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( )1.A. Yes, I do .B .Yes, I will .C. Yes, I am .

( ) 2.A. By bus B. Outside the school gate C. At eight o’clock.

( ) 3.A. Alan B. Jim C. Green

( ) 4.A. It’s Tuesday today. B. It’s September 18th today. C. It’s fine today.

( ) 5.A. Because I get up early .B. Because I like sports.

C. Bcause the traffic is bad .


( )6. A. reporter B. teacher C. driver

( ) 7. A. actor B.art editor C. engineer

( ) 8. A. teacher B. worker C.musician

( ) 9. A. doctor B. office worker C. postman

( ) 10. A. scientist B. math teacher C. computer engineer



( )11.What time does the Science Museum open?

A. From 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

B. From 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.

C. From 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.

( ) 12.What day is it today?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday.


( )13.What are they talking about?

A. The telephone B. The mobil phone C.The TV

( ) 14.When was it invented?

A. In 1973 B.In 1937 C.In 1793

( ) 15.Who invented it?

A. Martin Luther King B.James Cooper C.Martin cooper



( ) 1. There ____ three pieces of paper on the table.

A. is B. have C. are

( ) 2. There is ____ chicken in the cupboard. Go and buy some.


A. little B. a little C. few

( ) 3. _____ milk is there in the bottle?

A. How many B. How much C. How often

( ) 4. Don't forget to ____ the light before you leave the classroom.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down

( )5. Lucy, I'll give you ______.

A. something different B.different something C. anything different

( )6. How many women workers are there in your factory? About two ________.

A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of D. hundred of

( )7. He _______some milk _______ the banana shake?

A. added; to B. added; in C. put; to D. added; /

( )8. This room is ____ small ____ hold these people.

A. so, to B. too, that C. too, to D. so, that

( )9. The manager gave the staff (职员) a day ________.

A. away B. off C. far D. of

( ) 10. -What do you want to be ________?

-An English teacher.

A. in the future B. on the future C. in future D. at the future

( ) 11. She was born __________ January 13, 1998.

A. at B. in C. on D. from

( ) 12. The old woman _____________ after she went to see the doctor.

A. started hiccupping B. started to hiccup C. stopped hiccupping D. stopped to hiccup

( ) 13. . --- __________ did Charles Smith hiccup? --- For about two weeks.

A. When B. How C. How long D. How often

( ) 14. I met Vie on my last school trip, and I __________his autograph.

A. got B. brought C. took D. fetched

( ) 15. __________of the street I met my old friend, Jim.

A. At the end B. In the end C. By the end D. to the end

( ) 16、The boy was born _______ the 3rd of July,1989.

A. in B. on C.at D. of

( ) 17、—Who’s,Tom or Tim? —Tom is

A. quieter B. healthy C. Worst D. best

( ) 18. My parents ______ in the same post office.

A. are all B. all are C. are both D. both are

( ) 19. He is not full .He wants to eat _____ piece of bread.

A. other B. others C. the other D. another

( ) 20、What did he start ______?

A. play piano B. playing piano C. playing the piano D. play the piano

二、完形填空。 (10分

cool. If were enjoying themselves in the water and of them were students. But some people careful. that nothing can happen to them in water. Summer is here again. If you go swimming in summer, don’t forget better swimmers have died in water. They died because they were not


swim. So don’t get into water when you are alone.don’t get into water,( ) 21. A. felt B. to feel C. feeling D. feel

( ) 22. A. difficult B. wrong C. right D. small

( ) 23. A. have died B. die C. died D. will die

( ) 24. A. much B. more C. lot D. most

( ) 25. A. still B. already C. yet D. even

( ) 26. A. well B. often C. fast D. hard

( ) 27. A. what B. who C. which D. that

( ) 28. A. needn’t B. wouldn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t

( ) 29. A. Because B. If C. Whether D. Though

( ) 30.A. also B. nor C. either D. too



In almost every big university in the United States football is a favorite sport. American football is not like soccer.Players sometimes kick the ball, but they also throw the ball and run with it. They try to take it to the other end of the field. They have four chances to move the ball ten yards. They can carry it or throw it. If they move it to the end of the field, they receive six points. This is called a touch—down. It is difficult to move the ball. Eleven men on the team try to stop the man who has the ball. If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the other team.

Each university wants its team to win. Thousands of people come to watch. They all yell for their favorite team. Young men and women called cheerleaders come on the field to help the people yell more. They dance and jump while they yell.

Each team plays ten or eleven games each season. The season begins in September and ends in November. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again on January 1st, the first day of the New Year. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on television.

( ) 31. In American football players can ___.

A.only kick the ball B.only throw the ball

C.only carry the ball D.kick, throw and carry the ball

( ) 32. If a team wants to get points, it has to move the ball ___.

A. 10 yards B. to the other end C. 40 yards D. away from its own end

( ) 33. Who are dancing and jumping while they yell?

A.The cheerleaders. C.The winners.

B.All those who are watching the game. D.The players of both sides.

( ) 34. Most teams play games in ___.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( ) 35. When do the best teams play again?

