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第一学 八年级英语小测

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Unit 7 Memory


1. 2. opening the door?

3. my English?

4. yesterday.

5. of “comfortable” is wrong.

6. tonight.

7. my key last week, but I found it finally.

8. to yours.

9. before we go shopping.

10. reading.


1. 如果将鱼从水里拿出来,它会死的。

If you the fish of the water, it 2. 更多的纸币从柜员机里涌出来。

More notes of the ATM.

3. 我有很多爱好,例如,我非常喜欢唱歌。

I have many hobbies. , I like singing very much.

4. 学好英语很重要。

It is very important English well.

5. 你完成这项任务有困难吗?

Do you this task?


( )1. Can you make a sentence each letter of the word?

A. of B. by C. in D. with

( )2. the of a word, you can imagine a picture in you mind.

A. To remember; spelling B. Remember; spell

C. Remembering; spelling D. Remembering; spell

( ) 3. Try some milk the coffee.

A. adding; with B. to add; to C. to add; with D. adding; to

( ) 4. Tom is going to join us he has something else to do tomorrow.

A. unless B. if C. because D. when

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