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一、 单项选择(15分)

( )1.There's a bookstore the third floor.

A.on B.at C.in D.about

( )2.Do you know I can buy this kind of sweets?

A.which B.where C.what D.who

( )3.I prefer outside.

A.be B.to being C.being D.been

( )4.When she goes into stores she always spends money.

A.much too B.little to C.many too D.too much

( )5.This character seems someone real.

A.like B.to like C.liking D.likes

( )6. --- _____ the magazine _____ out of the library? ---no, you mustn’t.

A. must, take B. can, take C. must, be taken D. can, be taken

( )7. nothing can ____ us from going if we want to go.

A. stop B. make C. let D. decide

( )8. it’s an hour’s journey, _____.

A. here and there B. now and then C. more or less D. up and down

( )9. the building is about _____.

A. fifty metres tall B. tall fifty meters

C. fifty-metre-tall D. fifty metre tall

( )10. another bridge ____ over the river.

A. should build B. should be built C. were built D. have built

( )11. there are _____ more apples in this basket than in that one.

A. little B. many C. a lot of D. much

( )12. neither of his brothers _____ a doctor.

A. is B are C. be D to be

( )13. among the workers, a third of them _____ women.

A. is B. are C. make D. take

( )14. much ____ to help the farmers in our country after the earthquake.

A has done B. have been done C. was been done D has been done

( )15. summer is the best time ______ trees.

A. planting B for plant C to planting D for planting


1 The (有魔力的)mirror can speak .

2 Please open the window and let the (新鲜的)air in .

3 Be sure to put your money in a s place .

4 Peter, could you please l me your dictionary ? Mine left at home. 5 Excuse me , I w if you can help me .

6 I’m sorry to (打扰)you .

7 He didn’t come to my birthday party for a (某个) reason .

8 Hard work can l to a good job .


travel,get, live,come , take, reach, take,travel

When I was young, I __a lot. Since my parents were both serving in the army, nobody in my family could __care of me. So I __ with my grandma in a small seaside village. At the age of five, I was__ to Jinan to live with my aunt. I loved the city as soon as I__there. When I __my school age, I __to Beijing by train. That was the first time I__by myself.


1 你能告诉我如何去邮局吗?

2 请您告诉我在哪儿能买到一本字典?

3 你能告诉我哪有度假的好地方吗?

4 你知道她明天是否来吗?

5 知道如何礼貌的询问信息是很重要的。

6 对不起,我想知道你是否能帮助我?

7 对不起打扰您了

8 当我们作出请求时我们需要学习如何有礼貌。

Unit6 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left

二. 单项选择:(共15 小题 ,计 15 分 )

1. I’ll ring you up as soon as he .

A. arrive B. arrives C. will arrive D. arrived

2. I’m sorry you’ve missed the train , it 10 minutes ago .

A. left B. has left C. had left D. has been left

3. Alice stayed up late last night , ?

A. didn’t her B. didn’t Alice C. did she D. didn’t she

4. Do you know who is the foreign lady a light blue dress ?

A. wears B. wore C. with D. in

5. Sorry , I give you the note .

A. forgot B. forgot to C. left D. left to

6. The meat in the fridge , is very fresh , is enough for all of us .

A. much of which B. many of which C. much of it D. many of them

7. What a cough ! You seem ill .

A. terrible ; terribly B. terribly ; terrible

C. terrible ; terrible D. terribly ; terr ibly

8. They the factory and they aren’t back now .

A. have been to B. have gone to C. have got to D. reached

9. She is afraid of strangers .

A. talking B. talking to C. to talk to D. talked

10. These books out of the reading room . You have to read them here .

A. must be taken B. can’t take C. can take D. mustn’t be taken

11. Better go and ask him when he . We must see him off when he .

A. is leaving ; leaves B. leaves ; is leaving C. leaves ; left D. left ; was leaving

12. in our class likes music .

