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(Period One)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs
10 17 11 18 12 19 13 20

Fri Satur Sun
14 21 15 22 16 23

on weekdays 在平时 on weekends 在周末


What do you often do on weekends?
I often …

watch TV

play basketball

do some reading

play computer games

do homework

go to the beach

I often go shopping on weekends.

But I stayed at home and cleaned the room last weekend.

I cleaned the room last weekend.
I did some cleaning last weekend.

Tom often plays computer games on Sunda

But he did his homework last Sunday. He studied for the English test last Sunday.

Match the words with the pictures. 1.did my homework ___ d

2.played soccer _____ b
3. cleaned my room 4. went to the beach 6. went to the movies ____ f

c _____
a _____

5. played tennis _____ e







Listen again and fill in the blank.

Bob: Hey, Lucy. Lucy: Hi, Bob. Bob: How was your weekend? Lucy: It was great. Bob: So, what did you do? Lucy: Well, on Saturday morning, played tennis , on Saturday afternoon went to the beach , and on Saturday night went to the movies . Bob: Cool. Lucy: Then, on Sunday morning, cleaned my room . On Sunday afternoon, played soccer , and on Sunday night, did my homework .

一般过去时: Simple Past tense


She did her homework last weekend.


Regular Verbs Present Past played play clean stay study Irregular Verbs Past did went had

Present /d/ do cleaned /d/ go have stayed /d/ studied /d/

A: What did you do on …? B: Well,on …, I ….
Sunday night Sunday afternoon

Sunday morning

did my homework

played soccer

cleaned my room
Saturday night

Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon went to the beach played tennis

went to the movies

Name What did you do What did you do How was your
last Saturday?
Lily watched TV and cleaned the room

last Sunday
did homework and played sports

weekend? interesting

Lily had an interesting weekend. She watched TV and played sports last Saturday. And she ….

Exercis Watch the vedio carefully,then answer e
the questions.

Watch the vedio carefully,then answer
the questions.


1.Who had a terrible weekend? ( ) B A. The man. B .The policemen.

C 2.What did the man do last weekend? ( ) A. He played basketball. B. He went to sleep. C. He broke into(闯入) the bank. 3.What does the man do? is a thief. He


H W Y W? How was your weekend?

1. W D Y D L W ( ? )
What did you do last weekend?

2. I P B L W (.)
I played basketball last weekend.

3. D Y D Y H W ( ? )
Did you do you homework?

4. S W T L S ( .)
She watched TV last Saturday/Sunday.

5. T W T T M(.)
They went to the movies .

Write an article about what you did last weekend.


on Saturday
played tennis went to the beach went to the movies

on Sunday
cleaned my room played soccer did my homework


y name is Lucy. I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I played tennis.

In the afternoon, I went to the beach

. On Sarturday

night,I went to the movies . I had a good time this day. On Sunday morning, I cleaned my room . I was a little tired. Then in the afternoon, I played soccer . On Sunday night, I did my homework .

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