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仁爱版七年级上期Unit1 Topic1

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Unit1 Topic1

一、 交际用语

1. A:Good morning/afternoon/evening ! B:Good morning/afternoon/evening!

2. A:Hello!/ Hi!

B: Hello! / Hi!

3. A: Nice to meet you ! (初次见面) B: Nice to meet you too!

A: Nice to see you ! (熟人之间)

B: Nice to see you !

4. A: How do you do ? (初次见面)你好! B: How do you do ?

5. A:How are you?

B:Fine, thanks. And you?

A: I’m OK.

6.A:Welcome to China!

B: Thank you./Thanks.

7. A: Goodbye./ Bye.

B: Goodbye./Bye.

8. A: Here you are.

B: Thank you.


1. A: Are you…? B: Yes, I am.

B: No, I’m not. I’m…

2. This is ….(用于介绍人)

三、语法 (Be 动词用法)

我是am, 你是are, is 跟着他她它。单数is, 复数are.

四、 26个字母按读音分类

1.A ,H,J,K

2.E, B, C, D,G, P, T, V, Z

3.I, Y


5.U, Q, W

6.F,L, M, N, S, X


1.How do you do ? 你好吗?(×) 你好!(√)

2.Are you LiMing ? Yes, I’m(×) Yes, I am. (√)

3.易错单词: China, bye, thank,morning



1. I ____ a student.

2. You ____ a doctor.

3. ____ she from Jinan?

4. ____ you American?

5. He _____ in Class 4, Grade 1.

6. It_____ a car.

7. They ____ cars.

8. ____ your mother in China?

9. _____your friends in New York.

10. What ____his name?

11. These _____ buses.

12.Those _____oranges.

13. Where ____ her mother?

14. How old _____your teacher?

15. What class _____ you in?

16.Helen____ a student.

17.This _____my book.

18.My father______a cook.

19.Jack’s friend____in Class One.

20.This _____ my mother.

21.Your sisters______in Class Two.

22.What _______this?

23.That______her dog.

24. The cat_______on the desk.

25.The books_______under the table.


( )1. --- Welcome ______ China! --- Thanks.

A. for B. of C. to D. too

( )2.--- Are you Wang li? --- ________

A. Yes, I an B. No, I’m not. C. Yes, you are. D. Yes, I’m. ( )3. John, this is Helen. Helen, _________

A. he’s John B. this is john C. it’s John D. this is John. ( )4. --- _________ --- Not bad. Thanks.

A. Have a nice day! B. Are you fine?

C. How are you? D. How do you do?

( )5. CBA 的含义是

A. 英国广播公司 B. 中国篮球协会

C. 美国篮球协会 D.中国足球协会

( )6. ________ she your teacher?

A. Am B. Is C. Are D.Be

( )7. ---What’s _______ name, please ? --- I’m Bob.

A. you B. your C. her D. my ( )8. ---Where is he from? --- He’s from______.

A. Japanese B. English C. Chinese D. Japan ( )9. ---What’s _______ name, please ? --- I’m Bob.

A. you B. your C. her D. my

( )10. -—Where_______you from?

— Lucy ______ from the U.S.A. and I ____ from China?

A. are, is, is B. are, is, am

C. are, are, am D. do, come, come

( )11. ---What’s your QQ number ? --- ___________.

A. That’s 396837604 B. This is 396837604

C. It’s 396837604 D. They are 396837604

( )12. --- _______ is he? --- He’s fine..

A. Who B. What C. Where D. How

( )13. Kangkang is ______

A. Chinese B. a Chinese C. Chinese boy D. China ( )14. ______, is this your class

A. Excuse me B. Hello C. Sorry D. Thank you ( )15. ---Sit down , please. ---______________.

A. Thank B. Thank you C. Thanks you D.OK ( )16. My name is______________.

A. Han MeiMei B. Sima Guang C. Liu lan D. Xiaoyun Guo


I am ___1__ girl. I am twelve. I am ___2__school. ___3___ name is Zhang Hua. I am in ___4__ .I am ___5____ Row Five. Jim is ___6___ English boy. He is eleven. He and I ___7___ in the same class. He is my friend . We ___8____ good friends. ___9__ is my teacher, Miss

Gao. ___10___ is a good teacher.

( )1. A. an B. the C. × D. a

( )2. A. at B. in C. and D. or

( )3. A. I B. My C. He D. You

( )4. A. Grade One, Class One B. grade one, class one.

C. Class One, Grade One

( )5. A. at B. or

( )6. A. an B. a

( )7. A. is B. am

( )8. A. are B. am

( )9. A. What B. This

( )10. A. He B. I

D. class one , grade one C. in D. and C. the D. × C. be D. are C. is D. be C. He D. You C. She D.

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