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新牛津译林 8A Unit 3 教学案例

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8AUnit3 Grammar


Teacher: Class begins.

Monitor: Stand up.

Teacher: Good morning, everyone.

Students: Good morning ,Mr. Zhong

Teacher: Sit down, please.

Students: Thank you.


Teacher: OK! Now let’s watch a movie..(After watching it)What is it about?

Students: The voice of China.

Teacher: Yea! Their voices are very beautiful (呈现吴莫愁和平安的图片)This is Wu Mochou(学生回答), and this is

Ping An(学生回答),I think Wu Mochou’s voice is as good as Ping An’s.Yes or No?

Students: Yes.


Teacher: Well. When we say people or things that are the same in some ways, we can use “as…as”.(呈现as...as结

构)(然后手拿一样长的铅笔说)This pencil is as long as that one.(呈现在as..as结构下),please read after

me.(学生跟读)(拿起一个学生的课本说)His book is as big as mine(继续呈现) ,please read after me.(学

生跟读);(继续叫起两个一样高的学生说)He is as tall as her(继续呈现),please read after me.(学生跟

读).OK! Now, please read them twice together.


Teacher: (读完,呈现图片说)Who can use “”as…as”to say about the two pictures?

S1: Chen Kun(陈坤) is as handsome as Wang Lihong.(王力宏)

Teacher: (继续呈现图片:韩红和沈殿霞)

S2: Han Hong is as fat as Mrs. Shen.


Teacher: Good! But look at the next picture.(呈现图片说)The little boy is not as big as the man. Yes or No?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: When we say that people or things that are not the same in some ways, we can use”not as…as”.(呈现not as…as结构)(呈现姚明和潘长江的图片)OK.Who can use “not as..as”to say about the two pictures.


S3: Pan Changjiang is not as tall as Yao Ming.

Teacher: Also,we can say

S4: Pan Changjiang is shorter than Yao Ming.(呈现句子)

Teacher: Very good.Please read together.(学生读完后,继续呈现图片:董卿和韩红)Who can try?

S4: Dong Qing is not as fat as Han Hong.

Teacher: Also,we can say

S5: Dong Qing is thinner than Han Hong.

Teacher: Very good.Please read together.(学生读完后,继续呈现有日本女相扑运动员和星跳水图片,说) This

Japanese is fat, but.Some girl stars are slim in stars diving. Who can use “not as..as”to say about them.

S5: She is not as slim as they.

Teacher: Very good. Please read together Here, “as”,we can also use “so”.(呈现句子).Let’s change them.Who can try? S6-8: (说出答案)

Teacher: Let’s read them twice together.(学生读完后说)OK!When we watch stars diving, we are happy, and When we

visit places of interest, we are happy, too. We often take photos. And Linda also took photos after visiting the

World Park.She sent some to her parents by e-mail. Let’s look at them.(呈现图片,同时叫学生们打开课本,翻到第35页)Open your books, and turn to Page 35.Complete with “as…as”,or”not as…as”under each


OK!Let’s check your answers.(依次呈现图片,检查答案的对错,然后说)Very good. Let’s read then



Teacher: Please look at our classroom, Please say something with”as..as” or “not as...as” to your classmates(呈现提

示).(学生对说,老师巡看,然后说)Who can try?

S9-11: (说出答案)


Teacher:.(呈现图片,2013中秋晚会说)When I watched the moon on Mid-autumn Day, I was happy, I enjoyed myself;

when I watched the evening party of Mid Autumn Festival 2013 , I enjoyed myself, too. (呈现句子在图片

下)Were you happy when you watched the party? Yes or No?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: I think so. We enjoyed ourselves (呈现此句子在图片下)when we watched the party. Look at the screen.(呈

现两个句子说)Read them, please. (学生读完后说)”myself” and “ourselves” are “reflexive pronouns”. When

the subject and the object are the same, we use “reflexive pronouns”.(呈现句子) (呈现表格后说) “myself”

means “我自己”,“ourselves” means”我们自己”(呈现表格说)Then how to change them? We should pay

attention to changing “f”into”ves”. Then what about“你自己,你们自己”,”他/她/它自己,他们自己呢”?

(鼓励学生说出答案)(然后呈现表格其他内容后说)OK. Let’s read them together.(呈现图片后说)Look at

the picture. What’s the girl doing now? Please tell us. And pay attention to using the correct“reflexive



S11: The girl is looking at herself in a mirror now.

Teacher: Good! Please read it together.(呈现下一张图片后说)Who can try?

S12: The little boy fell over and hurt himself.

Teacher: Good! Please read it together.(呈现下一张图片后说)Who can try?

S13: The children can feed themselves.

Teacher: Good! Please read it together..(呈现三个句子后说)Let’s read them twice together. OK! As we know ,some

young people like rock climbing. Simon also likes rock climbing . Linda and Simon visited the South Hill

with their teacher and classmates. But unluckily, Simon was in trouble. Yes or NO?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: Well. Turn to next page. Look at these pictures, then complete with the correct “reflexive pronouns”.(巡看答

案,学生完成后说)Let’s check your answers.(依次呈现图片。校对答案)OK! We should be careful of safety

when we go traveling, go swimming and so. Understand?(学生回答Yes后说)Now, let’s read them together.

(呈现词组说)Can you guess the meanings of these phrases?

S14… (学生猜不出就给出答案)Let’s read them together.


Teacher: I will ask you to make up a dialogue. You can use some “reflexive pronouns”(呈现图片).


Teacher: Today, we learn :”as…as, not as…as and reflexive pronouns”. Do you have any questions? OK! Let’s do some exercises.(呈现课堂训练)(等学生思考一会,就一起校对答案).(做完后,发练习纸训练,时间充裕就当场完成检查,不行的话,就课后完成)


Finish exercises for every class–Grammar,Unit3 8A



Students: Goodbye!

楚水初级中学: 仲大庆 2013,9,26.

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