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1.— Lucy, is it ________ ballpoint pen?

— Yes, thanks.

A.you B.your C.yours D.yourself

2.________ I know, the super star will visit the Water Cube next week.

A.So far B.As soon as C.As far as D.As long as

3.More and more modern buildings have been built on ________sides of Chang'an


A.each B.all C.both D.every

4.— Tony, keep quiet. Didn't you see the board which says “________” there?

— I'm sorry.

A.No running B.No shouting C.No smoking D.No parking

5.Great changes have taken place in Beijing ________ he left for America in


A.since B.when C.until D.after

6.Jim, there are so many spelling mistakes in your composition. Why don't you

________ the words in the dictionary?

A.look through B.look for C.look up D.look over

7.I'm sorry, sir. The play ________ for 10 minutes. Please wait outside for a

second scene.

A.began B.has been on C.has begun D.was on

8.All the cars here are made in Japan ________ the green QQ. It's made in China.

A.except B.besides C.with D.about

9.— Peter, would you please ________ me the magazine?

— Sure. Here you are.

A.to pass B.passing C.pass D.passed

10.— Have you gone to see Mr. Smith? He wanted to talk to you. — No, but I ________.

A.didn't B.haven't C.was D.will

11.He will treasure(珍惜)the ________ he had in America, where he stayed with an

American family. It's really amazing.

A.experience B.exercise C.experiment D.excuse

12.— Do you know how many gold medals China got in the 29th Olympic Games?

— Oh, fifty-one! We all felt ________ when we heard the ________


A.exciting; excited B.excited; exciting

C.exciting; exciting D.excited; excited

13.Don't worry about your children. They will ________ in our centre.

A.take care of B.be taken care C.take care D.be taken care of

14.— Excuse me, could you tell me ________?

— Go straight and turn right. You'll find it on your right.

A.how can I get to the National Stadium

B.which was the way to the National Stadium

C.how far the National Stadium is

D.where the National Stadium is

15.Two thousand dollars ________ too much for the course. Can we make it


A.are B.is C.was D.were

16.He is the old man ________ spoke at the meeting just now.

A.which B.whose C.what D.who

17.The sign ________ always makes me think of the great time I spent in Beijing

in 2008.

18.— Would you like to enter the photo competition?

— ________, but I lost my father's new digital camera last month.

A.I'd love to B.That's all right C.I'm sorry D.Come on

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