A. Every of us B. All of us C. Everyone of us D. Every one of us

13. She was eager the Great Wall .

A. to visit B. visiting C. to visiting D. for to visit

14. Here are the chairs for you to .

A. sit B. be seated on C. sit on D. sit down

15. The biggest room in this building used as a meeting room .

A. used to B. is used to C. used to be D. is used to be


1、On my way to school, my bike b______ down.

2. Please e_______ the box.

3. To my surprise , Mr wang didn’t s______ up at the meeting.

4. Tom m_______ rose the day before yesterday.

5. The boy r______ into the classroom with a book in his hand.

6.Can you _______(描述) the picture on the wall.

7.Look! the street is covered with fallen _______(树叶) .

8. He had an exciting _________(经历) in Japan last year.

五.动词填空 : (共七小题,计 7 分 )

Fire can help people in many ways . But it can also __1___ (bring ) suffering to people . Fire can heat water , ____2__ ( warm )your house , give light and cook food . But fire can burn things . too . Today people __3____ (know ) how to make a fire with matches(火柴). Children sometimes like to play with them . But matches can be very dangerous . One match can ___4__ ( burn ) a piece of paper , and then it might burn a house . A small fire can become a big fire very fast . Fires _5_____ (kill) many people every year . So we must be careful with matches . We should also learn how to ____6__ (put ) out fires . Cover a fire with water ,sand or a wet quilt . This___7__ (keep ) the air away from a fire and kills it .

六. 汉译英:(共8小题,计12分)


When he got up , his brother _____________________________ .

2.到上学期末,他已经学了一千个英文单词 。

By the end of last term ,he ___________________________________ .


____________________________ ,he went home immediately .

4.当课结束后,我还没有弄明白这个问题 。

After the class was over ,I _______________________________ .




________________________________________ .


________________________________ for three years .


On my way home , ________________________________ .

七. 根据短文内容,选择适当的单词或短语填空,使短文意思完整,每个选项至多使用一次,有两项剩余。请将答案写在短文后面横线上。

at ,by ,could be heard ,while ,was called ,with , while ,were crowded ,breakfast, for

I think everyone should see Sundays in Kashgar at least once . Kashgar ?????1 ― the pearl on the Ancient Silk Road ‖ . I arrived there early in the morning 2 it was still dark . With stalls(摊位)here and there , the streets 3 . More and more horses , monkeys and sheep slowly entered the market , followed 4 farmers and herdsmen(牧民). Kashgar bazaars are famous 5 their knives . Kashgar is also a hat-making center . On each side of the streets were some blacksmiths’ shop(铁匠铺). The sound from them 6 in the streets . Hand-make goods were for sale . I bought some kebabs and nang for my 7 . 8 I was eating , I watched some Uighur girls dancing . It was a very enjoyable experience . I will never forget the trip .

1.________ 2 . __________ 3 . __________ 4 . __________ 5 . __________

6 . _________ 7 . _________ 8 . __________ 9 . _________ 10 . __________


二 选择(15分)

( )1. I found ____interesting to play football.

A it is B that C its D it

( )2. Keep your eyes ______, don’t look at me.

A closed B open C opened D closing

( )3. There __a match between Class1and Class2 this afternoon.

A is going to B is going to have C is going to be

( )4. ----Time is money. xkb1. com

----- But I think time is ______money.

A more important than B not important as

C so important as D the most important

( )5. ----would you like to come to our evening party?


A It doesn’t matter B Yes, please come

C Yes,I’d love to D Not at all

( )6. There are many tall trees on ______ side of the street.

A. either B. both

C. all D. every

( ) 7. Bob jumps farther than________ in his class.

A. any other boy B. other boy

C. any boy D. another boy

( ) 8. I usually have milk and bread for breakfast


A. So have I B. So do I

C. I have so D. I do so

( ) 9. The film had been on for half an hour______ I got to the cinema.

A. as soon as B. at times

C. by the time D. in time

( ) 10. The match is so _____ that we were all very ____.

