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9A Unit 6 Detective stories

comic strip & welcome to the unit

一、 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. Why__________ you __________ (dress) like that?

2. Eddie’s food has gone__________ (miss)

3. The coats with blood were those ____________ ( muder).

4. His bedroom is too_________ (tidy). Let’s _______ (help) to clean it.

5. That person you saw yesterday is ___________(middle) height.

6. That night, an old woman______________(murder).

7. Beijing School is holding a much __________ (excite) relay race.

8. The murder__________ ( happen) on a cloudy night.

9. Who is the __________ (murder)?

10. He is very__________(friend), so we all like him.

二、 翻译

1. 我的食物已失踪了.

2. 谋杀案发生在一个冬天的早晨.

3. 那个妇女长得什么样子.

4. 有人打电话找你.

5. 我们对他们做了笔录


In ancient China, the State of Wu made an attack on the State of Yue. The king of Wu was badly hurt and soon died. His son Fu Chai became the new king. Fu was very sad and angry and he decided to fight back for his father’s death. He trained his army strictly until it was very strong. Three years later, he led his army against the State of Yue and caught its king Gou Jian, who was taken to the State of Wu.

Gou Jian was put into a small black stone house which was full of terrible smell and was made to raise(饲养) horses. Gou worked hard and tried to keep himself quiet, but he never forgot his pain. Many years later, he was set free. Gou secretly trained his army after he went back to his own state. In order to make himself strong-minded he slept on firewood and ate a gall bladder before having dinner and going to bed every night. After a few years, his country became strong once more. Then Gou took hold of a golden chance to fight against Wu and won the war in the end.

If one voluntarily(自愿) works very hard and voluntarily stands up to pains and difficulties in order to succeed, we might call him a “Gou Jian”, and his story, a “Gou Jian’s story”.

1. _________ was seriously hurt and died.

A. Gou Jian’s father B. Fu Chai’s father C. Gou Jian’s brother D. Fu Chai’s brother

2. Three years later _______ was caught and taken to the state of Wu.

A. Gou Jian B. Fu Chai C. Gou Jian’s father D. Fu Chai’s father

3. Gou Jian ________ when he was in the state of Wu.

A. ate gall bladders B. raised horses

C. trained his army D. forgot his pain

4. Which of the following is TRUE ?

A. The gall bladders tasted good. B. Gou Jian loved horse-raising.

C. Finally Gou Jian was set free. D. Finally Fu Chai was set free.

5. The story mainly tells us that .

A. a country without a strong army is easy to defeat

B. if someone attacks you, you should just fight back

C. if you fail in doing something, it is better for you to forget the pain

D. if you face difficulties bravely without giving up, you will finally succeed




1. The drunk man __________(发现) in the ________________(门口) of the neighbour’s.

2. Mike is one of the _____________(受害者).

3. They must_____________(确认) their air tickets 3 days before they leave.

4. His dog’s _________(死) made him very sad.

5. When she woke up, her head was_________(流血)

6. Have you seen anything_______________(不同寻常) ?

7. He was last seen ___________ (离开) his office at about 7 p.m.

8. Today he got up as early as ___________(往常)

9. A young man_________________(谋杀) last night.

10. Shall we meet at the __________ (入口) to the cinema?


1. 一个十八岁的男生 2. 电脑程序员

3. 发生 4. 某个别的地方

5. 用刀袭击某人 6. 流血而死

7. 导致 8. 进行激烈的搏斗

9. 不同寻常的事 10. 闯入


1. Come here, jack. You _____________ (want) on the phone.

2. No one _____________(travel) farther than the moon so far.

3. My food ____________(go)______________(miss).

4. They were ________________(scare) at the strange noise.

5. Look at the _____________(follow) examples, please.

6. A dictionary tries to tell the different____________(mean) of a word.

7. What is his ________________(high)

8. His body____________(found) in the garden the day before yesterday.

9. He _____________(charge) with______________(break) into my house soon.

10. By whom ____________ the young cook ____________(kill)?

11. There were more than one ____________(attack)

12. He was breathing _____________(heavy)


Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate(使发生联系) red with a strong feeling like Red is used for signs of in autumn. People say orange is a color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and want to be . Those who like to be with like red. The cool colors are and blue. Where are these colors, people are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to more slowly in a room with warm colors. They suggest that a warm color is a good for a living room or a . People who people working there want time to pass quickly.

