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2013外研版英语七年级下册 Module 1 Unit 1

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purple wallet

Lost and Found Lost and found box




Match the words from the box with the pictures.

bag ① football

crayons ② eraser ③ gloves ⑦ wallet ⑥ watch ⑤

Listen and answer the questions.
1. Is the football Tony’s? Yes, it is. 2. Are the crayons Betty’s? No, they aren’t. 3. Whose gloves are these? They are Betty’s.

Now match the people with their things.





Ms Li


? Welcome back! ? Please be careful with … from now on.

What are these?
They’re Lingling’s _________. crayons

What’s this? Whose is this?









Work in pairs. Ask answer.

— Are the crayons Betty’s?

— No, they’re not hers.
They’re Lingling’s.

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.

careful hers mine purple tape yours Ms li: Lingling’s bag is in the lost and found box. The crayons are (1)_____ too. hers Daming’s (2)_____ and Tony’s (3)_______ tapes purple wallet are here. Is the watch (4)______, yours Daming? Please be (5)_______ with your careful things! And whose gloves are these? Oh sorry. They’re (6)_____. mine

Listen and repeat. / / back bag thank / / eraser name / / wallet watch

Work in groups of three or four. Put four or five school things on the desk. Now ask and answer. A: Is this your pen? B: Yes, it’s mine. A: Whose pencil is it? C: It’s …

1. First of all, come and look in the lost and found box! 首先,过来看看失物招 领箱吧! first of all 的意思是“首先”,常用于句 首。例如:First of all, let me introduce my friend Lily to you. 首先,让我向你介绍我的朋友莉莉。

find v. 发现;找到
Many people here cannot find work.

So far they have not found a way to fight

the virus.


2. Everyone, please be careful with

your things from now on. 从现在开始,

be careful with 的意思是“小心(对

Be careful with that knife, or you’ll cut


from now on 的意思是“从现在开始”,
例如:From now on, things are going to be different around here. 从现在起,这附近的情况将发生变化。

I. 根据句意及所给图片和首字母提示补全 句中所缺单词。

1. My English teacher’s son likes using c rayons to draw pictures. 2. There is some money in his w allet . 3. Mum, it’s very cold outside. Where are my g loves ? 4. Jim, put your e raser in your pencilbox, please. 5. Mike has got a nice w atch , you can ask him the time.

II. 根据句意从方框中选择恰当的单词填 空,有的需要变换形式,每词限用一次。 whose, lose, mine, my, your, yours, her, hers, careful, purpl

e your 1. — Tony, is this _______ bag? — No, it’s not _______. Let me ask mine hers Lingling, maybe it’s _______. 2. — _______ pen is this? Whose — It’s _____ pen. I am looking for it. my

3. — What color are Mary’s shoes?

Her purple — _______ shoes are ________.
4. — Where is Mr. Smith?

— He is talking to a boy at the _______ lost
and found office. yours 5. — Is this sweater ________, Tom? Please be _________ with your things. careful

— Thanks a lot. I will.

III. 根据句意从括号内选择合适的词填空。

my 1. That is not ________ box. That box is mine very small, but _______ is very big. ( I )
hers 2. The dress on the chair is _________.

her Give it to _________. ( she )
3. This is a dog. _________ black. It’s its ________ colour is black. ( it )

yours 4. Is this pencil ________, Sam? _______ must look after ______ You your things well. ( you ) 5. That is not _________ English book. his _________ is at home. ( he ) His

IV. 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子,每 空一词(含缩略形式)。 1. 首先,让我告诉你这个消息。 _____ ___ ____, let me tell you the news. First of all 2. 买一套房子要花一大笔钱。 It takes ____ ____ _____ money to buy a lot of a house. 3. 这个小男孩正面带微笑地看着我。 The little boy ____ _______ ____ me is looking at with a big smile.

4. 从现在开始我们要尽量做得更好。 ______ ______ ____, we will try to do From now on better. 5. 让我想想,哦,是我的。 _____ ____ ____. Oh, they’re ______. Let me see mine 6. — 这台电脑是Betty的吗? — 不,不是她的。是Kate的。 Betty’s — Is the computer _______? — No, it isn’t _____. It’s _______. hers Kate’s

中考英语写作专练:Lost and Found 根据下面的汉语提示写一篇寻物启事。 假如你是张明,在第一中学工作,今 天(2013年1月17日)早晨在上班的路上 丢了手提包。 提包里面装有一支钢笔, 一把钥匙和许多钱。我的电话号码是: 8675208,酬谢!

例文: LOST I lost my handbag on the way to work this morning. There is a pen, a key to the door and a lot of money in it. I wish the finder to return it to me very soon. Will the finder please come to the No. 1 Middle School or call me? My telephone number is 8675208. My name is Zhang Ming. I’ll pay him or her for it. Thank you!

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