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外研版九年级下module 2unit3

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Module 2 Education
Unit 3
Language in use

Language practice
1. Did you do anything interesting?

2. Did you visit her school?
3. She took me there herself. 4. It isn’t as big as ours. 5. There are a few science laboratories. 6. And they have a hall for concerts. 7. Which school is better? 8. Both schools are very nice. 9. And neither school has anything the other hasn’t got.

1.Complete the conversation with the correct words and expressions.

Anna: Hi, how did your exams go? Bob: I’m really pleased! I didn’t expect to do well in (1) neither / either maths or geography, but in the end, I got good grades in (2) both / each subjects. What about you? Anna: I did really well in English. That’s (3) anything / something. I’ve always enjoyed. My grades in history and art weren’t so good, because (4) none / neither of those is my favourite subject. What will you study next year?

Bob: I’ve still got (5) a few / few weeks before I have to decide. I’m going to speak to (6) every / all my teachers and ask for their advice. Anna: The teachers say that we must decide for (7) themselves / ourselves, that (8) none / neither of them can tell

us what to do. Bob: But I have to get (9) some / any information because there are so (10) much / many subjects and it’s very hard to choose.

2. Rewrite the sentences.
each other either his myself of mine who is whose is

1. Meet John. He’s a friend I have. of mine 2. You don’t need to help me, I can do it onmyself my own. 3. They will help Kate, and Kate helps them with each other the homework. 4. Who owns that silver bike? Is it Mr Scott’s bike? Whose is 5. Yes, it is Mr Scott’s. his 6. I know someone withwho job as a dentist. the is 7. I don’t mind which apple you give me. The red one or the green one will be fine. Either

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the bo

he her him himself his our ourselves she their themselves they(=2) us we

1 Mr Lee’s class put all _____ things away at their the end of the lesson._____ know thatthey _____ They have to tidy up the classroom ___________. themselves They don’t wait for others to do it. 2 John has a lot of homework tonight. He _______ isn’t able to do it ________ so I’m himself going to help ______with it. I don’t think him his _______ teacher knows how difficult it is.

he her him himself his our ourselves she their themselves they(=2) us we

3 Grandfather: Jane is doing a project about family history. _______ has She asked us to give _______ some photos her ourselves of _________ when we were young. Have _______ got any? we Grandmother: Yes, there is a photo of us _______ with all the other children, in _______ school. our

4. Label the different parts of the school.
classroom dining room gym hall library sports ground swimming pool

hall gym


library dining room

swimming pool
sports ground

5.Listen and number
2 4 1 5 3 Art, Design and Technology IT Languages PE Personal Health and Saf

ety Education

6. Reading
Read the passage and say where you think it comes from.

A A dictionary B A website C A newspaper advertisement

7. Read it again and match the headings With the paragraphs. 3 1 4 2 After school activities School hours Sports Subjects

8. Read it again and check the correct answers.
1 Do students have to come to lessons on Saturdays? 2 Is the lunch break longer than one hour? 3 Does the school offer team and individual sports? 4 Can students join more than one club? 5 Do students take exams in all the subjects they study?

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