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一1.help帮助,(1) sb. sth.帮助某人在某方面。

(2)sb.sth.; sb. sth.帮某人干某事。 如,He helps me play (play) soccer. 2. the pen? = the pen??多少钱? 二1.in+颜色 , for+钱,in包括,We have skirts in red and blue for $20. in all colors.有所有颜色.(2) come to 来到,(3) clothes store 服装店 (4) good prices以好价格. (5) Welcome to 欢迎到?(6) be on sale在展销 ,(7) look at 看?,have a look at sth.看一看某物

2.的句子叫祈使句。如, and buy your clothes. in.= in, please. me watch TV.

3.反义词:big—small, long—short, buy买—sell卖, fat—thin, 4.(1) sth. .= sth. 或 +物+ +人, “为某人买某物”,如,I a sweater my son.我为儿子买一件毛衣。

(2) sth. sb. “把?卖给某人”,如,I sell the socks to them.我把那些袜子卖给他们。

5.(1) and 是并列连词,with是介词,and和with在主语部分连接两个人或物时,and后面的人或物算主语,with后面的人或物不算句子的主语,谓语动词根据主语变,注意谓语动词用单数还是复数。如,Tom and Bill are (be)at home. Tom with Bill (be) at home.

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