A. exciting, exciting B. excited, excited

C. exciting, excited D. excited, exciting

( ) 11. There are ______bushes on the hill, aren’t there?

A. few B. some C. little D. a lot

( ) 12. On my way home I met an old friend of __________.

A. my B. me C. I D. mine

( ) 13. He saw the bus _______ nearer and nearer.

A. come B. coming C. to come D. came

( ) 14. A: Could you look after my baby while I’m away? B: ______

A No ,thanks B With pleasure C I’m afraid not D I hope so .

( ) 15.This kind of cake looks __ and smells __ .

A nice well B nice good C well well D good nicely

四 用括号里所给词的正确形式填空(8分)

You may know the song ―happy birthday‖ very well.but do you know about its

writer?It_1___(write)by an American girl.And now she __2____(become)a very rich

woman..When she was a child,she was poor.Once she __3____(invite)to her friends’birthday party.She was very pleased but sad, because she had not enough money__4____(buy)presents for them.. ―The party ___5__(come)soon..But now I have little money.‖Tears ran down her face. Late that night she was in bed,thinking about the presents when the door opened and in came her grandma.‖What is happening?‖her grandma asked.Hearing the girl’s story,she said,‖ Don’t worry.I think I can help you.How about singing a song together?Happy birthday to…‖What a beautiful song!They sang and sang.Suddenly she woke up.It was a dream! She decided to write it down at once and __6_(sing)it to her friends at the party.

When she sang the song at the party the next day,her little friends were very happy.How

wonderfully she sings! We_7_____(not hear)such a song before.Thank you for___8___(give) us the special present.‖said one of them.And they learnt to sing it together.Later the girl became well known in America.


1.You are suppose to shake hands instead of___________.(亲吻)

2.I picked much ________(垃圾)by the river.

3.In western countries, people eat with ______(刀)and spoons.

4.If you jump the queue,other people will not be ________(满意).

5.We often do e________in chemistry lessons.

6.They can learn it ________(容易)by themselves.

7.Mid-Autumn Day is our t_______ festival.

8. People in Japan and America b______ differently at the dinner table.


1.As students,we are ___________________________(我们不应该熬夜太多)


3._____________________________________ (我发现学好英语很难)





8.The customs of China __________________________(中国的习俗不同于澳大利亚的习俗)



( want ,during , walk ,surf , wondered ,on , ready , worried about ,trouble , place)

After Yao Ming’s success with the Houston Rockets, have you ever___1____who will be the next Chinese player to join the NBA?

Yi Jianlian is ready to take off in the world’s top basketball league. The 19-year-old left for a pre-draft(选秀前的)training camp in Los Angeles, US last Wednesday.

―I am not going to be next Yao Ming. I am myself and I want to ___2____my own road,‖ said Yi.

Standing 2.12-meter tall,Yi has amazing skills and powerful dunks(扣篮)。Some believe Yi will be able to play like the Dallas Maverick’s(达拉斯小牛队)superstar Dirk Nowitzki, but Yi doesn’t take this comment seriously.

―It doesn’t really matter to me whether I’m called the next Dirk or Kevin Garnett,‖ he said. ― I will have to start at the bottom to win my ___3___ on the team.‖

He’s not _4__________his new life in the US. He has been brought up (适应)in American

culture .Yi likes to __5_____the Internet and listen to hip-hop music. Singers like 50 cent and Jay –Z are always on his Pod.

―I don’t think I will have any ___6___ getting used to the US. I need to take some English classes, that’s all,‖ he said. ―My parents will be with me __7_____my first year there.‖

初四Unit8 Loud music makes me tense.


( )1.--- Did you like the latest movie? --- No, it was so bad that it made me _______.

A. happy B. pleased C. upset D. crying

( )2. Sara told us eating too much pizza her sick.

A. let B. make C. want D. made

( )3. I think these sunglasses make me look ______. What do you think?

A. mysterious B. relax C. hungry D. safe

( )4. ______ her ______ me very angry.

