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( Monday afternoon we rode bicycle to Gorgetown.

A.On B.In C.At D.Of

( )2. She is new here,so she has _______friends at school.

A, much B. Few C, little D. A little

( )3.—Help ______to some fruits. —Thank you.

A. your B. you C. yourself

( )4.He had to retire(退休)early_____poor health.

A,as a result B.because C.so D.because of

( )5. He did not write _________,though(尽管)he had _______________.

A. careful enough; enough time B. enough carefully; time enough

C. enough careful; enough time D. carefully enough; enough time

( )6. Everyone in my class __________the poor boy without parents.

A. want to help B. want helping C. wants to help D. wants helping

( )7.---Jack, is there __________ in today’s newspaper? ---No,nothing.

A.important anything B. Something important

C,anything important D. Important something

( )8.The problem is _________ difficult ________ students can solve them.

A. so; and few B. so; that little C. so; that few D, so; that a little

( )9.I have ____________ homework to do and I’m _______ tired now.

A. much too; too much B. Too much; too much

C. Too much; much too D.much too; much too

( )10.— —Hardly ever.

A.How many times B.When C.How often D.How

( )11.Tom studies _______. He _______plays with his friends.

A. Hard;hardly B. hardly; hardly C.hard; hard D. hardly; hard

( )12.Jane is high school student in the United States.

A.an 18-year-old B.a 18-years-old C.an 18-years-old D.a 18-year-old

( )13. _____ it was very cold, _____ my friend still went swimming in

Jialing River this morning.

A. Although;/ B.Although;but C.But;although D./;although

( )14. —How often do you drink milk? —I don’t like it,so I _____drink it.

A.hardly ever B.usually C.always D. often

( )15.I left my keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in______the window.

A.through B. In C.over D.across


( English.

A.to learn B.learning C.to learning D.learns

( )17.—I can’t find my CDs. —_______you put them in that bag.

A. Must B. Maybe C. May be D. May

( )18. —____do you watch TV every week?

—Less than two hours. I often have much homework to do.

A.How many B. How much C. How long D. How often

( )19.Did you find the answer the question about TV very


A.to, watched B,of, watching C.of , watched D..to,watching

( )20. Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper

( )21. _________you don’t give up(放弃),your dreams will come true.

A. As long as B. As soon as C. As well as D.As often as

( )22.She is similar

A.to B.with C.of D.in

( )23.This is my friend. He is less outgoing than I am.

A.much B.much more C.more D.very

( )24.Mr Bean enjoys .

A.to tell,to laugh B.tells,laugh C.telling,laugh D.telling,laughing

( )25.Tara and her sister quiet and they sports.

A.both are, both like B.are both, like both

C.are both,both like D.both are,like both

( )26.Lily’s books are new than

A.we B.us C.our D.ours

( )27. It’s important _________ us _________ _English well.

A. of; learning B.or; learning C. Of; to learn D.for; to learn

( )28. The fantastic music made the students______relaxed.

A. to feel B. feels C. felt D, feel

( )29. Someone says“ Time is money. “But I think time is_________

important than Money.

A. least B. Much C. much least D . even more

( )30. Now, some robots(机器人) are ____________ to do the same things ______ people. .

A.smart enough;as B. enough smart;for

C,enough smart;as D: smart enough;with



My father works in a shop. It’s near an English Every day the students come to things. In the morning my father gets up six and after breakfast he his bike to the shop. He there at about six fifty. The shop at seven. The shop sells things food and drink. He has school things, too. So there often lots of people in his shop morning to evening. My father is very friendly the students and they like my father very much.

( )1、A. farm B. school C. river

( )2、A. buy B. sell C. take

( )3、A. on B. in C. at

( )4、A. on B. by C. rides

( )5、A. got B. gets C. stays

( )6、A. opens B. open C. is opening

( )7、A. with B. such as C. for

( )8、A. are B. come C. have

( )9、A. in B. from C. on

( )10、A. to B. at C. with




Mr. Hand began his trip in France last Saturday. Three days later when he was traveling in the country by car, he saw a dog behind a thin man. As the car came near them, the dog suddenly started to cross the street and it was hit(撞) by the car and died.

Mr. Hand stopped his car and walked to the thin man. “I’m very sorry to hit your dog,” he said. “How much should I pay? Will ten dollars be enough?” “Oh, yes,” said the thin man. Mr. Hand put his hand into his pocket, but he only found five dollars in the pocket. “Sorry, sir, I have only five dollars,” said Mr. Hand.

“That’s all right. Five dollars is also OK,” the man answered.

“Thanks a lot. It’s very kind of you,” Mr. Hand thanked the man and 3

drove away.

After the car went away, the man looked down at the dog and said to himself, “Whose dog is it?”

( )1.Mr. Hand took a trip in ------.

A. Singapore B. Japan C. France D. the USA ( )2.The dog may be hit------.

A. last Saturday B. last Sunday C. this Monday D. this Wednesday ( )3.At first, Mr. Hand wanted to pay------dollars for the dog.

