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1.(1)祈使句:动词原形开头的句子叫祈使句。如,Sit down. 否定句:Don’t sit down. 别坐下。

(2)Let +宾格+动原.(或,Let’s +动原. Let’s = let us.)如,Let me (play) soccer.

2.动词+宾格。Watch on TV.

3. be late sth.迟到,如,I school. He class.

They meeting.

4. (1) go to the same school, (2)in the same class,

5. I a soccer, he .

6.I watch TV.

7.play with sb. 和某人在一起,如,I play soccer .

8. It’s +形+for sb. sth. 如,It’s easy for me soccer.

9.—Let’ ping-pong ball. –That good.

10.After class(下课后), I volleyball my classmates.

(一)have/has与there be 句型的区别:

1.2.. 如,

(1)There (be) a pen under the chair. (2)There (be ) a cat and some boys in the room.

(3)There (be) some boys and a cat in it. (4)There (5)There (be )some people in the room.


(二) 变否定句,一般问句,回答,划线提问。

1.There is a pen in it. (1)There a pen in it . (2) a pen in it? (3)Yes, . No, .

2.There are ten eggs in the bag. (1)There ten eggs in the bag. (2) ten eggs in the bag? (3)Yes, . No, . (4) eggs in the bag?

(三)1. be+形容词,,

3.“在墙上”, 。 2.“在树上” ,. 在墙表面的上面用 the wall, 在墙里面的上面用In the wall. 如,(1)The window is in the wall. (2) The picture is the wall.

4.(1)can +动原,一般问句:Can+主语+动原?如,He can speak English. ?


(3)home, here , there, well好,是副词,副词=介词+名词,副词前不能加介词。

(四)、1. ,如,(1) play basketball, play tennis , play soccer, play volleyball. (2)play the piano , play the drums , play the guitar , play the violin.

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