A. Waiting / make B. Waiting for / make

C. Wait for / makes D. Waiting for / makes

( )5. _____ giving a gift _______ you feel easy?

A. Is / make B. Dose / make C. Dose / makes D. Do / make

( )6. The rainy day _________ me sad and angry.

A. make B. makes C. making D. to make

( )7. The movie made __________ feel energetic.

A. he B. his C. they D. them

( )8. Loud music always makes us ___________.

A. want dance B. to want dance C. want to dance D. to want to dance

( )9. Excuse me, could you help me? I don’t know _________ exchange money.

A. how to B. how C. how can D. how can I

( )10. _________ his new sunglasses _______ Tony look mysterious.

A. Wears…make B. Wears…makes

C. Wearing…make D. Wearing…makes

( )11. As students, we are supposed to spend more time _________ .

A. study B. studied C. studying D. to study

( )12. Usually soft colors make people __________.

A. relaxing B. relaxed C. exciting D. excited

( )13. I am sorry that I have kept you ___________ me so long.

A. waiting B. waiting for C. to wait D. to wait for

( )14. The dish looks good, but when I eat it, it ________very terrible.

A. tastes B. smell C. look D. sounds

( )15. --- Mom, I want to buy this dictionary. It is good but not too_______.

--- Let me see… It is really a useful dictionary. And the price is _______. OK, will buy it for you.

A. high / low B. expensive / cheap

C. high / cheap D. expensive / low

一. 单词拼写

1. We should protect e_______ animals.

2. I want to eat something because I am k_______ of hungry.

3. How do you feel a________ pollution?

4. The cake t_________ delicious. Would you pass me one more?

5. Many advertisements are aimed specifically a________ teenagers, so you have to be careful.

6. I need a pair of warm trousers to keep o________ cold.

7. Rainy days make me _______( 不舒服 )

8. Here are some things they’ve learned from ________( 科学的 ) studies.

9. The students c________ me by asking so many questions.

10. The map m_______ me, so I went the wrong way.


Mark Twain was a pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He ____(bear) on

November30,1835,in a small town in Florida, the USA.He _____(grow) up with a few naughty boys who later. ________(appear) in his stories .At the age of 12,his father died,andhe

began________(work), first as a priner ,then on arriver boat. Those years on the boat _____(go) into his book "Life on the Mississipi."

During the Civil War he worked as a reporter and used Mark Twain as his pen name.The stories he wrote in this period .made him famous and popular.He made a lot of money by

________ (write) , lecturing and running his own publishing house. But he ________( spend) all

of it on high living and unsuccessful business.

Mark Twain ________(know) as a "funny man".But in fact he took a serious view of life.Many sad things ________ (happen) in his own life. All his experienced helped

______( shape) his stories which showed the dark side of society. He died as an old man of 75 in 1910.


1. 她说响亮的音乐让她紧张。

She said that ______ music _______ her ______.

2. 我买这台电脑刚好花了7000元人民币。

I _____ 7000 yuan RMB _______ this computer.

3. 他说的话让我感觉难过,但我还是假装什么也没有听到。

What he said made me ______, but I _______ hear ______.

4. 他邀请我吃午饭。

He ________ me _______ lunch.

5. 许多广告都瞄准了十几岁的孩子们和女士们。

Many ads ____ _______ teenagers and women.


Sad movies don’t _______ ______ ______ . They just ____ ____ ___ ____ _____.


In the modern world , ___________ _________ ___________.


I need a new jacket. This one doesn’t ______ _______ ______ ______


二. 单项选择题

1. I can ___ you my dictionary, but you can ___ it for only a week.

A. borrow, return B. lend, borrow C. lend, keep D. lend, return

2.Aunt Li often asks her son __ too much meat. It’s bad for his health.

A. don’t eat B. not to eat C. not eat D. doesn’t eat

3. I don’t think he will come here on time, ____________?

A. won’t he B. will he C. does he D. do I

4. He told me that he ___ never ___ such a good film before.

A. have seen B. had seen C. was seen D. would see

5. I didn’t go to see the film last night because I _____ it.

A. have seen B. saw C. had seen D. would see

6.---I hear that Yi Zhongtian will come to Weihai for a talk.

