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初中英语演讲范文whats future future is now

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Future Is Now

What is future? Every time I look at the stars in the sky, I ask myself. It's really a hard question to answer it. The universe is boundless, we don't know where are we from and where shall we go. I stand there, at sea.

Last Sunday there was a rain of meteors. I went to the balcony to wait for their coming. Above my shoulder, it was the wind. Above the wind, it was the sky, huge and blue, with sparkling stars. Suddenly, shooting star appeared. I hurried to pray for her happiness, staring at it. I wanted to pray for more, but it had already died out. I realized, future is not carved on the meteors, but it's now, around us.

When a fortune-teller look at your palm, she'll tell you how your future will be like. That's a way you place your hope on. But it's not realistic. The future is the things and people around you. What you should do is to try to do everything well, don't care much about the results. Be kind to all the people around you, and love them. Although the world is not full of love, the life is not a bed of rose, you should stick on your belief. When time passes, you'll find everything you do is worthwhile.

Years is glorious. Because no way you can stop time from elapsing. How time flies! Just like the flowers in spring, the sunshine in summer, the moon in mid-autumn and the snow in winter. Maybe one morning you'll never wake up, you'll never see the sunrise or the sunset; you'll never see your sweetheart or talk to her, you'll never hear the sound of the nature or wander on the path among the trees, you'll never swim in the lake or climb the mountains.

Time is gold. Every minute is precious. We should make best use of it. Don't waste even one minute. Spend time in working, in laughing, in playing games and in loving.

Each of us has a kite flying in the sky, and we also have a string each.

Children's kite is childhood, the string is grown.

Lovers' kite is love, the string is daily life.

I have a kite, it is called dream, the string in my hands is reality.

The wind which makes kites fly is future. Kites are not free, but we still have power to control them and let them fly higher and higher. The string is in my hands, future is now in my hands.

Future is now, forget the fortune-teller, clench your fists!

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