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Unit 5

Study skills


1.Do you often take notes in class?
2.When else do you have to take notes?

Short forms: for example 1. No.

and the rest
minute(s) second(s) centimetre(s) kilometre(s) number information

2. info
3. etc. 4. min 5. sec 6. cm 7. km 8. eg.

To learn more short forms: 1)usually 2)somebody/something 3)New Zealand 4)especially 5)noun 6)verb 7)square metres 8)hours 9)that is 10) note well usu

NZ esp. n. v. sq m hrs i.e. NB

Short forms are called abbreviations :
1.Days of the week :

Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat
2. Months of the year :

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

What do the symbols mean? a.= 1 do(es) not equal b.+ 2 at c.% 3 degree(s) d.° 4 greater/more than e.≠ 5 and f.@ 6 dollar(s) g.& 7 because h.< 8 smaller/less than i.> 9 therefore j.∴ 10equal(s) k.$ 11plus l.∵ 12per cent

To learn more symbols: 1.a half-------------------------1/2 2.be similar to---------------- =

3.times(multiplied by)------ *
4.a quarter--------------------1/4

Could you help Daniel rewrite his note? I need some information about the

number of birds in Zhalong. For example,
No. e.g.

is the number of red-crowned cranes

larger than a hundred?

1.To remember the abbreviations and short symbols.

2.To finish the exercises on the exercisebooks.

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