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English Perseverance is success


( )1.I have a lot of things this weekend. A.do A.go; not to A.to put on A.not to go A.to write; will A.listening A.feel A.talk A.blow

B.did B.go; don’t B.putting B.not going B.writing; do B.listening to B.to feel B.talking B.to blow

C.doing C.to go; not to C.to dress C.not go C.write; will C.to hear C.fall C.to talk C.blowing

D.to do D.to go; don’t D.wearing D.don’t go D.to write; won’t D.hearing the D.to fall D.is talking D.blew

( )2.You’d better upstairs and tell the children make so much noise. ( )3.Lily likes the clothes of light colour. ( )4.It’s too late. Why now?

( )5.Please don’t forget to me, you? ( )6.When I’m tired, I enjoy music.

( )7.Linda was very sorry for being late. But the teacher’s smile made her better. ( )8.I heard Mother with Father in the next room at ten last night. ( )9.The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from the earth away. ( )10.—Did the teacher tell you this afternoon? —Yes. We’ll go to visit the Science Museum. A.to go where A.when to leave A.help

B.how to do B.when leave B.to help

C.what to do C.when leaves C.helped B.Go to bed early D.Taking a walk

B.speaks B.go; as B.not


D.to do what D.when leaving D.helping

( )11.We are not sure .

( )12.Meimei went Kate with her Chinese. ( )13. Is bad for our health. A.Doing eye exercises C.Eating too much

( )14.Wu Dong is good at English. A.speak A.too; to A.not to

C.speaking C.very; to C.don’t

D.won’t D.spoke

( )15.The old woman was tired go any farther. ( )16.Would you please drop your shoes on the floor at night?

English Perseverance is success

( )17.Most of the children enjoy computer games. A.play A.does A.fly A.don’t go A.become A.help A.go where A.give; to sit on C.giving; sit A.what to choose C.to choose which

B.playing B.do B.flies B.to go B.became B.helps B.where to go

C.played C.doing C.to fly C.to go to C.becomes C.to help C.to go where B.give; to sit D.to give; sit on B.which to choose D.to choose what

D.to play D.to do D.flying D.go to D.to become D.helping D.where go

( )18.She should do her homework now. But she doesn’t feel like it. ( )19.Uncle Wang can make his kite higher in the sky. ( )20.You’d better the cinema by bus. ( )21.Her wish is a famous singer. ( )22.Our monitor is always ready others. ( )23.Have you decided for your holidays? ( )24.Would you please me a chair ?

( )25.There is no difference between the two words. I really don’t know .


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