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U2 T3


in different clothes help sb do sth. 句式:Whose +名单+is+it/this/that?

Whose is /this/that/+名单?

Whose+名复+are these/those?

Whose are these/those +名复?

I+think+句子./I don’t think+句子.


我的······ mine = my + n.

你的······ yours = your + n.

他的······ his = his + n.

她的······ hers = her + n.

它的······ its = its + n.

我们的······ ours = our + n.

你们的······ yours = your + n.

他们的······ theirs = their + n.


1)一般在单数名词后加 ’s 。如:Jane’s

2) 以s结尾的单词的复数名词直接加 ’。

如:the students’

3)Kate and Lucy’s room 凯特和露西的房间

(两人共有的房间);Kate’s and Lucy’s rooms 凯特的房间和露西的房间(两人各自的房间)。

4)of 短语也可以用来表示所属关系。如:a map of China 一幅中国地图 Ⅰ.词汇。(10分)

A. 根据句意及首字母提示填词。(5分)

1. This bike is mine. That one is my sister’s. Our bikes are d____.

2. —What c____ is your cap?


3. Please h____ him find his classmate.

4. —What does he l____ like?

—He’s tall and strong.

5. —Are those girls’ c____?

—Yes, they are. They are nice.


6. —Whose dress is this?

—It’s ____ (I).

7. This bike isn’t Mary’s. ____ (she) is over there (在那边).

8. Are those ____ (you) apples?

9. These are our oranges. Those are ____ (their).

10. Mr. Gao is ____ (he) teacher.

Liu Mei is a nice girl. She is twelve old. She is tall and long black hair.

guess, whose skirt is blue? Yes, you are right. The skirt is u Mei’s mom is a teacher. She is tall and white. She 它的) color? Yes. It is very nice.

( )16. A. very B. years C. too D. year

( )17. A. are B. is C. has D. have

( )18. A. Her B. She C. He D. His

( )19. A. is B. looks C. have D. has

( )20. A. student B. teacher C. color D. dress

( )21. A. their B. hers C. her D. his

( )22. A. strong B. short C. round D. wide

( )23. A. likes B. thinks C. finds D. guesses

( )24. A. have B. has C. is D. /

( )25. A. red B. black C. yellow D. white



This is Lucy and this is Lily. They are sisters. They are eleven. This is their bedroom(卧室). It’s nice. The green bed(床) is Lily’s and the blue one is Lucy’s. They have two desks. Lucy’s is yellow, but Lily’s is red. Look! Here is a photo. The girl in purple is Lucy and the one in white is Lily. Their bags are on the bed. Lucy’s is small, but Lily’s is big. They have the same color.


( )26. Lucy and Lily aren’t sisters.

( )27. Lily’s bed is green.

( )28. Their desks’ colors are the same.

( )29. Their bags’ colors are the same.

( )30. Lucy’s coat is white and Lily’s is purple.


My name is Bill. I’m an English boy. I’m in No.8 High School. Sam is my good friend. He is thirteen. I’m thirteen, too. But we are in different looks. Miss Zhang is my English teacher, and she’s Sam’ s English teacher, too. We don’t know her age(年龄). But she looks young. Look at this photo. It is white and black. It is mine.

( )31. Bill is ____.

A. eight B. four C. thirteen D. fourteen

( )32. Sam’s good friend is ____.

A. Miss Zhang B. Bill C. a teacher D. an English girl

( )33. The two boys are ____.

A. in the same class B. in the same looks

C. in different looks D. in different schools

( )34. Miss Zhang is ____.

A. Bill’s good friend B. Sam’s mom

C. old D. young

( )35. —What color is this photo?


A. White. B. Black. C. A and B. D. I don’t know.


Hello, boys and girls. Please look at me. I am a robot(机器人). My name is Lucy. This is my head. It’s big and round. I have two eyes, and they are very big. I have three hands and two legs. This is my friend. It’s a robot, too. Her name is Lily. We look different. Her head is small and square(方形的). She has one eye, and it’ s small. She has two hands and three legs. Do you like us?

根据短文内容, 回答下列问题。

36. Whose head is big and round?


37. Does Lucy have two hands, three legs and two eyes?


38. Is Lily’s eye small?


39. Do their heads look the same?


40. Do you like Lily? Please draw a picture of her.(请把她画出来)

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