A. five B. seven C. ten D. fifteen

( )4.Mr. Hand gave the thin man five dollars at last because------.

A. they were old friends

B. he only had five dollars

C. he thought five dollars was enough

D. he needed money to buy other things

( )5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Mr. Hand didn’t thank the thin man.

B. Mr. Hand had a fight with the thin man.

C. The thin man walked behind the dog.

D. The thin man wasn’t the dog’s owner(主人).


If you go to Beijing and Shanghai, you can see the same and the different points between them. In some ways they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China.

( ) 6. Some buildings in __________ are taller than in Beijing.

A. Shanghai B. Xi’an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing

( ) 7. Shanghai is the _____city in China.

A. tallest B. biggest C. Smallest D. busiest

( ) 8. The underlined word “point” means _______.

A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意

( ) 9. Beijing has more _________ than Shanghai.

A. places of interest B. buildings


C. wide streets D. people

( ) 10. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage?

A. Shanghai is the capital of China

B. The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai

C. Shanghai is the largest city in China.

D. Shanghai has more places of interest.


In Singapore, many school students spend a lot of time on their studies. People always think that good schooling is the key to success. So, many of these students try their best to get good results in their exams. They have a lot of homework every day and exams are usually a big problem to them. Sometimes, a few even have to go to evening classes after school because of the pressure(压力)of exams.

Students have many after-school activities to do at school, such as sports games, dance groups, swimming and rock-climbing. On weekends, they have enough free time to do what they like. Most students like to listen to pop music. Hollywood films, Hong Kong and Singapore films are very popular, too. Some of them also spend their free time surfing the Internet, e-mailing their friend, playing computer and video games. They sometimes go to cafes, fast food restaurants, shopping centers and big bookshops. They also join in community service(社区服务).

So life for students in Singapore is not easy but rich and colorful. ( )11.Many students think that good schooling can help them------.

A. enjoy their free time B. have less homework

C. be good at playing games D. be successful in the future ( )12.A few students go to evening classes after school because------.

A.they can’t learn anything at school

B. they have many exams at school

C. they have nothing to do after school

D. they always get good results in their exams

( )13.Which of the following belongs to after school activities at school for the students in Singapore?

A. Surfing the Internet B. Watching movies

C. Dancing D. Listening to pop music

( )14.What does the underlined word “rich” mean in Chinese?

A.富有的 B.丰富的 C.单调的 D.紧张的


( )15.Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

A. Life of students in Singapore B. School rules in Singapore

C. Exams in Singapore D. Students’ problems in Singapore


A mother and her young son get into a bus in a small city and sit down. The bus conductor comes to them for their money. The mother says: “I want one ticket(票)to the zoo ” and gives him one yuan. The conductor looks at the small boy for a few seconds and then says to him, “How old are you ,young man?” The mother begins to speak, but the conductor stops her, The boy says: “I’m four at home, and two in the buses.” At last the mother has to take fifty fen out of her pocket and gives it to the conductor.

( )16.Why does the conductor look at the small boy for a few seconds?

A. She likes him B. She thinks the boy need to buy a half-price ticket

C. She knows the small boy. D. She saw the boy somewhere

( )17.Why does the conductor stop the mother and let the boy say?

A. The boy’s words are interesting B. The mother is a bad mother

C. The small boy can tell the truth D. She loves the small boy

( )18..At last the mother_________ .

A. buys another ticket B. buys a half-price ticket for the boy

C. says sorry to the conductor D. gives one yuan to the conductor

( )19.What does the word “conductor”mean ?

A.司机 B.售票员 C.乘客 D.警察

( )20.From the story we can see_________ .

A. every boy must buy a ticket in the bus

B. when a child is four, he must buy a ticket

C. sometimes a child is more honest(诚实)than his parents

D. woman are not good mothers




B: It was great. I enjoyed it.

A: B: My family went to the Great Wall. We visited my uncle in Beijing. 6


B: I stayed at home and studied for the math exam. What about you?

A: Yes, I did. I saw The Rush Hour(电影名) last night.


A: Yes, It was really exciting.


1. She often reads English books. (改为一般疑问句)

________ she often ________ English books? (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ your favorite movie?

3. Mom cooked something special for me. (改为否定句)

Mom cook special for me. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ do you go home?

5.My mother is a doctor. My father is a doctor.(合并为一句)




1. 我有许多好习惯。每天早上读书。放学之后有时后打篮球。一周喝

4次牛奶。一天吃两次水果。经常喝水(Water)。几乎不熬夜(stay up



2. 然而,我也有一些坏习惯。我常常看电视一天超过3个小时。一周


3. 每天晚上睡3个小时。









五.1.Does read 2.What is 3.didn’t anything


4.How often 5. Both are 六,书面表达(略)



四.补全对话(10分) 9




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