A. At Christmas. B. Before the season ends.

C. On New Year’s Day D. On the last day of season


Happy Children’s Palace(宫)


( )36. You can go to Happy Children’s Palace to learn some skills(技能) except(除了) ______.

A. Monday B. Thursday C. Wednesday D. Sunday

( ) 37. If you want to improve your English, you can learn from _____________.

A. Miss Yang Jing B. Pro. J. Brown C. Pro. Wang Lan D. Pro. G. White

( )38.If you are interested in Painting, Miss Yang Jing can teach you ____________.

A. from 19:00 to 20:30 on Monday B. from 17:30 to 19:00 on Tuesday

C. from 7:00 to 8:30 on Friday evening D.from 18:00 to 19:00 on Wednesday

( ) 39. If you don’t have enough time, you want to learn a skill in two months,

you can learn _______.

A. how to use the new software B. swimming C. how to take photos D. painting

( )40. Which of the following statements(陈述) is right? ___________.

A.Pro.G. White gives a talk about English learning for students on Monday Morning

B. If you want to learn swimming, you should go there on Sunday afternoon

C. You can go to learn how to use Office 2000 from Pro. J. Brown

D. Pro. J. Brown teaches children English from 3:00 to 4:30 on Saturday afternoon


George Stephenson was born in 1781 in a poor family. He had to start work when he was only eight. When George was fourteen, he became his father’s helper. He spent a lot of time learning about engines(发动机). And on holidays he often took one to pieces and studied each piece carefully. Soon he became a very good worker though he could not read or write. He began to learn the English letters when he was seventeen years old. Every day after he did twelve hours of hard work, he walked a long way to have lessons from a young school teacher. On his


eighteen birthday, he wrote his own name for the first time in his life. George invented(发明) many things in his life. The train was the greatest one among them. Today when we watch or take trains from one place to another, we’ll think of this great man-George Stephenson.

( ) 41.In which year did George Stephenson start to help his father? ___________.

A. In 1798 B. In 1789 C. In 1795 D. In 1781

( ) 42. He learned about the engine _______________.

A. at lessons from a young teacher

B. by taking it to pieces and studying each piece carefully

C. through reading and writing D. by asking a lot of questions

( ) 43.He spent a lot of time learning about engines and soon he ________

A. became a good worker B. became a good businessman

C. became a good teacher D. started to teach other workers

( ) 44. ___________ was invented by George Stephenson.

A. The train B. The telephone C. The Car D. The computer

( ) 45. From this passage we know that George Stephenson

was one of the greatest _____ in the world.

A. teachers B. inventors C. learners’ D. workers


Once there was a king. He liked to write stories. He thought his stories were good, so he like to show them to people. As people were afraid him, they all said his stories were very good. One day, the king showed some of his best stories to a famous writer. He wanted the writer to praise(赞美)these stories. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into the fire. The king got very angry and sent him to prison(监狱). After some time, the king set him free and ordered him to come to his palace(宫殿). Again he showed some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them. After reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said, "Take me back to the prison."

( ) 46. The king thought his stories were good so ____.

A. People liked them

B. he only showed some to the famous writer

C. he liked to show them to people

( ) 47. The famous writer was thrown into prison because

A. he was afraid of the king's stories

B. he said the king's stories were very bad

C. he said he couldn’t write good stories for the king

( ) 48. People were afraid of the king because

A. the stories were interesting B. they would be sent to prison

C. the king wrote many stories

( ) 49. Again the king showed the writer some of his new stories because

A. he wanted to know what the writer thought of them

B. he wanted to be angry with the writer C. he wanted to send the writer to prison

( ) 50. When we read the writer's last words, we can be sure that

A. the writer would write some good stories while in prison

B. the writer liked the new Stories' C. the king's new Stories were not good at all.


51. On Saturday Mrs. Brown usually______ (wash) some clothes.


52. Look! The old man________(get)on the bus.

53. We________(visit)that factory next week.

54. Please________(look)after the little boy.

Don't let him________ (cry).

55. -Why________you________(not come)last time?

-Because I________ (be)ill. Xkb1.com

A: What are you going to be when you leave school? B: 56________

A: 57________ B: No. I'm not. I'm going to sing rock music.

A: 58________ B: I'm going to take singing lessons.

A: When are you going to start? B: 59________

A: 60________ B: In New York.

六 、书面表达。(15分)


你的朋友 Mike


出生地点 英国伦敦(London)附近的一座小城镇

职业 中学生

其它 由于他父母都在中国教学英语,两年前随父母来到中国。他们全家人非常喜欢中国和中餐。





I. 1-5 CBCAC

II . 6-10 ACCCB

III. 11-15 BABAC

IV. 16. Shanghai 17.Doctor 18. Tibet

19. leaving Shanghai

20. go hiking in the mountains.


一.1 - 5 CABBA 6-10 BACBA

11-15 CCCAA 16-20 BACDC

二.21-25 DBCDC 26-30 ADCBC

三.31-35 DBACC 36-40 BDCCD

41-45 CBAAB 46-50 CBBAC

四.51. washes 52.is getting 53. are going to visit

54. look, cry 55. didn’t come, was

五.56-60 CEADB



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