---Really? Do you know _____________?

A. what will he talk about B. where will he give a talk

C.how will he come D. when he will arrive

7. The menu has so many good things! I can’t decide ________.

A. what to eat B. how to eat C. where to eat D. when to eat

8. They preferred ___ in bed rather than ____ horses.

A. to lie; to ride B.lying; riding C. to lie; ride D. lying; ride

9. It’s important ____ the piano well.

A. of him to play B. for him to play C. of him playing D. for him playing

10. We learn English by _______.

A. myself B. ourself C. ourselves D. us

11. What Tom did made his mother ______.

A. be angry B. to be angry C. angry D. angrily

12. The children were made _____ at home.

A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling

13. America has the third _____ population in the world.

A. largest B. most C. more D. many

14. He used to _____ in the sun, but now he is used to ____ at night.

A. read; read B. reading; read C. read; reading D. reading; reading

15. The picture in an ad looks ________ than the real thing.

A. a lot of better B. more better C.lots of better D. a lot better

四。 单词拼写

1. I _________ how she could get there on time. /wanded

2. Her p________ was stolen by a thief. S o he has no money now.

3. His parents are f___________. They work on a farm.

4.Many email English words look like r_________.(垃圾)

5.People use k________ to cut up the food in the western countries.

6. Come and sit b__________ me. (旁边)

7. At last the waiter s__________ the customers tea.

8.We pften do e____________ in the physics lab.(实验)


Months ago, lots of Beijingers ________(ask) if they like firecrackers (爆竹) and 80% said ―yes‖! ―I still ________(not find) a better way to celebrate the Spring Festival than firecrackers,‖ said Huang Hai, a manager.

Liu Ting, a 14-year-old girl agrees with Huang. ―I like to listen to the ―bang‖ of the firecrackers. It is big fun during the Spring Festival. But I had to go to the country with my father to light (燃放) firecrackers. How I wish I could enjoy them near my home!‖

Now people _________(be) able to light firecrackers in Beijing city during the coming Spring Festival. Beijing officials _________(make) their final decision on Friday.

Still, some people ________(have) worries.

Some think safety is a big problem. Liu Xuan, a teacher said: ―Allowing firecrackers is dangerous. People can be injured (受伤) while they _________(play) with firecrackers. And also it causes many fires every year.‖

But the new law should make firecrackers safer than before. Experts are thinking about how _________(do) so. Now, kids under 14 must have an adult (成年人) watching them to light firecrackers.















Winning; for; more ; Indians ; became; grew; star; American language like

The United States covers a large part of the North American continent (洲), when this land first _______ a nation. After ________ its freedom (自由) from England, it has 13 states. Each of the states had a _______ on the American flag (旗子). As the nation _________, new states were formed and there were new stars on the flag. For a long time, there were forty-eight states. In 1959 two _____stars were added (加) to the flag, standing for (代表) the new states of Alaska and Hawaii.

___ were the first people of the land and a great number of people came from England. It is for that reason that the _______ of the U.S. is English and that its culture and customs (文化习惯) are more ___ those of England than any other country in the world.

初四英语测检题UNIT 9


1.What a nice bag! But she _____ only thirty dollars for it. A. B.C.D.

A.cost B.took C.spend D.paid

2.Ted, the radio is too loud. Please_____.

A.turn it over B.turn it on C.turn it back D.turn it down

3.I am very hungry. May I have some_____?

A. bread B.tea C.milk D.orange

4. He listened carefully, _____ he could hear nothing.

A. if B. and C. but D. or

5.There is _____ in today’s newspaper.

A. nothing new B.anything new C. new anything D. new something

6. My school is about _____ walk from here.

A. 20 minute B. 20 minutes’ C.20 minute’s D.20-minutes

7.Please remember _____ the letter for me as you pass the post office.

