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It’s raining !

写出下列句子: 1.---北京天气怎样?---天气晴朗。 How’s ____ ________ in Beijing? It’s _______. sunny _____ the weather 2.一年有四个季节,是春、夏、秋、冬。 _____ ______ _______ seasons ________in a year, There are four spring summer autumn and winter they are _______________________________. 3、你喜欢寒冷的天气吗? Do you like cold days _____________________? 4、你最喜欢什么季节?我最喜欢春季。 favorite season spring What’s your _________ _______? It’s _______.

What do they mean?






1.When the sun comes out, it’s sunny ____. 2.When there are some clouds, cloudy it’s_____. 3.When it’s raining, it’s______. rainy 4.When it’s snowing, it’s______. snowy 5.When the wind is blowing(吹), it’s_______. windy

四、选择最佳答案。 1.____is the weather there?It’s windy. B A. What B. How C. What’s

B 2.--How’s the weather today? --____ A. It’s rain. B. It’s raining. C. It rainy.

1.It is cloudy in Shanghai now. (画线提问)
①________the weather in Shanghai now? How’s ②______the weather ____ in Shanghai now? What’s like 3.How’s the weather in Wuzhishan? (同义句)

What’s the weather like ______ ____ _______ _____ in Wuzhishan?

1. 最近情况怎么样啊?糟透了。 How’s going terrible _________ it __________? It’s _________. 2.感谢你参加中央台的世界各地节目。


Thanks _____joining CCTVs Around The World show. _______ for ______ 3.今天是个晴朗漂亮的天气。

It’s a _________ ________ ________. beautiful sunny day

________ ________ many people _____ ________. are on vacation There 5. 一些人在照相,其他人躺在沙滩上。
Some _____taking ________. Others _____ _______on are _______ photos are lying the beach.

6.看那对打沙滩排球的人们,它们看起来很酷。 Look at the group of people playing_______ ________. ______ beach volleyball They _______ ______. look cool 7. 我很惊讶,他们能在如此炎热的天气下打球。 I ______surprised they can play in this heat. am _________ 8. 人们真的很放松。 The people are ________ very ____________. really relaxed


My name is Mike. I am 15 years old. I study in a middle school in Australia. My school is big. There are 28 students in my class. It’s fine today. My classmates and I are playing _______(play) on the beach. It’s a very beautiful place. The water is clean and blue. Weare having _______ (have) a good are flying time! Many birds _______ (fly) over the sea. Some are are swimming standing on the rocks. Many people _______ (swim). Some are playing is sitting boys ________ (play) football. A girl _______ (sit) on a chair and _______ (draw) pictures. And I am sitting _______ (sit) on drawing a rock and _______ (write) to you! What are

you doing writing now? I hope you can _________ (get) my letter some day get and write to me soon.

1. Thank you for j___________ CCTV’s ―Around oining the World‖ show. 2. Look at this group of people p__________ beach laying volleyball. 3. How’s the weather? It’s c__________. loudy 4.There are many people t_______ photos in front aking

of the Great Wall.

5.—How is it going? —P_______ good! retty
6.It’s s_______ .I want to go out. unny 7.It’s r________ . I don’t want to go out. ainy

8.There are many people in America on v________. acation

二、用词的适当形式填空 1.---How is the weather in Chongqing?

is raining ----It____________(rain)now.
2.Do you like _________(wind) days? windy

clouds 3.Look! There are lots of ________(cloud) in the sky. It was very__________(cloud)yesterday. cloudy
4.Today is __________(sun). Let's go shopping. sunny

5.What _______the people_________(do) in the are doing picture?

scarves 6.We have different kinds of___________(scarf).

三、完成句子 1.–天空正在下雨时,你在干什么? -我在看书。 -What are you ________ when it’s ________? doing raining -I am ________ a ________. reading book

Look! Everyone _______ ___________a good is having _________under the tree. time

3.—北京的天气怎么样?—在下雪呢. — ________ is the ___________ in Beijing? weather How’s

—It______________. is snowing
4.你看起来很酷.You_______very_______ . look cool

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