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(1) 问候(greetings)

1. -Good morning/afternoon/evening.

2.-How are you?

3.- How do you do?

4.-How is it going?

(2) 个人喜好

1.What color do you like best?

2.What/Which is your favorite subject?

3.What’s your favorite animal?

4.What’s your favorite fruit?

5.Which country do you like to visit after you grow up?

6.What are you going to be when you grow up?

(3)感谢 (thanks )

1. - thank you (very much).

thanks a lot.

thank you for your help.

2.-it's very kind / nice of you.你太好了。你真好。


- sorry.

I' m sorry.

I' m sorry for losing your book. I' m sorry (that) l' m late.

It dosen`t matter.没关系

(5)邀请 (invitation)

- wou1d you like to go for a walk?

may l invite you to dinner?


1.May I come in?


2.Can/ could I use your telephone?

3.I wonder(想知道) if(是否) I could smoke here.

4.would / do you mind if I open the window?


1. How old are you?

2. When is your birthday?

3.What is you father?/What does your father do?


1.How many days are there in a week?

2.How many months are there in a year?

3. How many seasons are there in a year?

4. How many minutes are there in an hour?

5. How many lessons/classes do you have every day?

6. How many people are there in your family?

7. How many people are there in your class?

(9) 祝愿和祝贺

1. -Have a good day / time!=Enjoy yourself!


Have a good journey / trip!旅途愉快

Good luck!祝你好运!

Best wishes to you. 致以最美好的祝福 Wish(祝愿) you all the success!


Well done!干得漂亮!干得好。

Happy birthday!

2.- Merry Christmas!

3.Happy New Year!

(10)提供帮助 (offering help)

1. -Can I help you?

2. what can i do for you?


1. When do you get up every day?

2. When did you get up this moning?

3. How long have you been studying English?

4. How often do you watch TV?

5. How was you last weekend?


- hello! may I speak to Tom?


1.-. What's the weather like today? How's the weather today?

2. it's a nice / fine / beautiful / horrible (可怕的)day today, isn`t it ?

(14) 日期&星期

1. What day is it today?今天星期几?

2. what`s the date today?今天几号?

3. what`s today? 今天几月几号?星期几?

4. When is the Children`s Day?

5. When is the Teacher`s Day?

6. When is your mother`s birthday?


-Let`s go and have a 1ook

what / how about a picnic this sunday why don't you buy a computer?

why not go to a movie?

That sounds good./good idea.

(16) 告别

1.- good-bye / bye / bye--bye.

2.-see you later / then / tomorrow / soon.

(17)是非问句(特点:以BE 动词、情态动词、助动词开头)

1. Is this your pen?

2. Do you often go to movies with you parents?

3. Have you ever been to Beijing?

4. Can you play basketball?

5. Are you a student?


1.-Help yourself.请自便。随便吃点。

2.-Welcome to loudi and have a good time here.

3. Your English is very good.

4.-Nice to meet you.

5.-Wish you success.祝你成功。

6.My grandma is ill in hospital.

7.-I`m sorry I can`t help you with your lessons.

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