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Chapter 1-2


1.It’s important _______the piano well

A of him to play B for him to play C of him playing D for him playing

2.It’s no good _______about your garden.

A to worry B worried C worrying D worry

3.It’s nice _______

A of you to say so B for you to say so

C of you saying so D for you saying so

4.It was silly ______you _______in such cold weather.

A of , swimming B for , to swim C for, swimming D of, to swim

5. It’s ________him to help people in trouble.

A impolite of B impolite for C kind of D important for

6.I think _______easy to answer the question.

A that B it C its D it was

7.It is foolish ______me to say something like that.

A for B to C of D with

8. ----Why do you advise me to cut my hair shorter

----Because it’s more convenient _______you to look after short hair.

A of B to C for D on

9.It’s a good idea for you _______some tea.

________some tea could make you _________

A to drink, Drink, relax B drinking, Drinking, relaxing

C to drink, Drinking, relaxed D drinking, To drink, relaxed

10.She’s very friendly and easy _______

A to get along B getting along C to get along with D getting along with

11. He feel ______easy to answer the teacher’s questions.

A that B it C if D this

12.I find _______difficult to understand what the teacher said

A that B it C if D this

13.I don’t think children should do homework with their friends, because


A not enough quiet B not quiet enough

C too not quiet D enough not quiet

14.Taking a walk before going to bed can make you ______before exams.

A relaxed B relaxing C relax D relaxes

15.The _______game made him ________

A relaxed , relaxed B relaxed, relaxing

C relaxing, relaxed D relaxing, relaxing

16.---Why are you so______?

---I am watching an _______basketball game.

A excited , exciting B exciting, excited C exciting, exciting

17.The computer game is very________and many children are _______in it

A interesting, interesting B interested, interesting

C interested, interested D interesting, interested

18.The speaker didn’t speak _______for all the audience to understand

A clearly enough B clear enough C enough clear D enough clearly

19.The dog looks _______. I am _____of it

A frightened, frightening B frightening, frightening

C frightening, frightened D frightened, frightened

20.—Would you please keep the door ____?It’s too cold outside.


A close B open C closed D opened

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