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一. 单项选择:

1 ______China is _____ old country with _____ long history. A. The, an, a B. The, a, a C. /, an, the D. /, an, a 2 My mother _____while my sisters _____ TV.

A. cooked, were watching B. was cooking, was watching C. cooked, watched D. was cooking, were watching

3 All the students were sweeping the floor ________they heard a man _____ for help. A when; shouting B while; to shout C when; to shout D while: shouting 4 The accident happened _______ a cold winter morning. A on B in C at D for

5 — Do you have ______ to say? —Nothing.

A. something important B. important anything C. anything important D nothing important 6 A dog appeared and ________him _______ hand. A bite; on B bit; on the C bit; on D bite; on the

7 There are ________ people and ________ rubbish in this city. A too many; too many B too much; too many C too much; too many D too many; too much

8 My home ________ my school. So I usually walk to school. A closes to B is close to C far from D is far from 9 It _______ Mr. Green two hours to finish his work.. A took B cost C paid D spent

10 His mother always makes him _________ the room A cleaning B to clean C clean D cleaned 二.句型转换

1. The boy is too young to join the army.(改为同义句)

The boy is _____ young _______ he _______ join the army.

2. (对划线部分提问) _______ ________ you _______ when the bell rang? 3. The park is near the station.(改为同义句)

The park _______ ________ _______ the station.

4. Her father was watching TV. Her mother was cooking. (合并为一句) Her father was watching TV _______ her mother was cooking. 对划线部分提问)

________ ________ ________ _________ Qufu? 6.Tom had a traffic accident yesterday. (改为同义句) A traffic accident ______ ______ Tom yesterday.

7. He was very tired. He didn’t stop working. (合并为一句) He didn’t stop working _____ he was very tired.

8. Shanghai has more people than Weifang. (改为同义句)

_______ _________ of Shanghai ______ _________ than that of Weifang. 9.The Greens sent their friends many pictures.(改为同义句) The Greens ______ many pictures _____ their friends.

10. John plays football two times every week. (改为同义句) John plays football ________ _______ ________. 三、根据英语提示翻译句子

1、那个男孩太小了,不能上学。(too …to…)

_______________________________________________________________________2、他们打了我的头。(hit sb in /on the …..)

_______________________________________________________________________ 3、对他来说,记住这些单词是容易的.。(It’s +adj + for sb + to do sth.) _____________________________________________-. 4、中国的人口比印度的多。(population of)

_______________________________________________________________________ 5、司机开车时,不应打电话。(talk on a mobile phone ,while )

_______________________________________________________________________ 四.词汇应用:

In China , more and more middle school students are getting ______(short) sleeping time than before. Most students sleep less than nine______(hour) every night, because they have much homework ______(do). Some homework is given by their teachers, and some by ______(they) parents. Also, some students don't know how to save time. They are not _____(careful) enough while they do their homework, so it _____(take) them a lot of time. Some students spend too much time ______(watch) TV or playing computer games. They stay up (熬夜) very late. Some students have to get up early every morning

on weekdays _______(get) to school in time by bus or by bike. It can be a long way from home to school.

Schools and parents should cut down some of the homework so that our children can _____(enjoy) more than nine hours of sleep every night for their______(health). For children, we should make best use of our time. When we have enough time for sleeping, we will find it much better for both our study and health.

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