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1.英汉互译 (共15分)

星期二________星期三_______星期四_______星期六___________星期天________________二月_______ 八月_______ 十月____ 十一月_____

十二月__________ math_______ science___________history__________biology________geography_____

2. 写出下列各个基数词的序数词形式。(共5分)

1.one __________2.two _________3.three_________4. twelve ________5twenty____________

3. 写出下列各词的同音词。(共5分)

red____________ aunt____________ wear___________ meat _________

hear ___________

write __________sun__________ nose____________ here____________week____________

4. 根据要求写出相应的形式。(6分)

1.cheap(反义词) 2.wind(形容词) 3.leaf(复数)

4.shop(现在分词)_________5. left (反义词) _________6. he (名词性物主代词)__________

二、 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(每题1分,共15分) 1.We learned the __ ( twelve ) lesson yesterday. 2.The weather is ___ ( sun ). We should wear a pair of sunglasses.

3.My son wants ___________(be) a doctor when he finishes school.

4.Would you like ___________(have) a cup of coffee?

5.Be quiet,the baby ____________(sleep) .6.Do you have any ____ ___ (knife)? 7.He ___ to Beijing on his summer holiday yesterday. ( go ) 8.He agreed ___ (show)me his new watch.

9. look! The baby is brushing __________(tooth).

10.There are many ______________(different) between them.

- 1 -

11.D milk is good for our health.

12.September 10 is __________(teach) Day.

13.They always remember__________( eat) the dumplings .They wre nice. 14.Jack felt like __________(swim) in the river a moment ago.

15.Tom sometimes__________(study) late at night last year.

三. 将下列汉语译成英语。每个0.5分,共24分。

45山,山脉________46美味的___________47.介意 48问题,令人困惑的事物


1. There are about 7 h__________ students in our grade.

2. Nancy has a t . She should see a dentist.

3. They eat rice, meat and v every day.

4. Jack did b in the math test. He didn’t pass it.

5. Light music often makes us feel r________. 6.We want two good m________ for our rock band.

7.I can’t learn English well. Can you give me some s_______?

8. Every mornig I practise s__________ English at the English corner.

9.U ,I didn’t have any money for a taxi.

10 He often r________ his bike to the bus stop.

11.He ate n________ much this moring.12.Why not s________ a little longer.

- 2 - th

13.There isn’t a________ new in the new book.14.There are w________ with money on the table.15..We t________ many photos in the museums.They were very beautiful.


阅读短文,根据短文内容和已给出的首字母,在空白处填入适当的单词。 George Ellet had a bright silver dollar for a New-year gift(礼物). He thought of all the fine things he might buy with it.

The ground was all covered(覆盖) with snow and everything l 1 beautiful.

So George put on his hat, and ran into the street. As he went along the street, he met some boys throwing snowballs. George soon j 2 them. He sent a ball at James Mason, but it missed him, and broke a window(打坏窗子) on the other side of the street. George feared(害怕) some one would come out of (从?..出来)the h 3 and find him. So he ran off as fast as he could.

As soon as he got round the next corner, George stopped, b4 he was very sorry for what he did. He s 5 to himself, “I have no right(权利) to s 6 my silver dollar now. I ought to(应该) go back and p 7 for the glass I broke with my snowball. He went up and d 8 the street, and f 9 very sad. He wished very much to buy something nice. He also wished to pay for the broken glass.

At last he said, “It was w rong to break the window, though I did not mean to do it. I will go and pay for it. If it takes all my money, I will try not to be sorry. I do not think the man will hurt (伤害)me i 10 I pay for the mischief (损害)I have done.” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

- 3 -

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