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仁爱版七年级上期Unit3 Topic2

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Unit 3 Topic2 ,一、短语

1,be home到家

2,a photo of my family 我的全家福 3,on the sofa 在沙发上

on the farm 在农场里

4, play whit sb 和……一起玩

5, live in +地名 住在….

live with +sb 和……一起住

6, an actor an office work

7. show sth to sb 向某人展示某物


1, Glad meet you.

, Glad to meet you, too

2 What do/does sb do? = What is/are sb?

= What is/are sb’ s job? 询问职业 3,Where do/does sb work? 询问工作地点 三,易错点。

1,where Jane work ?

She in a hospital.

2, work?


3. Where he work?

He woks a farm.


They are students.

5. What your father ?

He is a cook.

6. What We are nurses.

7.What He is a doctor.

8,Where Kangkang

He lives in Beijing.

9. is the letter from?

It’s from my sister.

They are from my pen pal.


My name is Li Hua . I’m thirteen. I’m a middle school Class Five, Grade One. My English teacher Mr Lin. He is old teacher. I a pen, a ruler

Liu Ping is in my class. She is a girl. We good today. I think she is at home, Look ! Here is a .But it is not my book, I think it is book.

( )1.A. in ( )2.A. are ( )3.A. a

B. at B. am B. an

C. do C. is C. this

D. not D.×

D. very D. have D. desk D. very D. all

( )4.A. am B. think B. pencils B. or B. am

C. know C. buses C. much C. are

( )5.A. boxes ( )6.A. too ( )7.A. have ( )8.A. right

B. where B. book

C. at home D. at school C. picture

D. map

( )9.A. licence

( )10.A. Liu Ping B. Liu Pings C. Liu Ping’s

D. Liu Pings’




Jane is from Toronto, Canada. She’s thirty-two. Now she is a high school teacher in Beijing. Kumiko comes from Tokyo. She is twenty-two years old. She is a doctor in Beijing. Huang

Hua is from Tianjin. He is twenty-five. He works in Beijing. They come from different countries, but they all work hard for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


I am Wang Lin, I am twelve years old. My pen pal Tom is form the United States. He is the same age as I. He is a middle school student in Beijing. There are three people in his family. His father is a teacher, he teaches English in a high school in

Beijing. His mother is an English teacher, too. But they work in different schools. Tom goes to school in his mother’s car every day. They all like Chinese food. Tom’s father likes Guangdong food, he thinks it is delicious. Tom’s mother’s favorite food is

Sichuan food. But Tom doesn’t like Sichuan food, he thinks it is too hot. So they often eat out on weekends.

( ) 6. How old is Tom? _______________

A.Eleven B.Twelve C. we don’t know

( ) 7. Tom’s father is _________________

A. a teacher B. an English teacher C. teaches English

( ) 8. Maybe (可能) Tom in the same school with _________

A. his mother B. Wang Lin C. his father

( ) 9. Tom doesn’t like Sichuan food because (因


A. his father like it B. his mother like it

C. it is too hot


阅读短文,然后根据内容判断正(√)误(×)。 Mr and Mrs Scott want to buy some new chairs for their new house. They come into a shop and see some very good chairs on the floor. They like the colour and want to know how much they are. They see a price tag (标签) on one chair. It says (上面写着) "¥100". They like the chair but they are too dear (贵) for them. The Scotts don't think they can buy them now. They leave this shop and go to other

shops. Mr Scott thinks they can find some cheap chairs.

( ) 1. Mr and Mrs Scott have a new house.

( ) 2. They want to buy tables and chairs for their house.

( ) 3. They think the chairs in this shop are cheap.

( ) 4. They leave the shop and go home.

( ) 5. They want to buy good and cheap chairs.

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