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牛津9B Unit2 Grammar 课件

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1.Did you understand___? A A.what she said B.what to say C.what did she said D.how she had said 2.who can tell us___about over there? B A.what they talk B.what are talking C.what do they talk D.what they are talking 3.The girl is thinking about ___she will go abroad to C study English next year. A.if B.what C.whether D.when

4.I don’t know if his uncle ____.I think he ___if B he is free. A.will come; comes B. will come, will come C.comes comes D. comes ;will come 5.There is not much different between the two.I really don’t know_____. B A. what should I choose B. which I should choose C. which should I chose D. what I choose

1.“Are you a student ?” she asked me… She asked me if I was ….

2.“she wants to join the PLA.” she said… She said that she wanted to…
3.“Is the truck collecting rubbish outside?” Dad asked me
Dad asked me if the truck was …

4.“We will hold a sports meeting tomorrow.” Our teacher told us we …
Our teacher told us we would…

5.will it snow tomorrow? Do you know? Do you know if it will… 6.where are our tickets? Please tell me… Please tell me where our ticket are…

7.I have already finished reading this book. She said..
She said that she had …. 8.what time does the train leave?Do you know? Do you know what time the train leaves?

what is wrong with Jim?
which is the way to “Tianya Haijiao”?

Do you know who teaches you PE?
who is searching for the robber? Who is singing?

1.I’d like to know where Mr Jiang bought the robot.
2.Can Mr Jinag tell me when the robot cooks breakfast. 3.I can’t imagine what the robot bought at the supermarket. 4.I want to know how the robot washes up. 5.I wonder why Mr Jiang returned the robot. 6.I want to ask Mr Jiang who will repair the robot that went wrong.

so as to=in order to 以便于 so…as to 如此……以至于,省略号用 形容词或副词代替
in order to可以用在句首或句末,但so as to只 能用在句末。in order to更直接,目的性更强 如: He got up very early in order to/so as to catch the first bus. In order to catch the first bus, he got up very early.(此时不能用so as to)

as a result of 由于的意思 He was late as a result of the snow. 由于大雪他迟到了。

as a result 作为一个最终结果的意思 He defeated all competitors and won the scholarship as a result。 他击败了所有的竞争者,最终赢得了奖学金

Keys: 1. In order to watch my favourite TV programs , I had my robot wash up after dinner. 2. My robot made a lunch box for me. As a result, I didn’t have to go out for lunch. 3. In order to keep my flat as good as new, I had my robot clean the room every day. 4. My robot caught a virus. As a result, my flat was in a mess. 5. My robot was just too much trouble. As a result, I returned it to the shop.

需要”need 的用法 一、作情态动词

Y e s , y o u

1.need作情态动词无人称或数的变化, 后接动词原形, 多用于

否定句和疑问句中。如:You needn‘t worry.你不 必担心。
m u s t .
/ Y e s , y o u h a v e

2.由need引出的一般疑问句,肯定回答常用must或have to;否定答语常用needn‘t. 如: —Need I answer the question? 我需要回答那个问题吗? —Yes, you must. /Yes, you have to.是的,你必须回答。/是的,你得回答。/No, you needn’t.不,不必了。

3.由must引出的一般疑问句,肯定回答用must,否定答语 用needn't或don't have to。如: —Must I do the work now? 我必须现在干这个活吗? —Yes, you must /have to. 是的,你必须做。/No, you needn't /don't have to. 不,你 现在不必做。

t o . 是 的 , 你 必 须 回 答 。 / 是 的 , 你 得 回 答

need作实意动词的用法: 1.need + something 需要某物 I need some fruits to eat. 我需要些水果来吃。 2.need to do something 需要做某事 You don't need to have the bike repaired right away. 你 不必马上去修车。 3.need doing = need to be done 需要…… The room needs cleaning = The room needs to be cleaned. 房间需要打扫了

4.need somebody to do something 需要某人做某事 need someone to help me out of this problem. 我需要 找人来帮助我解决这个问题。

关于need的一些短语、俚语用法。 1.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之交才是真朋 友。

2.(There's) no need to do something 没必要做某事 例:There's no need to cover such a long distance. 没必 要走那么远的距离。 There's no need for me to break the window because I h ave the key. 我没必要打破窗户因为我有钥匙。 No need to run since we're not pressed for time. 不必跑 啦,我们 又不赶时间。 也可以单独使用:There's no need. 意思是“没有必要”。 3.in (great) need of (非常)需要 例:The rescue team is in great need of medicine. 救援 小组非常需要药品。

1.you need to change the batteries. 2.you need to check all the connections.

3.you need to clean its cameras
4.you need to do it yourself 5.need to read the instructions again

6.need to return it to the shop

同义句改写: My elder brother got up early in order to catch the early bus. so as My elder brother got up early ____ _____ to _____catch the early bus. to My elder brother got up early ____ catch the early bus. in order to My elder brother got up early ____ ____ ____ he could catch the early bus. that My elder brother got up earlyso ____ ____ he could catch the early bus.

用as a result和 as a result of 填空 as a result 1. She missed the bus , _________ she was late for school. as a result of 2. The boy was late ___________ the traffic jam. as a result 3. He rarely practised, ________ he failed.

1.( C)--- I want to teach in this area. --- Well, teachers _______ very much here. A .need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need 2.( A) You _____ worry about him. He will be all right soon. A. needn’t B. don’t need C. don

’t need D. not need 3.( A) You ______ to school tomorrow if you go to look after your mother in the hospital. A. needn’t come B. needn’t to come C. don’t come D. don’t need come

用in order to 或as a result连接下列句子。

1、She wanted to get a good seat .She arrived early.(in order to) In order to get a good seat, she arrived early. __________________________________________________________
2、He worked very hard. He got the job.(as a result) He worked very hard. As a result, he got a job. __________________________________________________________

3We want to know more about him.We must search further informatio

(in order to)
In order to know more about him, we must search further information.

__________________________________________________________ 4、I had to count the stations.I know where to get off .(in order to) I had to count the stations in order to know where to get off. __________________________________________________________

5people have polluted the water.There is not much drinking water left

__________________________________________________________ People have polluted the water.As a result ,there is not much drinking water left.

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