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仁爱版八上Unit1 Topic2 期末复习2

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Unit1 Topic2 期末复习学案

Section A


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)


5) certainly_________ 6) somewhere __________ 7) throw _________

B) 1.帮助某人生病,病倒





10. 别的某个地方当然不12.乱丢2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)Could you help me,please?—Sure./ Certainly. / Of course. What is it?.(翻译)

2) But one of my teammates fell ill。

3)Will you join us? I’


5) (1) —Would you mind teaching me ?—

(2) —

(3) —

—I’m sorry about that./ Sorry. I won’t do it again.



2) My mother ___________, so I have to look after her at home.

3) One of my friends ________ from Canana.

4) ——________________ passing the book to me? —— Not at all.

5) I am sorry to keep you _________ for me for a long time.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. — Would you mind doing the dishes? — ____

A. Certainly. B. Of course not. I’ll do them in a minute.

C. Sorry, I won’t. D. Yes, I mind.

( ) 2. Would you please ____ to the zoo?

A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walks

( ) 3. Keep ____ English, and you will improve your oral English(口语).

A. to speak B. speaking C. speak D. speaks

( ) 4. — Will you join us? — ____.

A. Not very often B. Around an hour C. I hope not D. Of course, I will

( ) 5.There _______ a football match next week. Shall we go and watch it?

A. will have B. has C. have D. will be


A: Could you please _______ ______ ________ hand?

B: Sure. ______ is it?

A: There is going to ________ a basketball game against Class 5 this afternoon.But one of our

teammates fell ________.Will you ______ us?

B: I’ll be glad to. ________ ________ will it begin?

A: __________ half past four .

B: Ok. See you then.

A: See you.


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Unit1 Topic2 Section B


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1


B) 1.冲某人大喊2.尽某人最大的努力


5. 向某人道歉为。。。感到抱歉





2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

(1) What do you mean?

(2) Don’t shout at me like that.

(3)Don’t be angry with each other.

(4)What about saying sorry to ...?

(5) I’m sorry for what I said. It’s nothing.

(6)You are sure to have more fun.

(7)My dad bought a basketball for my brother. = My dad bought my brother a basketball



1) You shouldn’t keep me ___________ (wait) so long.

2)Kangkang does well in _________ ( play) soccer.

3) We’ll try _________( we ) best to learn English well.

4) I’m sorry for _______(be) late.

5) Don’t ________(is) angry with me.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. Don’t shout at him. He ___.A. will do his best B. did well in C. is good at D.did his best

( ) 2. — I’m sorry for _____ I said. — It doesn’t matter.A. how B. which C. what D. where

( ) 3. Our football team is ___ win next year.A. sure of B. sure aboutC. sure that D. sure to

( ) 4. _____ my teacher’s help I learn how to play basketball. A. Under B. By C. With D. On

( ) 5. Please pass the ball ________ your teammates. A. / B. for C. of D. to



A: There will be a football game at the Children’s Palace tomorrow afternoon. Do you know? B: Really? A: Let’s go at half past two. 


A: On the road outside the school gate. 

B: A: Sorry, I don’t like riding a bike. I like taking a bus. 

B: Let’s go there by bus. 

A: OK. See you tomorrow. 

B: See you tomorrow. 14.


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.21

Unit1 Topic2 Section C


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A), , ,

, , ,

, ,


, ,

, ,

B) 1.首先,起初2.在恶劣的天气






2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and other parts of the world.

2) At first, it was an indoor game so that students could play in bad weather.

3)The goal is to throw the ball through the other side’s basket,and stop the other team from doing so.

4) But you must follw the rules.



2.As a student, you must _______ the rules of your school.

3.One hundred years is a _____________.

4.To win basketball games,you should have good _________.

5.James Smith was a P.E. teacher. He ___________ basketball in 1891.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1. Jim got up early _______ he could catch the bus.

A. that B. instead of C. so that D. then

( ) 2. Sam enjoys ____ TV.

A. watches B. watchs C. watching D. to watch

( ) 3.The goal is _________ the ball through the other side’s basket.

A. throw B. throwing C. to throw D. threw

( ) 4. ____,basketball was an indoor game so that students could play in bad weather.

A. In first B. At first C. On first D. Of first

( ) 5. We must stop people from __________ bottles around.

A. throw B. throwing C. to throw D. throwed


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.21

Unit1 Topic2 Section D


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1) lover 2) bat ___________, ,

6) grass

B) 1)such as ___________, 3)数百的,成千上万的2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)Football is a fast game played in winter and early spring.

2) Cricket is a national sport in England.


___________a team of NBA from America. The American players arrived in Shanghai this morning. And the Chinese players has left Beijing for Shanghai _________ air. Now they are ________their way in the sky. They will ________ a rest tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, they will play the game against each other. The American team is a little stronger. But we still have the chance to win. We mustn’t miss the game and cheer them on.

2. 单项选择。

( )1. Do you mind ____ putting your bike here? A. don’t B. doesn’t C. no D. not ( )2. -- ____ you _____ me carry the bag? —Certainly, I’m coming.

A. Do, help B. Would, help C. Did, help D. May, help

( )3. –Would you mind ____ my pet dog?

A. look after B. to looking after C. to look after D. looking after

( )4. I’ll kick the ball ________ you. A. with B. To C. At D. of ( )5.—— Would yoou mind if I park my car here? ——__________.

A. Yes, I would. B. No, I wouldn’t. C. Of course D. Of course not.


A lot of students are having all kinds of sports on the sports field. A football game is going on right now Class 3 and Class 4. We don’t know which team will people over there! Some students of Class 1 are practicing the jump. One of them is the best high jumper in the school. He practices hard every day. Many people think he will the school record (记录) in the sports meet next spring. Not far away from them, some girls are preparing for a race. They have a 600-meter race in ten minutes. Now on the corner of the field, you can see another group (群) of students. Their teacher is telling them to throw discus (铁饼).

In schools, students love sports now. Sports help people to keep people to live happily. And doing sports on the sports field, many people will good friends, too. Do you think so?

( )26.A.in B.between C.from D.of

( )27.A.win B.winning C.fall D.falling

( )28.A.long B.far C.high D.tall

( )29.A.break B.turn C.leave D.name

( )30.A.were B.going to C.were going to D.will

( )31.A.what B.how C.which D.that

( )32.A.much and much B.most and most C.many and many D.more and more

( )33.A.health B.tired C.healthy D.happy

( )34.A.in B.before C.after D.over

( )35.A.become B.change C.get D.bring 4

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