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Unit 3
Language in use

may 和 might 1. may和might 用于一般疑问句中,表示委婉的请 求;肯定回答用may;否定回答用might. 如: -May I use your pencil?可以用你的铅笔吗? -Yes, you may.是的,可以. -No, you mustn’t.不,不行.

2. may和might 表示推测时,只能用于陈述句中, might暗示可能性更小.如: She may not be working now. 现在可能她没有在工作. John might be at home now. 约翰现在可能在家.

3. 对过去发生的事情的可能性作出判断应用 may/might have done,用might比用may所表示 的可能性更小.如: She may/might have gone to the cinema. 她可能去电影院了. They may/might not have received our telephone. 他们可能没有接到我们的电话.

1.-I hear you’ve got a set of valuable Australian coins.___ I have a look? -Yes, certainly. A. Do B. May C. Shall D. Should

2.-Is John coming by train? -He should, but he ___ not. He likes driving his car. A. must B. can C. need D. may

3.-Sara has just come back from New York and she looks very happy. -She___ her trip very much. A. might enjoy B. should have enjoyed C. might have enjoyed D. must enjoy 4.-Excuse me. Is this the right way to the Summer Palace? -Sorry, I am not sure. But it ___ be. A. might B. will C. must D. can

Language practice
It might snow. It’s probably sunny and hot there. Bring a map because you may want to travel around.

1 Complete the sentences with may or probably.
1. It may be cold and wet in Hong Kong in January. 2. Mary will probably go to New York in the autumn. 3. It will probably rain tomorrow, so I will stay at home and read a book. 4. You probably/may need to take a scarf with you. It is cold. 5. It may rain later, so take an umbrella with you. 6. It will probably be sunny in Haikou tomorrow.

2 Work in pairs.
Say what you usually do, then say what might do: 1. in the evening 2. at the weekend 3.during the summer holiday — I usually do my homework in the evening, but I might watch a TV programme this evening. —…

3 Complete the sentences, Use may, might or probably where necessary.
The weather is usually warm during the day, but bring a sweater… (cold in the evening) The weather is usually warm during the day, but bring a sweater because it may be cold in the evening. 1 It is sunny now, but let’s take an umbrella…(rain later) 2 It is not always warm in February, and…(cool) 3 It is usually hot and sunny, so we…(swim in the sea) 4 Buy a good map because we…(visit the city)

1. It is sunny now, but let’s take an umbrella because it might/may/will probably rain later. 2. It is not always warm in February, and sometime it may/might be very cold. 3.It is usually hot and sunny, so we may /will probably swim in the sea. 4.Buy a good map because we may /will probably visit the city.

4 Complete the sentences.
It rains a lot in summer in Beijing. It is often rainy. 1 There are a l

ot of clouds.It is cloudy. 2 The weather is snowy and there is a lot of snow in the park. 3 The sun is out. It is sunnyand hot today. 4 The wind is very strong. It is so windy that it is difficult to walk.

5 Listen and complete the sentences.

1 In December, it often snows in New York. 2 My grandparents wear warm clothes because it is very cold . 3 The summers are very hot .

4 In July the temperature is often over _________ thirty degrees.

5 December is the middle of summer in Sydney.

6 In December, we go to the beach because it is very hot and sunny.
7 In April, May and June, it often rains .

8 The temperature in winter is about ________ eighteen degrees.

6 Look at the world weather map.

Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1 What is the weather like in Bejing?
It’s sunny in Beijing . The temperature is between minus six and plus three degrees. 2 What is the temperature in London?

In London, it’s cloudy and the temperature is Between five and eight degrees.
3 Is it raining in Cape Town? No, it isn’t. It’s cloudy.

4 Which city has the coldest weather?

Moscow has the coldest weather. It’s between minus eight and minus four degrees
5 What is the weather like in New York? It’s cold and windy in New York. The temperature is between minus six and two degrees.

6 Which city has the highest temperature? Sydney has the highest temperature.

7 Look at the weather table and complete the passage with the correct words.
This morning in the north, it will be windy and there may be some ______ in the mountains in the afternoon. snow In the south, it will be ________ and in the afternoon cloudy it will become ________. In the east, it will be windy sunny ________ and hot in the morning but there might be some ________in the afternoon. In the west, it will rain be ________in the morning, but the sun will come cloudy out in the afternoon.

Around the world
The Amazon Rainforest The Amazon Rainforest is one of the wettest places in the world. It has more than 200 cm of rain every year. The Amazon Rainforest has more different animals and plants than any other place in the world. Many rivers join the Amazon River as it flows over 6,500 km from the Andes in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

8 Read the email and find answers to Ms Wang’s questions below.
Ms Wang’s questions: 1 When is the best time to come? In October 2 What might the weather be like? It’s usually warm and there may be some rain. It might be cold too. 3 What clothes should I bring? A sweater 4 Where can I stay? In a small hotel. 5 What can I do? Buy a weekly travel card to travel around the city.

From: Sally Marks To: Wang Lu Subject: Re: My visit to Britain Dear Ms Wang, It is good to hear that you may visit Britain. I think the best time to come is in October. It is usually warm and there may be some rain. Make sure you bring an umbrella. It might be cold too, so bring a sweater. You may like to stay in a small hotel. You will not have to

pay much for it. When you arrive in London, you can buy a weekly travel card to travel around the city. I hope this helps you. Yours, Sally Marks British Tourist Authority

9 Write an email to a friend who wants to visit China.
Answer the questions in Activity 8 and make notes. Use your notes to write the email. Dear…, It’s good to hear that you may visit China. I think the best time to come is…

Dear Lucy, It’s good to hear that you may visit China. I think the best time to come is in autumn. Most of the places in China are neither too hot nor too cold in this season. It’s the most comfortable time to travel. If you’re going to visit South China, you should probably bring an umbrella because there may be some rain. You might like to stay in a hotel. You won’t have to Pay much for it because hotels are not very expensive here. But I also invite you to stay in my home. I’m happy to be your guide during the holiday. Looking forward to hearing all about your travel plans. Best wishes, Daming

Do you understand the words may, might, possible, possibly & probably?
might 是 may 的过去式,但表示可能 性时没有很大区别,只是表示一般将来的 可能性时,might 比 may 的可能性要小。 因为 might 和 may 都是情态动词,所以, 他们后面应加动词原形,即: S (主语) + might/may + do sth.

possible, possibly, probably 的常用结构:

It is possible that ....
It is possible to do sth. S (主语) + will probably / possibly + do sth. probably表示的可能性比possibly要大。

1. Preparing some advice on the best time to visit China. 2. Review this module

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