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江苏省扬中市外国语中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 5 Films》Reading(2)教学案

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《9A Unit 5 Films》Reading(2)教学案


1. 提高对人道主义的认识,加强道德感和使命感。

2. 学习掌握如何根据时间顺序来描写人的一生。







Step1.Listen to the tape then do P artC1 and C2onP85

Step2.Tell the story about Audrey Hepburn.


3. Colette insisted that Hepburn was the perfect girl to play the lead role in the play. 1 ).insist 动词 1) 意为“坚持” “坚持认为”其后宾语从句要用陈述语气.

他坚持他做的是正确的。 He ________ that he had done right.

2) “坚决要求”, “坚决主张”其后宾语从句通常要用虚拟语气,即”should+ 动词原形”, should可以省略.他坚持要求独自去那. He _____that ____ ____there _____.

医生坚决要求我躺一会儿.The doctor insisted that I should___(lie) down for a while.

3)也可 .insist on (doing) sth

她坚持和我一起去那儿。She ________ _______ ________ there with me. play a(lead )role of? 扮演??(主要)的角色/起??(主要)的作用

play a role in?在??中扮演角色/在??中起??作用

你将在那部影片中扮演什么角色? ______ ______will you play in the film?

他在这个项目中起着重要的作用。He ______ _____ ______ _____ in this project.

4. In 1989, Hepburn made her final appearance in films.

make an appearance 露面 make one’s first appearance 某人首次登台

make one’s public appearance 某人公开露面

make one’s final appearance 某人最后露面


He _______ _________ _______ ________on the stage last month.

5. By showing us the beauty of nature, Hepburn wanted to remind us that we should protect the environment.

remind sb. + that 从句 “提醒某人做某事” remind sb. of sth. / sb. “使某人想起??”

remind sb. to do sth. “提醒某人做某事”



He_________ me that I _______ ________ ______in doing it.

He__________ me to ______ _______ _______doing it.

她提醒我想起我的母亲.She _________ _______ _________my mother.

6. Hepburn’s achievements went beyond the film industry.

beyond 介词 “超出??之外,为??所不能及” ,表示一种程度。

go beyond “超出,超过“ 他的英语成绩超出了他的想象。

His grades in English ________ ________ ________ he thought.

7.People remember her not just as a great actress, but also as a great humanitarian because she devoted much of her time to charity.

1)remember sb as ? 把??当作?? 来记住/ 纪念


We ________ ________ ________ a famous dancer.

remember sb to sb 代某人向某人问好

请带我向你父母亲问好.Please __________ me ________ your parents.

2)devote v. “ 献身于,致力于”常与介词to 连用,后面跟名词或动名词。

devote oneself / one’s time / one’s life to sth /doing sth

他为帮助盲人而贡献一生。He has ________his life______ _______ the blind.

他一心致力于物理学的研究。 He _______ ________ _____ the study of physics.

8.She was honoured with a number of awards because of her efforts in this area.

honour v. 意为“给??荣誉,使增光” n. 意为“荣誉,奖励,光荣”

短语:be honoured with 意为“被授予??荣誉”

你用参观来为我增光好吗啊?Will you please _______ _______ with a visit?

他们为国家的荣誉而战.They fight for _______ _______of their country.


He _______ _______ ________a golden medal for his excellent speech.

10. In 1992, the President of the United States presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her charity work. present sb.with sth颁发/授予某人??

主席给她颁发了金牌.The chairperson ________ _______ ______a golden medal



1. Some of the _________(著名的) films that Audrey acted in include Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady. 2. In always, she played the role of an _________(天使).

3. She wanted to remind us that we should protect the ____________(环境) by showing us the beauty of nature.

4. The __________(吸引人) power comes from daily practice.

5. In 1992, the President of the United States __________(颁发) her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work.

6. There is a _________(癌症) in his brain. Poor man!

7. Colette _________(坚持) that Audrey was the perfect girl to play the lead role in the play. 8. I am a teacher in high school. Teaching is my _________(职业).

9. They shook hands with each other _________ (紧密地).

10. When Audrey died in 1993, the world _________(哀悼) the loss of a great beauty, a great actress and a great humanitarian





( )1.Not only Jim________ his parents________ films.

A.but also; like watching B.but;likes watching

C.also;like watching D.but also;likes to watch ( )2.The old man________ a rainy morning in winter.

A.passed away in B.past away on

C.passed away on D.past away in

( )3._______the age of 6, Alice_________ taking piano lessons.

A. At ;began B. on; began C. At; have began D. On; had begun

( )4.The girl devoted all her time she had________ others.

A.to help B.helping C.helped D.to helping

( )5.Sorry,I can’t help you. It’s _____my ability.

A.out B.off C.beyond D.away

( )6.I saw John______the classroom just now. A.entered B.entered into C.entering D.entering into

( )7.This novel is based ______historical facts.

A.in B. with C.at D.on

( )8.The President of the US_____her_____the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

A.offered;with B.offered;t C.presented;to D.presented;with

( )9.Do you know__________?

A.where does my brother work B.where my brother works

C.my brother where works D.my brother works where

( )10.Audrey______a ballet dancer before she became a Hollywood Superstar.

A.has been B.had been C.was D.is


1. While __________(watch) a film in the cinema, you must keep quiet. 2. Most people __________(attract) by the film as soon as it hit the screen.

3. He prefers to live ____________ (peace) in a village when he retires.

4. When I woke up last night, the snow ___________ (stop) already. 5. At this time yesterday, the wind ___________ (blow) strongly.

6. When he ___________ (final) got to school, he was out of breath.

7. He ran away ___________ (immediate) when he saw his headmaster.

8. He is such an _____ (experience) teacher that he can deal with all kinds of students.

9. _________ (short) after, nearly everyone knows the good news.

10. That event marked the _________ (begin) of Hepburn’s successful career.


Zhang Yimou and his films

A Chinese d_________, Zhang Yimou, won the Golden Lion Prize for his movie at the 56th Venice Film Festival.

Zhang says it is the most satisfying film he has ever directed in his film c__________. This is the third time that Zhang has won a prize at the Venice Film Festival. His Raise the Red Lantern won the Silver Lion Prize in 1991. One year l________, he won the Golden Lion Prize for the film The Story of Qiuju. Zhang has won other prizes at i____________ film festival. For example, he was h________ with the Golden Bear Prize for his film in Berlin in 1988.




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