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1. –What’s that?

-- .

A. It’s aAa B. It’s Aa C. An Aa D. ItsAa

2. Jim and Tom are my classmates. books over there.

A. His, are B. Their, are C. Their, is D. He, is

3. I have bag. bag is purple.

A. the, The B. a, A C. the, A D. a, The

4.Mum, is my friend Kate. Kate, is my mother.

A. she, she B. that, that C. this, this D. this, that

5. in the box?

–Some eggs.

A. What’s B. Where’s C. What D. Where are

6. He in the tree house.

A. like B. likes and plays C. like to play D. play to like

7.--, whose are those coats ? --, I don’t know.

A. Hello, Sorry B. Sorry, Excuse me

C. Hello, Because me D. Excuse me, Sorry

8. is my cat? I can’t find it.

A. What B. How C. What colour D. Where

9.–Who’s the man on that bike? --.

A. He’s my father B. She’s my father

C. She’s my sister D. They’re brother and sister

10.He ____out of the window and ____a girl under the tree.

A. looks, sees B. watches , sees C. sees, watches D. looks, watches



is it? I think school today.

( ) 1. A. girl B. man C. boy D. bird

( ) 2. A. forteen B. fourty C. fourteen D. fourth

( ) 3. A. It’s B. It C.Is D. Its

( ) 4. A. fine B. old C. many D. /

( ) 5. A. it B. its C. it’s D. is

( ) 6.A.at B.in C.onD.of

( ) 7. A. Someone B. Everyone C. Nobody D. Something


Mary went to school when she was only six yesrsokd. She ___ her forst day very mvch. Her teacher, Miss Green, was very ___.and the other children were very nice too. ___at the end of the day, when the other children left the ___, Mary stayed behind and waited.Miss Green had some work to do and did not see Mary __first. But she looked up and ___her.“why didn’t you go ___, Mary ?”She asked ___a smile. “Do you want to ask me a question ?”“Yes, Miss Green.:” “What is it,Mary ?” “What did I do inschool____?”Miss Green laughed. She said

to Mary, “Why do you ask me ___a question ?”Because my mother will ask me when I get home. “

1.A.love B.likesC. like D.loved

2.A.miceB.cool.C. beautiful D. bad

3. A. Because B.But C.And D.Or

4.A.classroomB.bedroom C.reading-room D. living-room

5.A. in B. at C.to D. of

6.A.seeB.look C.saw D.find out

7.A.home B.school C.hereD.there

8. A,in B.at C.no D.with

9.A.dayB.todayC.tomorrow D.yesterday

10.A.suchB.so C.this D.that

三. 改错:画出错误并改在横线上.

1. It’s a dog. I don’t know it’s name.

2. –How are she? --She is fine.

3. Is that man your sister?

4. My father is a teacher. She is 35.

5. Is this an apple? Yes, this is.

6. How old are your English teacher?

7. Is that his bag? Yes, it’s him.

8.It’s five. It’s time to go to home.

9. Who’sman in the car? That’s his father.

10. What are these over there? It’s desks.

。 at this picture. It’s a photo of my . I have a very big family, my grandparents, my and they don’t in China. My brother, Frank, is a . My grandparents live in the house. The house is small, but there is a big garden it. There are many green

and nice flowers.You can see a black-and-white dog near


I’m Jim. I’m English boy. Look, this is Wu Dong. is a Chinese boy. He is a student. He is in No. 8 . He is Class Three, Grade One. Wu Dong is good friend. He likes English. I like , too. We are in class. Teacher is Miss Zhang. She is a good . We like .



This is an English boy. His name is Jim Green. He is eleven. His school is No.2 Middle School. He is in Class 2, Grade 1. He is Number 5. He is in Row 3. Team 6. Miss Gao is his English teacher. She is a woman. Li Ying is not here. She is at home. Li Ying is Jim’s friend.

( ) 1. The boy’s name is Jim Green.

A. English B. American C. Japanese

( ) 2. This is No. Middle School.

A. Twelve B. Two C. Six

( ) 3. His teacher is .

A. a girl B. a man C. a woma

( ) 4. I think Li Ying is .

A. at home B. not at home C. at school

( ) 5. is Jim’s friend.

A. Li Ming B. Green C. Li Ying

B 任务型阅读, 先填写对话, 后根据句子填表.

Mike: What’s name?

Tom: My is Tom. And what’s

Mike: I’m

Tom: How are you?

Mike: I’m 10. Are you

Tom: No, I’m 9. What class in?

Mike: I’m in Class 2, Grade 2.


There are four people in the Read family. They’re Mr Read, MrsRead,Jim and Ann. Mr Read is an English teacher. He is in No. 8 Middle School. His shirt is brown. Mrs Read is a doctor. She is in a white coat. The boy is Jim. He is eleven. He is in his

father’s school. The little girl is Jim’s sister. Her name is Ann. She is eight. She is in a yellow hat. They aren’t in the same school. and they are good students.

1. Is Mrs Read an Chinese teacher?

2. How old is Ann?

3. Are Ann and Tom in the same school?

4. What colour is Mrs Read’s coat?

5. Is Ann in Mr Read’s school?

6. Is Ann’s hat yellow or red?

7. What school is Jim in?

The MongKok Public Library is open from nine in the morning to seven in the

evening. On Sundays it is open from nine to one. It is closed on public holidays. Bill and his father often go to the library. His father always goes to the second floor. Bill likes to read the books for children on the first floor. They sometimes go to the third floor to watch video programmes or listen to music.


MongKok Public Library

Opening Hours


9:00 a.m. to ____

Sunday: ______to _____

Public Holidays:______ ______

First Floor Adult’s Library

Second Floor Video Cassettes


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