A. will post B. post C. posting D. to post

8. Mary found a watch _____ on the road on her way to school.

A. lies B. to lie C. lying D. lay

9.The river is more than _____.http://www.x kb1.com

A. ten meter wide B. ten meters wide C.ten meter of wide D.wide of ten meters

10.I’m afraid that there is no _____ for you in my car, because there are already five people.

A. land B.ground C.room D. floor

11.The _____ of an air ticket from Dalian to Guangzhou is about 1,800 yuan.

A. price B. money C. pay D.use

12. English is one of the _____ at school.

A.most difficult subject B most difficult subjects C.more difficult subject D.more difficult subjects

13.I’m sure I’ve seen him _____, but I can’t remember the right place.

A. anywhere B. nowhere C. somewhere D.everywhere.

14.---You want _____ sandwich?

---Yes, I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry.

A. other B. another C. others D. the other

15. He has been a soldier for nearly _____.

A. half and two years B. two and half year C.two years and a half D.two years and half a year

三、 单词拼写 根据句意和提示填写单词

1 Many kinds of animals can't live in freezing weather ____(条件)

2 The ____(人口)of Singgapre is a lot less than that of Malaysia.

3 An elephant usually ____\weiz\5,000 kilos.

4 He is driving the car at a s____of 100 kilomters per hour.

5 India is also one of the o____ civilizations in the world.

6 The new building is about 88 meters in____(高)

7 What's the ____(deep) of the world's deepest salt lake?

8 A typhoon usually ____(引起) a flood.


1 威海作为一个海滨城市而闻名。


2 东北虎是最濒临灭绝的动物之一。


3 很多人在事故中丧生。


4 我们学校是他们学校的两倍大。


5 中国最高的建筑有多高?


6 我们必须努力阻止我们的环境被污染。


7 你越认真写作业,所犯的错误就越少。


8 他在学校的行为越来越糟。


五、 阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空

Once a boy came to ask a fisherman how __1(become) cleverer

because his mother always called him "foolish boy". "That is easy,"

answers the fisherman. "I know one way to make you being a clever boy." " Really?" "Of course.

A fish head is good for brains.If you eat one a day, you__2_(become) much cleverer. ___3 (pay)only three pounds for one fish head ." The boy paid him three pounds and the fisherman __4_(cut) off a fish head and gave it to him. A raw(生的) fish head is no good -not even for a hungry boy to eat-but the boy ate it up in two gulps(吞咽).

"Do you feel anything?"ask the fisherman after the boy ate the fish head.

"Not in my head,"said the boy.

The boy sat on the ground and ___5(think),"One whole fish__6

(cost)me only two pounds,but I __7(pay) him three pounds for the fish alread.Why couldn't I have the whole fish for soup, a head

for brain and one pound left over?" He jumped up and shouted at the fisherman,"The fish head ___8(work)now, you see?"

1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____

5._____ 6._____ 7._____ 8._____


hobby, would like to ,if , that , cheer up ,visit , come , grandfather ,get to

Last night I dreamed of meeting my pen friend, Fred who comes from England. He

______the Great Wall at that time .My friend has many_______. For example, he likes

traveling and music. In his last letter he told me that he ________travel in China very much .He said _______he came to China ,he would come to see me .My friend likes music,too .He

especially likes the music _____he can dance______. Fred is a good boy. He often _______sick kids in his spare time .

After ________the Great Wall ,he came to our school and gave many English story books to us, and I gave him a china that belonged my _______twenty years ago. All of us were happy ,and we were singing and dancing together .What a good dream !I got up late this morning。When I _______school ,the class had begun .

初四英语单元题 Unit 10

一. 单项选择

1.( )The teacher should’t allow the student ____games near the classroom..

A.play B.playing C.to play D.to playing

2. ( )It’s bad for your eyes to play computer games_____

A. too much B.much too C.too many D.many too

3. ( )The clothes are ____dirty and you should wash them at once.

