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一. 选择填空。

1. I go to school ______7:30 every morning. (in, on, at)

2. She returned to her country _____five years. (in, after, for)

3. There is a big tree _______ our classroom. (after, behind)

4. I usually go to work _______ bike. (by, on, with)

5. Where are you _______ ? (for ,from ,of )

6. Happy birthday _______ you. (at ,to ,for)

7. Can you read it _______ English? (in ,at , on )

8. There are many birds _______the tree. (in ,at , on )

9. This girl go to school_______ foot.(on, in ,at)

10. She is looking_______ her dog now.(from ,of ,for)


( )1.It’s time to lunch. ____________

( )2.Who is at duty today.____________

( )3.On the street there are many cars.____________

( )4.I can see lots with trees.____________

( )5.What can I do to you ?____________

( )6.What are you good in ? ___________

( )7.There is a bird in the tree.____________

( )8.May I come in ?____________

( )9.London is at England.____________

( )10.I have some birthday presents for you.____________


( )1.This is a map ______our country.

A.for B.in C.to D.of

( )2.This book is______ my teacher.

A.of B. from C.in D.at

( )3.Danny is coming home to Canada______ March 26th.

A.in B.at C.on D.of

( )4.We often go to the park______ Sundays.

A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )5.We don’t have any food ______lunch.

A.to B.for C.with D.of

( )6.Do you go to work ______your bike every day?

A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )7.The shop closes______ seven______ the evening.

A.in ,at B.at ,in C.in ,on D.on,at

( )8.Do you often get up______ six ______Sunday?

A.in ,at B.at ,in C.in ,on D.at,on

( )9.______Monday morning we usually have math.

A.In the B.On C.At D.In

( )10.It’s cold. Put______ the coat ,please.

A.on B.off C.away D.at

( )11.She has lunch______ home.

A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )12.She usually does her homework ______the evening.


A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )13.Do chickens live ______the farm ?

A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )14.Let______ go______ you.

A.we ,to B.we ,with C.us ,with D.us ,to ( )15.The man______ a stick is my grandpa.

A.and B.of C.with D.for

( )16.I often play football______ my friends.

A.from B.to C.in D.with

( )17.Who is the lady______ blue ?

A.in B.on C.at D.with

( )18.We usually stay______ home on Saturday after school.

A.from B.at C.in D.on

( )19.I know a lot ______Canada.

A.on B.in C.at D.about

( )20.They live______ China.

A.from B.at C.in D.on


1.Li Lei is a student______ Class 2,Grade 1.

2.His home is______ the school ,so he can get home soon.

3.I go to school______ bus.

4.A blue bird lives______ the tree.

5.What Grade are you______ ?

6.I like bread and milk______ breakfast

7.I have four classes______ the afternoon.

8.He worked in an office______ a small town.


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