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一、Listen and circle. 听录音,圈出正确的图片。

1. Girl: Show me your ruler.

2. Chen Jie and Mike: Goodbye, Miss White!

3. Boy: Touch your nose

4. Wu Yifan and Sarah: Let's go to school.

5. Wu Yifan: Hello! I'm Wu Yifan. Sarah: Hi! I'm Sarah.

二.Listen and tick(√) or cross(×).听录音,辨别下面各图片的内容是否与录音内容相符,请用“√”或是“×”标出对错。

1.I have a book.

2.Carry your bag.

3.Touch your nose.

4.Show me your eraser.

5. Close your pencil box. √×××√

三.Listen and choose. 听录音,选出正确的答句。

1. What’s your name? 2. Good morning, Chen Jie. 3. Nice to meet you. 4. Let’s go to school. 5. How are you?

四.Listen and write. 听录音,根据听到的内容将答案用数字填在下面相应的括号里。

1. Hello! I'm Mr Tiger. This is my ear.

2. Look! This is my hand.

3.This is my leg.

4.This is my foot.

5.This is my arm.

五. Listen and choose. 听录音,选出与录音内容相符的图片,在下列相应的表格中打“√”。 I'm A.This is my nose.

I'm B.This is my ear.

I'm C.This is my leg.

I'm D.This is my hand.

I'm E.This is my eye.

六、Listen and number. 听录音,给下面的图片重新排序,并将数字序号填在图片下面的括号里。

1. Mike: Hello. I'm Mike. What's your name?

Chen Jie: My name's Chen Jie.

2. Man: Good morning, Miss Green. How are you?

Miss Green: Fine, thank you. This is Miss White.

3.Man: Nice to meet you.

Miss White: Nice to meet you, too.

4.Sarah: Let's paint!

Mike: Great!

5.Boy: Bye, Mum!

Mum: Bye!

七、Listen and choose.听录音,把听到的单词前的字母标号填在括号里。

1. Show me your red crayon.

2.I have a book.

3.This is my leg.

4.This is a brown bag.

5.Touch your mouth.

八、Listen and colour. 听录音,根据录音要求给下列图片涂色。

1. Colour the book orange.

2. Colour the bag blue.

3. Colour the hand red.

4. Colour the ear black.

5. Colour the pencil yellow.



一、BAABA 二. √×××√ 三. BCCAB 四.略 五. 略 六、32145 七、AABBB 八至十题答案略



一、Listen and number.听录音,给图片排序。

1. Let me clean the window.

2.My shoes are blue.

3. Open the door, please.

4. The panda is black and white.

5. Look at the blackboard, please.

二、Listen, tick (√) or cross (×). 听录音,判断图片的对错。

1. Look at my picture. It's nice.

2. Put my book on the chair.

3. Let me clean the desks.

4. Put the pencil in the desk.

5. Look! This is our new classroom!

三、Listen and choose. 听录音,选出恰当的答句,将其前面的字母标号填在题前的括号里。

1.Where is the dog?

2.What's in the bag?

3. What colour are your shoes?

4. Are the keys on the fridge?

5.What's his name?

四、Listen and match. 听录音,连线。

1.It has big ears.

2.I'm a tall boy.

3.She's my friend.

4.I have red glasses.

5.The teacher has long brown hair

五、Listen and write, 听录音,从右边方框中选择合适的词填写在四线格里。

1. She is quiet.

2. My friend has long hair.

3. He has glasses.

4. Where is my computer?

5. Zhang Peng is tall and strong.



一、54123 二、√××√× 三、CBBAC 四、略 五、略

六、like, big, hand, panda, lot, date, hot, note, pig, nose

七、1. book: pencil box, schoolbag, pencil 2. brown: yellow, red. green

3. teacher: student, friend, dad, mum,

八.Gao Min, Kelly Green Alice, Mary 九. DEACB 十.√√××××



一、Listen and choose.听录音,选出你所听到的单词。

1. I have eggplant for lunch, it is tasty. 2. The tomatoes are sour, I don’t like them. 3. Would you like a pear? 4. She is thin and short. 5. We have English, Chinese and music on Monday. 6. I often watch TV on Saturdays. Who’s your music teacher?

二、Listen and choose.听录音,选出与录音内容相符的图片,把标号填在左边括号内

1. My favourite food is fish. 2. I read books on Mondays. 3. It’s Sunday today. 4. My sister is tall and thin.

三、Listen and choose. 根据录音选择合适的答案,把答案的标号填在左边括号内。

1. Who’s your math teacher? 2. What would you like for breakfast? 3. What do you have for lunch today?

4. What’s your sister like? 5. What do you often do on Saturdays? 6. What time is it now?

四、Listen and complete the sentence..听录音,补全对话。

Tom: Hello, Mary. Who’Mary: Miss Sally. She’’s 22 years old. Tom: What’Mary: She’’




四、math, young, is, She, like, tall, pretty, strict, isn’t, kind


八、1. What do you have for lunch on Sundays? 2. What’s your favourite fruit? 3. The apples are sweet.

4. What would you like for dinner? 5. We watch TV on Saturdays.

九.hungry, favourite, pork, tasty, healthy, sour


十一、1. C 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. There are four classes in one day. 7. On Tuesday and Thursday. 8. His favourte class is computer. 9. He is from the USA. 10. Because his parents are not at home.



一.Listen and choose. 听录音,从 ABCD 四个选项中选出所包含的信息,并将字母标号填在题前的括号内。

1. How do you go to school? Usually I go to school by plane.

2. Wait at a yellow light.

3. How can I get to ZhongShan Park? You can go by the No.15 bus.

4. Where is the cinema , please?

5. Where is my post card?

6. Excuse me. How can I get to the shop?

7. The post office is east of the cinema.

8. Excuse me. Where is the hospital?

二、Listen and write.听音,给下图的建筑物标号。

There is a museum in the middle. The bank is in front of the museum. The park is near the bank on the right. The shoe store is near the bank on the left. The supermarket is next to the zoo. The bus stop is next to the supermarket.

三、Listen and choose. 下面你将听到6个问句,请从打乱顺序的答句中,将能回答每个问句的答句字母标号填入题前的括号内。

1. What are you going to be in 10 year's time?

2. Where are you going this afternoon?

3. What are you going to buy?

4. When are you going?

5. What are you going to do on the weekend?

6. Where is the post office?

四、Listen and fill in the blanks. 听录音,完成下列短文。



一. CADBB DCC 二、答案略 三、 DACEBF

四、visit, Sunday, subway, next, turn, left, traffic, lights, go, right 五.CCBABC 六、BCBAA ACCBA BCCBC C

七.1. How do you go to school? 2. I usually go to school on foot. 3. Stop at a red light. 4. Let’s go to the park this afternoon. 5. Can you go by the No. 15 bus?

八、3452761 九.1. T 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. F 6. a CD 7. it at the supermarket 8. by the No. 165 bus

9. at the No. 165 bus stop 10. have a math exam


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