A. too much B.much too C.too many D.mant too

4. ( )Habits are very hard___adults___.

A. of ,to change B.for,to forget C.of,to leave D.for,to leave

5. ( )Doing more exercise helps teenagers to stay____.

A. health B.healthy C.more healh D.healthily

6. ( )You must play computer games ___as possible.

A. as little B.so little C. as less D.so less

7. ( )My parents don’t understand me as____as you.

A. good B. better C.best D.well

8. ( )It’s wrong ___you to___your exercise book at home.

A. of ,forget B.for,forget C.of,leave D.for,leave

9. ( )I would rather drink water____coffee.

A. to B. for C.by D.with

10. ( )My classmates can’t agree _____when to start.

A.to B.with C. at D.on

11. ( )The more you exercise ,the____you will become.

A.more health B.more healthily

C.healthy D.healthier

12.( )Some people have trouble____in public.

A. to speak B.speaking C.speak D.spoken

13.( )Teacher often tell us ____spend too much time___computer games.

A. to not,play B.to not, playing C.not to,playing D.not to,play

14.( )They all looked ____at the teacher when he told them the good news.

A. sadly B.happily C.happy D. angrily

15.( )__Hi,Tom.Is your brother as active as you?

__No,he’s a quiet boy.He is____.

A.less outgoing than me B.not so calm as I

B.more active than I D.as outgoing as

二. 填入适当的单词。

1.__May I borrow your eraser?

__C_____!Here you are!

2.They are good friends.They will s______ the joys and sorrows.

3.Miss White has great_____(能力)in teaching English.

4.He spend a large_______(数量)of money while he was abroad.

5.This painting is fairly______(典型的)of his early work.

6..How many people lost their _____(life)in the flood caused by typhoon?

7..The giant panada as well as Dongbei Tiger is one of China’s most important______(nation)treasure.

8.The more he exercise,the_______(health)he will become.










四. 用动词的正确形式填空。

It was getting dark, some children and two Canadian women were still skating near a big

hotel.They ____(have)a good time.

A boy said to his friends,‖I ______(not skate) on a real lake so far.It’s wonderful!I can fly!‖Suddenly the ice broke .One of the boys fell into the water.The children

shouted‖Help,Help!‖They didn’t know what they should do.The two Canadian friends heard them and skated over to help the boy.

The ice ___(be)thin.The two Canadians fell into the water ,too.But they tried their

best___(save)the little boy.They knew they must be quick,or the boy would be frozen.

Many guests from the hotel___(run) over to help.The boy and the two Canadian women were out of water at last.One of the women____(not feel)well.She_____(send)to hospital at once.She felt happy because the boy was safe.

五. 从方框中选择合适的单词填空。

afraid , because , death ,fast, lazy , passed , to say , sorry , until, used

Mrs Thomson was a teacher.Teddy was her pupil.In her eyes,Teddy was___1__and boring and always slept in class.She would never like Teddy___2__one day she read about Teddy’s file(档案).

From the file,she came to know what happened to Teddy and how he had changed from a bright well-liked boy to a lazy and boring one.It was all because of his mother’s__3__in Grade Three and of his father’s not caring about him.Mrs Thompson was very _4_____for what she had done to Teddy.She felt even worse when she received an old shine-stone bracelet(人造钻石手镯)and a half bottle of perfume(香水)from Teddy on Christmas Day.Seeing such presents,all the children laughed.But when she put the bracelet and some perfume on her hands,they stopped

laughing,After school Teddy stayed just long enough___5___‖Mrs Thompson ,you smell just like my mother____6__to.‖On hearing this ,she was moved to tears.

From then on,Mrs Thompson paid special attention to Teddy.The more she encouraged

him,__7__ he learned.As time went on, he became one of the cleverest in his class and one of her ―teacher’s pets‖.A year later she found a note under the door from Teddy ,saying she was the best teacher he had ever met.

Time____8__quickly.Teddy graduated from high school,then from university and finally became Doctor of Medicine



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