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山东省淄博市沂源县燕崖中学九年级英语词汇大赛试题 人教新目标版

(时间40分钟 总分100分)

一:首字母填空:(小题1分,共30分) 1. You should t notes when having lessons. 2. Reading a is a good way to practice pronunciation. 3. Mary said m the words of pop songs helped a lot. 4. Tom likes reading English m such as Reader Digests and Times. 5. Don't be afraid to m mistakes when you practice English.

6 My father was taking a shower in the b_________ when I got up. 7 Where is your mother ? – She is cooking in the k___________.

8 Nancy b___________ a new bike last Sunday.

9 Do you like the s_________ ? You look young when you are wearing it.

10 She g________ up late this morning.

11. Do you know the s____________ man ?

12 We had many interesting e___________while we were traveling in Beijing.

13.A car a________ happened near our school last night.

14. Lucy cried when she h______ the bad news.

15.The students were playing football on the p_________when the bell rang.

16.Yang Liwei is a national h______ in our country.

17.We live on the e__________.

18.I’ll travel to Beijing with the help of the travel a________

19 I need some m_________to buy gifts for my father.

20 I have a p__________,and I need your help. 21 Travelling on a train is very c__________- and cheap.

- 1 -

22 Don’t a_________ with him.He won′t follow you.

23 Speak l_________,I can’t hear you.

24 All the students went to the Great Wall e________Li Lei yesterday.

25 This coat is in s___________.I like it very much.

26 The school things i_________- pens, pencils, erasers and books. 27.I have o__________ my dinner in your restaurant.

28.Just f_________ me and I will show you where the library is. 29 We should not spit in p______________

30. He often c________ his students when they make mistakes


1.理发师_________ 2浴室_________ 3卧室_____________4着陆_________ 5衬衫,衬衣_________6经历,体验_________7奇怪的,陌生的_________ 8.悲剧_________ 9.跟随,追随_________ 10.开玩笑,欺骗,戏弄_________

11.恐惧的_________ 12意思,含义_________ 13.爬,攀登_________ 14.跳跃_________ 15.3恐怖分子__________ 24呼喊,呼叫_________

25破坏,毁坏_________ 27最近的,近来的_________28任何地方_________



38谋杀,凶杀_________39明亮的,发亮的__________ 40.清除,打扫________ 41.代理商,代理人________ 42.慈善团体,慈善事业________

43.机会,机遇________ 44.受伤的,受损害的________

45.真诚地___________ 46.律师_____________ 47.礼节___________

48.正常的,正规的_________ 49.允许,承认_________50.公众_________

- 2 -


54批判_________55.垃圾_________56.争论 争吵________

57.使惊奇 __________ 58.家庭教师___________59.新颖的__________

60.心烦的 沮丧的_________61.失败_________62.压力____________

63.抱怨 控诉___________64.包括 包含________ 65.固执己见的__________

66.疯狂的___________ 67.成年人__________ 68.有组织的____________

69.自由_____________ 70.播放______________71.主题_____________

72.作家_____________73.省会 首都_____________74.皇帝_____________

75.外国人_______________ 76.思念________________77.机器人_________ 78.污染___________ 79.宇航员,航天员________80.火箭__________

81.空间,太空__________ 82.太空站_______________ 83.落下,跌落_________

84.单独的,孤独的_______85.宠物________86.非正式的,随意的_____________ 87.小说_______ 88.面试,面谈_____________ 89.预报,预言____________ 90.公司___________

91.科学家___________ 92.简单的,简易的___________

93.人,人类_________ 94.厌烦的,厌倦的__________95.外形,形状__________ 96.巨大的,极大的__________ 97.地震____________98.蛇___________

99.可能的__________ 100.电的,导电的_____________

三、 用所给动词的正确形式填空:(每空1分,共20分)

1. Father _________(sleep)when I ______(get)up yesterday morning.

2. Grandma ______(cook)breakfast while I ______(wash)my face this morning.

3. Mother ______(sweep)the floor when I ______(leave)home.

4. The students _____(have)a biology class when the visitors ______(come).

5. The driver ______(drive)home when it ______(rain)last night.

- 3 -

6. Some students from Class Four _____(play)basketball when I ______(see)them on the playground.

7. Doctor Liu was on duty last night. He ______still ______(work)in the hospital at 10 p.m.

8. The street seller ______(sell)clothes when he ______(find) a purse on the ground.

9. Mr Wang spends a lot of time writing his novel(小说)every day. He ______still ______

(work)at midnight last night.

10. I ______(read)a history book when someone ______(knock)at the door.

- 4 -

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