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1 Greeting

2 Enjoying a song

Let’s challenge ourselves.
(3 points) (4 points) (6 points)

根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。 1. When you are very nervous, __ ___ take _____ ______ breath a deep _____(深呼吸), and maybe you will feel well. 2. Please be more careful, and you make ________(出错)any won’t _____ mistakes more.


B 1. I am ____ English, could you give me some advice ____ how to learn English well? A. good at; on B. weak in; on C. weak at; in D. good for; in D 2. She is a shy girl, and she is afraid ____ in public. A. to singing B. sings C. sing D. of singing 3. The question is very hard, so we don’t know ____. C A. what to answer B. which to choose C. how to answer it D. where to go A 4. ----He ____ in public. ----Oh, he is a shy boy. A. dare not speak B. dare not to speak C. dare not speaking D. doesn’t dare speak

Do yu know how to learn English well?
(Please give us some suggestions just like Kangkang did.)

Suggestions: 1. Copy new words on pieces of paper and read them aloud . Read the English names of the things around . 2. Try to guess the meanings of the new words, and get the main idea of the article.

3. Think about your answer, take a deep breath and smile, then answer the question.

Mark “T” or “F” according to 1a. ( T )1. Miss Wang is holding a class meeting on how to study English well. ( F ) 2. Jane can follow the English movies completely. ( T ) 3. Miss Wang advised them to choose suitable ways to learn English.

Word Test Can you spell these words?
preview 1. study the day’s lesson before class. retell
2. to tell a story again or repeat an article in a different way.

method 3. a way of doing sth. stick review
4. keep on doing sth., can’t change easily. 5. to look again at sth. you have read or studied.

the key phrases and sentences in 1a. 1. He previewed the day’s lesson before class. 2. Then try to retell it yourself. 3. You two have told us many good methods. 4. Stick to reviewing every day.

Read the passage and fill in the table. And we’ll know some methods on how to learn English well.
Name Kangkang Group One Lin Ping Yu Zhen Jane Method in English study Preview the day’s lesson before class and try to understand the main idea. Try to retell a passage. Studying grammar is important.

Watch English movies.
Join the English club. Read a good English newspaper. Speak English with teachers and classmates.

Xu Duoduo
Group Two Cheng Le Shu Yan Miss Wang

Choose the suitable methods. Review English every day.

1.It’s an honor to do sth. eg: It’s an honor to see my favorite movie star.

2. stick to doing sth.

eg:eg: sticks to reading English every day. She

Ask and answer in pairs.


1. What methods of English learning can you learn from this passage?

2. Whom do you agree with? Why? 3. What useful suggestions did Miss Wang give? 4. Do you have any new ideas after reading this passage?

My Opinions on English Study The best way of l

earning a language is to use it. The best way of learning English is to speak English as much as possible. The most important thing for learning English is not to be afraid of making mistakes. The more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. We should have confidence in ourselves and always remember, “I can do it.”


Work alone


A. Listen to the tape and check (√) the phrases you hear. ( ( ( ) 1. took a lot of notes

√ √

) 2. set a good example ) 3. at the age of 15


) 4. kept on practicing
) 5. succeeded in playing ping-pong

B. Listen again and match the following 录音 information. a. learned several languages Karl Marx

b. succeeded in learning
English c. stuck to a goal

Deng Yaping

d. learned a foreign language by using it

Discuss the meanings of the following proverbs.
1. No man is born wise or learned. 人非生而知之。 2. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

3. Believing in yourself is the first step on the road to success. 自信是通往成功的第一步。 4. Clothes don’t make the man.

5. Time and tide wait for no man.

6. Practice makes perfect.


Time for fun!
Guess the following riddles. 1.What color is the white cap that is thrown into the Black Sea? White 2. Which table doesn’t have legs? Timetable 3. Who earns a living by driving his The taxi driver customers away? 4. Which month do soldiers hate? March(行军) 5. How can you spell “ hard water” in three letters? Ice 6. Why is nine afraid of seven?
Because seven eight (ate)nine.

Write a letter to me and talk about the methods you are using now for learning English.
improve take notes retell preview review opinion chant

Dear Miss Lian,

I’m very happy to tell
you that I’m enjoying learning English now...
__________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________


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