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仁爱版八上Unit1 Topic3 期末复习3

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Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.23

Unit1 Topic3 期末复习学案 Section A


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.)exciting , 2) relay race B) 1 . 谈论为...做准备接力赛 4 . 和(...)交朋友一双跑鞋

6 .听说米赛跑8.参加

2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

it? 当然,我会参加

2.你将参加哪一项运动?you be in? 男子800米赛跑。 The race.

3.我将参加跳远和跳高。I will the long jump and the high jump.

4.我相信你会赢。I believe you . 我希望如此。I 宾语从句的替代)

5.我确信这次运动会会令人很兴奋。I the sports meet will

6.这是我第一次参加跳高比赛。 To take part in the high jump.

7.我想我会玩的很开心的。I think I’ll



I (lose a/the game输掉比赛 lose one’s way迷路 lose one’s job失业)


12.I will during the sports meet.

12.我听说你会参加跳高。I you will take park in.



1) I want to t_____ part in the girls’ 800-meter race.

2)John will come to c_____ me on.

3) We are s_____ the sports meet will be exciting.

4) I think I’ll have lots of f_____.

5) She bought a pair of r______ shoes last week.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. The Chinese are very friendly and we will get much ____ with them.

A. a fun B. fun C. funny D. funs

( ) 2. Huang Junfeng wants to take part in the ______race.

A. boys’ 400-meters B. boy’s 400 meter C. boys’ 400-meter D. boys’ 400 meters

( ) 3. It’s Jane’s _____ time to visit London.

A. first B. one C. the first D. once

( ) 4. I’ll be in the long jump because I am good at _____.

A. jumping B. jump C. to jump D. jumps

( ) 5. We are sure the sports meet will be ______.

A. is exciting B. exciting C. excited D. excitd




Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.23

B:Because I have got the first prize in the English Competition.

A: Congratulations. And then we can have a party this Saturday.

B: Where shall we have this party?


B: When shall we start?


B: Ok. See you then.

A: See you. Unit1 Topic3 Section B


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

B) 1.运动衣(鞋把时间约在六点半

3 赶上相撞

6.从旁边跑过2. Review the following sentences(翻译)


2.要不要我带相机(我带相机好吗) take my camera?好主意

3.我们何时见面?When we 让我们把时间定在6:30吧。Let’s half past six.

shall we meet? 我们在哪儿见面?

---- At my house.在我家里。



2) England _____ the 30th Olympics in 2012.

3) She plant more trees and _____ to improve our environment.

4) My family will _____apples on the farm next week.

5) We see many ______ in Kunming.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. — What ____ the weather ____ like the day after tomorrow?— It will be sunny.

A. will; is B. will; be C. is; be D. are; be

( ) 2. I will write two ____ e-mails to my friends.

A. an other B. another C. more D. other more

( ) 3. There ____ more roads, trees and tall buildings in Beijing in 2008.

A. will has B. is going to have C. will be D. is going to have

( ) 4. — Can you tell me the reason ____ coming here?— I want to learn more.

A. of B. in C. for D. about

( )5. — When shall we go to Yunnan?— Let’s ____ it ____ Monday.

A. make; in B. meet; on C. make; on D. meet; in


Peter is thirteen years old. He is in Grade Two this year. He likes to p football and

football matches. And he often reads newspapers. He does his b to know when

and where there is going to b a football match. Now Pete lunch, and listening


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.23

to the radio, too. He is very h match on TV at

four this afternoon. He wants to watch it very much. So he makes a phone.

“Hello, Mrs. Black,” Peter says to his teacher on the telephone, “Peter is i in bed. He

half a day’s leave(请半天假).” “Oh, I’m s to hear that.” says Mrs.

Black. “But who is this?” “It’s my father, Mrs. Black.”

Unit1 Topic3 Section C


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)


, ,

9.host ,

B) 1....的象征代表,象征至少


2. Review the following sentences(翻译)


2) Games will be


3) The Olympics are becoming . 奥林匹克运动会将越来越受欢迎。

4)Beijing the 29th Olympic Games in2008 .




2)Zhang Yining is the _______ in the table tennis game.

3) We believe you can ______your work at once.

4) Maybe the panda will be the mascot for the London ______.

5) China ______the 2008 Olympic Games.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. Beijing hosted the ____ Olympic Games in 2008. A. 27th B. 28th C. 29th D. 30th

( ) 2. The motto of the modern Olympic is “____”.

A. Fast, high, strong B. Faster, higher, stronger

C. Faster, high, strong D. Faster, high, stronger

( ) 3. The Olympic Rings ____ the five parts of the world.

A. stand on B. stand for C. stand D. standing

( ) 4. ----- How often does the Olympics take place? ----- _______.

A. Every four years B. Every three years C. Every years D. Every two years

( ) 5. Michael wasn’t happy because he did ______ in the English exam. A. good B. well C. badly D. bad


Do you know the Olympic Games? The Olympic Games are held every years. Many

players all over the world take part in the Olympic Games. The old Olympic Games

began around the year 776 BC(公元前) in Greece(希腊) and the modern games came from the

ones. Many of the sports were as they are now,but women were not allowed(允许)

to take part in the games at that time.


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.23

The Olympic Games stopped for a long time. But people couldn’t the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games in modern times were held in 1896. They were held in Greece—-the games were born in this just 13 countries. After that, countries took part in the games. In the 27th Sydney Summer Olympic Games in 2000, the Chinese team got 28 gold medals.

One of the great competitions not for a medal. It’s the competition among countries to hold the Olympic Games. the Olympics is a great prize for a country. In 2008,Beijing will the 29th Summer Olympic Games. We are all proud of our great country.

( ) 1. A. four B. three C. five D. two

( ) 2. A. from B. in C. at D. to

( ) 3. A. new B. old C. good D. nice

( ) 4. A. same B. a same C. the same D./

( ) 5. A. forgetting B. forgot C. forgotten D. forget

( ) 6. A. town B. city C. village D. country

( ) 7. A. less than B. more or less C. more than D. more and more

( ) 8. A. are B. is C. were D. was

( ) 9. A. To hold B. Hold C. Holds D. Held

( )10.A. held B. holds C. holding D. hold

Unit1 Topic3 Section D


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)


B)1) do badly in 3)

4)跑得快 5)下次 6)终点线

2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)Everyone in our class (感到激动) because we won.

2) Michael ran very fast and our class 赢第一)

3)We’re sorry that we (在...做得差) the high jump.



2) Let’s ______ it seven.

3) There ______a school sports meet tomorrow.

4) I want ______in the school sports meet.

5) John ______ a pair of sports shoes yesterday.

2. 单项选择。( ) 1. She prefers _____ to _____ .

A. swims; skating B. swim; to skate C. swimming; skating D. to swim; to skate

( ) 2.Tom is _____ at English

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( )3. ----Hello, I’m Xiao Ming, I’m glad to _____ friends ______ you.

---- Me too. I’m John.

A. make; with B. get; like C. get; like D. make; to

( )4. Everybody in our class _____ very excited because we won.

A. feel B. felt C. feels D. feeling

( )5. ----What _____ you _____ do this weekend?

-----I’m going to Beijing to see all the places of interest.

A. is; going to B. be; going to C. are; going to D. were; going to


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