1. A. sadness B. anger C. administration D. smile

2. A. roads B. ways C. danger D. places

3. A. land B. leaves C. grass D. mountains

4. A. lively B. dark C. noisy D. frightening

5. A. moonlight B. light C. sunlight D. stars

6. A. summer B. spring C. autumn D. winter

7. A. speak B. say C. talk about D. tell


8. A. green B. yellow C. white D. gray

9. A. calm B. sleepy C. active D. helpful

10. A. the other B. another C. other one D. others

11. A. black B. red C. golden D. yellow

12. A. go round B. go by C. go off D. go along

13. A. ones B. way C. fact D. matter

14. A. factory B. classroom C. restaurant D. hospital

15. A. Different B. Cool C. Warm D. All



1. top detective _____________ 2. over the last year _____________

3. bleed to death _____________ 4. attack sb. with a knife _____________

5. as a result _____________ 6. be charged with _____________

7. so far _____________ 8. a well-paid job _____________

9. contact the police on 5550 1212 _________ 10. be guilty of sth. _____________

11. every move of the suspect _____________ 12. by the way _____________

13. come to the scene _____________ 14. sit down beside me _____________

15. 把照相机带给我_____________ 16. 认真地听目击者讲 _____________

17. 把伞带在身边 _____________ 18. 因为噪音 _____________


1. The ________ (a person that suffers death as a result of other people’s actions) was found in a park.

2. Your nose is ________ (lose blood).

3. Three people were hurt in the ________ (a hard fight or bodily effort).

4. Fish can’t ________ (take air, gas, etc, into lungs and send it out again) out of water.

5. He was ________ (seize by power of the law) last year.

6. Have you ________ (reach someone by message, telephone, etc.) the child’s parents?


1. Why ________ they ________ (kidnap) by you yesterday?

2. By whom ________ the young cook ________ (kill)?

3. He ________ (charge) with ________ (break) into my house soon.

4. His body ________ (find) in the garden the day before yesterday.

5. There ________ (be) many changes over the years.

6. The story ________ (happen) last night.

7. My food has ________ (go) ________ (miss).

8. No one ________ (travel) farther than the moon so far.

9. What was your ________ (high) when you were born?

10. How ________ (tidy) your bedroom is! Clean it at once.

11. The doctor has warned him not to move, or his cut will ________ (blood).

12. The dog’s ________ (die) made her very sad.


1. Someone saw him running down Upper Street at 11 pm last night. (改为被动语态)


2. He has found something suspicious already. (改为否定句)

__________________________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________________________________________ 3



7. He has to do much homework every day. (改为否定句)


8. She was at home alone last night. (改为同义句)



1. My food ______________________________________(已失踪了).

2. The murder ______________________________________(发生在一个冬天的早晨).

3. _______________________ that woman _________________ (长的什么样子)?

4. You __________________________________(有人打电话找你).

5. We ______________________________________(对他们做了笔录).

6. ___________________________(他有证据证实) he was not there at that moment.

7. ___________________________(他被看见在打网球) at ten pm last night.

8. Who _______________________(闯入你们家) last night?

9. Unluckily, ______________________________________(他因失血过多而死亡).

10. _________________________________(他将被逮捕) for computer crimes.



1. He was in a hurry to the playground and _______________(呼吸) heavily.

2. His two uncles are both ________________ (工程师).

3. So far, one of the three _______________ (小偷) has been caught this month.

4. Don’t make any excuses for your _______________ (偷窃).

5. It’s obvious that the victim was killed with a gun, but nobody saw the _______________(凶手).

6. The drunk man was found in the ________________ (门口) of the neighbor’s.

7. The police are particularly interested in knowing if he had any _______________ (敌人).

8. The detective has c______________ (proved to be true) that he was a 20-year-old man.

9. Jack’s father’s ______________ (死) made him very sad.

10. When she woke up, her head was_________________ (流血).

B. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. One of the suspects _________________ (arrest) by the police last week.

2. His dead body__________________ (find) in the garden the day before yesterday.

3. He ______________(charge) with _____________(break) into my house soon.

4. This is much ____________________(serious) than we thought.

5._____________, she found her lost keys in her own schoolbag at last.(luck)

6. It is reported that one of the __________________has been murdered.(murder) .

7. Why ___________ they _______________ ( kidnap) by the men yesterday?

8. Mary told her father she ___________________( visit) a farm the next day.

9. It is possible that there was more than one _________________( attack) .

10. The poor old woman is sometime seen _________________( sell) some eggs near the road.

C). 用方框里的短语的正确形式进行填空

2. His parents ___________________________ 5000$ for any information about suspects.

3. The victim ___________________________ although the doctors tried their best.

4. The sports meeting _______________________ this coming Saturday, Have you prepared yet?

5. The young man _____________________________ computer crimes before he died. 4

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