Write a story with your group on a piece of paper. The first person begins the story with “I think I will …” The others add sentences with “if ”. Pass the paper around twice. Then read the story.
I think I will go to the movies tonight. If I go to the movies, I won’t finish my homework. If I don’t finish my homework …

What will happen if you get up at 9:00 this morning ?

If I get up at 9:00, I will be late.

What will happen if you are late?

If I am late, the teacher will be angry with me.

What will happen if your teacher is angry with you?

If the teacher is angry with me,
I will be sad.

What will happen if you are sad?

If I am sad, I will cry.

Chain practice
If I get up at 9:00, I will be late. If I am late, my teacher will be angry with me. If my teacher is angry with me, I will be sad.

If I am sad, I will cry.

goes If he _____ (go) to the movies, he won’t finish his work. If I _________ (become) a doctor, I can help become others. If we _______ (have ) time, we will go to the have park tomorrow. If you ______ (shout) at the party, you shout __________ (have) to leave. will have doesn’t rain will go If it ____________ (not rain), he _______ (go) sightseeing.

Multiple choice

1.If it rains tomorrow, we _____ visit the museum. B A don

’t do B won’t go C aren’t go D didn’t go. 2 Will you go to the park if it ____ fine? C A will be B was C is D / B 3 If you _____ to school late, your teacher _____ angry with you. A come; are B come, will be C will come; are D will come; will be D 4 If you _____ hard, you will ___ successful. A work, are B works, is C to work, be D work, be 5 If I ___ too much TV, my mother will _______. C A watch, angry B watched, be angry C watch, be angry D will watch, be angry

1. --- Did they _____ a great time yesterday ? --- Yes. They enjoyed ________. A. have; them B. had; they C. have; themselves D. take; myself 2. My parents will take us to the zoo if it ______ Sunday. A. won’t rain B. will rain C. rains D. doesn’t rain


3. I think my mother ________ if she _______ free tomorrow. A. will come; is B. comes; is C. comes; will be D. will come; will be 4. If she likes it, she _______ it soon. A. read B. reads C. will read D. reading

5. If I ____ much money in the future, I will travel all over the world. A. have B. has C. having D. will have 6. If you play computer games on weekdays, you _______ tired. A. are B. will C. be D. will be

单项填空 Mrs. Black will come to help us if she ________ too busy tomorrow. A. is B. will be C. won’t D. isn’t
答案:选 D 题意:如果布莱克夫人明天不是很忙的话, 她会来帮助我们。在if引导的条件状语从句中, 若主句用一般将来时,从句要用一般现在时 表示将来。根据题意可知选 D。

He will go out with you after he _______ his homework. A. finishes B. will finish C. is finishing D. finish 答案:A 在after 引导的时间状语从句中, 主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时表示 将来;he为第三人称单数,故选A。

【2011北京】 I will send you an e-mail as soon as I ______ in Canada. A. arrive B. arrived C. am arriving D. will arrive 【解析】考查点:本题考查状语从句的时态 的用法。当主句是将来时态时,状语从句用 一般时态来代替将来时,所以选择答案A。

【2011陕西】If there ______ no buying and selling of animals, there ______ no killing in nature. A. is; will be B. will be; will be C. is; is D. will be; is 【解析】考查点:本题考查if引导的状语从 句的时态。if 意为“如果”,引导条件状语 从句,主将从现。故选A。

【2012福建福州】 — We'll go for a picnic if it _______ this Sunday. — Wish you a lovely weekend. A. rain B. doesn't rain C. won't rain 【解析】考查 if 引导的条件状语从句。当主 句是一般将来时,if引导的条件状语从句应 该用一般现在时。句意为“如果这个星期 天不下雨的话,我们进行野餐”。故选B。

【2012四川雅安市】 If a polar bear_____, it _____ fish from the water. A. will be hungry; catches B. is hungry; will catch C. is going to be hungry; catches D. is hungry; won’t catch 【答案】B

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