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Unit3 Topic2 期末复习学案8

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1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.n.音乐会,演奏会___________ 2..v.借给(出)__________3.n. 歌手,歌唱家_____________

4. n. 小提琴________________ 5. n.鼓________________6.n.乐器;工具________________

B) 1.去听音乐会继续



2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1) sweet music!多么甜的音乐啊!

2) exciting! 多么令人兴奋啊!

3) What a pity!真遗憾

4) And it beautiful!它听起来很优美。

5) I can you some CDs of her songs. (借)



1) I used to like playing the piano, but now I prefer playing the v_______.

2) —Could you l_______ me your bike, please?

—Sure, here you are.

3) Celine Dion is going to sing at the c_______.

4) Of all the musical i_________, I like guitar best.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) The music _______ beautiful.A. looks B. feels C. hears D. sounds

( ) 2) —Jane, can you play _______ baseball?—No, I can’t. But I can play _______ violin.

A. the; the B./; the C./; / D. the; /

( ) 3) _____ exciting news it is!A. What B. What a C. What an D. How

( ) 4) _____ exciting the news is! A.What B. What a C. What an D. How

( ) 5) —Can you ______ your bike to me?

—Sorry. My bike doesn’t work. Maybe you can _____ a bike from Jane.

A. lend; borrow B. borrow; lend C. lend; lend D. borrow; borrow



A:What are you going to do this Saturday evening?

B:A:How exciting! B: Celine Dion.


B:At the Music Hall.


B: At 7:30 p.m. Why not come with me?

1 Unit3 Topic2 期末复习学案 Section A

Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2014.1.6

Unit3 Topic2 Section B


I.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.adj.民俗的,民间的__________________2.adj.古典的;传统的______________________


5.n.类型,种类_______________________ 6.a d v.迅速地,很快地____________________







II. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1.Talk about some types of music:

Classical music is music.古典音乐是严肃的音乐。

Pop music often .流行音乐来得快去得也快。

Country music, rock music and jazz are all pop music.


2.Learn how to express likes and dislikes:

It’s great! I love it! It is good music. What sweet music!

I don’t like this kind of music.

I hate to listen to rock music.

music do you like ?你喜欢哪种音乐?

It hard to say.很难说。



1) Mr. Lee is a s_______ teacher. He is always strict (严格的)with us.

2) Do you often e_______ classical music at the concert or in a theater?

3) China is f_________ for the Great Wall.

4) The Voice of China is very p________ with young people in China.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) Pop music is _______ music. A.serious B. exciting C. hard D. simple

( ) 2) Liu Dehua, Zhou Jielun and Lin Junjie are famous _______ their pop songs.

A.as B. for C. with D. of

( ) 3) _____ bad weather! A.What B. What a C. What an D. How

( ) 4) I used to _____ to pop music, but now I hate _____ to it.

A.listen ; listening B. listening ; listen C. listen ; listen



He Jing:What do you often do in your spare time?

Wei Han:

He Jing:It’s great! But I can’t play the piano. I can play the guitar.

Wei Han:

He Jing:I like pop music. What about you?

Wei Han:’m Tenger’s fan. I like singing all of his songs. He Jing:I know little about folk music, but I enjoy listening to Song Zuying’s songs.

Wei Han:


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2014.1.6

He Jing:Yes, I like them. My favorite English song is Yesterday once More.

Wei Han: But I prefer Take Me to Your Heart.


I.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A)1.n.年龄;时代,日期__________________ 2.n.奇才;奇迹v.想知道___________________

3. n. 作曲家,创作家___________________ 4.n.音符;笔记,记录;注释___________________

5.v.按,压;挤,推____________________ 6.v.微笑,笑n.微笑,笑容___________________

7.adj.令人惊奇的______________________ 8.v.理解,懂________________________________










1)I am from China. I am_______(China). My friend Tom is from America.He is______ (America)

2) She draws as _______ (good) as her elder sister.

3) He was an __________ (amaze) child, a born ________ (music).

4) The music sounds __________ (beauty)

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) Miss Gao gave us a music lesson ____ the piano. A. at B. on C. in

( ) 2) My father was very _______ at what I said.A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising

( ) 3) ______ hard he is working! A.What B. What a C. What an D. How

( ) 4) Jane was ____ excited _____ she forgot her homework.

A. So?that B. such?that C. too?to


Mrs. Black was a famous musician a few years ago. She music at a school and her students did well in their lessons. They liked her very much. Now the old woman stays at home with her husband. The old man looks after his wife well and she worries about anything. And she is very .Just like some old people, Mrs. Black finds that her memory(记忆) is what she did or will do. It often gets her in trouble. Her noticed(注意到) it and asked her to see a famous doctor. He bought two tickets 6 London and told her he put into her handbag while she was playing the piano. The next morning, they got to just on time to catch the plane. Mrs. Black said,“I wish we had the with us.” “Don’t be a fool, dear!”said Mr. Black,“We are not going to a concert, but to see a

”“I know,”she said,“but I left the tickets on it!”

( ) 1.A.loved B.taught C.enjoyed D.studied

( ) 2.A.always B.often C.never D.sometimes

( ) 3.A.sorry B.worried C.sad D.happy


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2014.1.6

( ) 4.A.forget B.remember C.forgets D.remembers

( ) 5.A.husband B.daughter C.son D.student

( ) 6.A.to B.in C.from D.of

( ) 7.A.it B.them C.this D.that

( ) 8.A.airport B.bus stop C.station D.hospital

( ) 9.A.money B.music C.tickets D.piano

( ) 10.A.doctor B.film C.play D.house Unit3 Topic2 Section D


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A)1.n.宁静,平静;和平___________________ 2.n.文化,文明___________________





(hard, music, park, like , serious, good , use. about, favorite, hate, )

Wen Wei and Jane meet at the gate of the_______. They are talking something______ _______. It’s_______ for Wen Wei to say what kind of music he likes. He _______ to enjoy pop music, but now he_______ folk music. Neither of them thinks classical music is their_______ . Wen Wei ______it, because he thinks it is too______. what about Jane? Oh ,she likes pop music _______.

2. 用What ,What a, What an, How填空

(1)_________ lovely girl she is! (2) __________ lovely the girl is!

(3) _________ lovely girls! (4) _________ lovely girl!

(5) __________ fast he runs! (6) __________ exciting the news is!

(7) __________ exciting news! (8) __________ happily they are playing!


There are all ___1___ of music in the world. Music ___2____ people happy. Everyone loves music but different people have different tastes.I like piano music very much. When I was seven years old, my father asked a music teacher to ___3____ me to play the ____4____. My brother likes ___5_____ to jazz. He thinks the American jazz music ____6____ wonderful. But my sister ___7_____ jazz. She thinks it is too noisy. Violin music is her favorite.She likes play___8____ the violin. She says classical music makes ___9___ happy.

We are music ___10____. Different kinds of music make us happy.


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