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九年级英语Unit8 知识点

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1. 动词+副词构成的短语,代词做宾语只能放在中间,名词做宾语可中可后。

如: clean up ; give out ; cheer up ; put up ; write down ; hand out ; call up ; set up ; fix up ; give away ; work out(自己翻译)

2. could 表示建议,比can婉转。

3. put off +v-ing (翻译)_______________

4. put up 举起,悬挂,张贴。

5. Not only … but also … 不仅…而且… 强调后者

此结构用来连接主语时,谓语动词按照就近原则,在人称与数上与but also后的名词、代词保持一致。

例:Not also ZhouXia, but also her parents_____(be) fond of watching football matches.

此结构可用来连接两个句子,当not only连接的句子位于句首时,该句要部分倒装。

例:Not only does Miss Li like music,but also she likes sports.李小姐不但喜欢音乐,还喜欢体育

Not only _____ he come,but also he was very happy.他不但来了,而且还很高兴。

6. coach ①名词 长途公共汽车、四轮大马车,(运动员的)教练,私人教师。

②动词 辅导,训练

7. major ① adj. 重要的,主要的 ② n. 专业,专业学生

He is a history major. = He chose history as his major.他是主修历史的学生

vi. 主修,专攻。 He majors in physics. 他主修物理学。

8. volunteer ①可数名词 “志愿者” ②adj. 自愿的 vi. volunteer to do sth

eg. They are the Chinese People’s Volunteers. 他们是中国人民志愿军。

I volunteer to help you. 我自愿帮助你。

9. no longer = not … any longer 指时间上不再延续。

10. no more = not … any more 指动作上不再延续。

11. run out 与 run out of

①?? run out (become used up). 其主语往往为物。如时间,食物,金钱,油等,本


Eg. His money soon ran out. 他的钱很快就花光了。

My patience has completely run out. 我没有一点耐心了。

Our time is running out. 我们剩下的时间不多了。

②?? run out of 主语为人,表示主动含义。

Eg. He is always running out of money before pay day. 他总是在发工资的日子还没有到就把钱花完了。


如:The petrol is running out. 汽油快用完了

= We are __________________ petrol. 我们快把汽油用完了。

11.work out v. + adj.

①?? 结局,结果为

Eg.The strategies that he came up with worked out fine. 他提出的这个策略效果很好。


Eg. He never seems to be worked out. 他好像永远不会疲乏似的。 He worked out a plan. 他制订了一个计划。

12.homeless 无家可归的 同类的词汇还有: ___________(无用的) ___________(粗心的)

13.donate v. 名词 _________. 捐赠



We can’t______________________ a plan. Clean-up Day is only two weeks from now.

2. 她在当地的一所小学的课后辅导中心工作,使这个爱好得到较好的利用 She ______ this love __ ______ ____ by working in the after-school care centre at her local elementary school.


Not only____ I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time ______what I love to do.

4. 这三个学生计划在他们校开展一个学生志愿者项目

The three students plan to __________ a student volunteer project at heir school


He also___________some signs________ for old bikes.


The strategies that he _________________ worked out fine

7.He did a radio interview. 他接受了电台的采访。

8.We need to come up with a plan. 我们需要指定一个计划。

9.You could help clean up the city parks. 你可以帮助打扫城市公园。

10. 他现在有16辆要修理的自行车,并准备把这些修好的自行车赠送给那些没有自行车的孩子。

He now has sixteen bikes ______________ and give away to children_____ don’t have bikes

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