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Score 一.单项选择.(1×15)

( ) 1. __________ food you’ve cooked!

A. How a nice B. What a nice C. How nice D. What nice

( ) 2. Lucy looks stronger __________Lily.

A. than B. as C. then D. not as

( ) 3. When I was a little boy, I was often told _______ at the people in trouble.

A. not to smile B. to smile C. not to laugh D. to laugh

( ) 4. The plants _________ every day, or they will die.

A. must water B. can be watered C. should water D. must be watered

( ) 5. —What does the boy __________? —He is tall and has curl hair.

A. took B. like C. look like D. be

( ) 6. The boy isn’t __________ to go to school.

A. enough old B. enough young C. young enough D. old enough

( ) 7. This book __________ by people all over the world soon.

A. enjoyed B. will be enjoyed C. is enjoying D. has enjoyed

( ) 8. How long have you __________ Shenzhen?

A. been to B. lived in C. come to D. been in

( ) 9.—__________ you ever __________ a hamburger?

—Yes, I __________ one yesterday at the fast food shop.

A. Did; meet; have met B. Have; met; met

C. Do; met; met D. Did; meet; meet

( ) 10. She has __________ the Science club since December 2008.

A. been to B. joined C. joined in D. been in

( ) 11. All of things __________ by people to save the little girl now.

A. are doing B. are being done C. has been done D. will be done

( ) 12. I think I sing as __________ as my best friend, Lucy. Do you agree?

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( ) 13. Some boy students think maths is _______ than English. That’s not right.

A. important B. most important C. more important D. the most important

( ) 14. Amily spends half an hour __________ the piano every day, doesn’t she ?

A. to practice playing B. practicing playing

C. practicing to play D. to practice to play

( ) 15. Tom has three cars. The black one is __________ of the three.

A. most good B. the best C. better D. the better



Peter is taking his family to Europe to have a trip. His wife and two children are __1__ going along. His brother, Bob is also __2__ to go with them for vacation. Because Bob __3__ went to other countries, he is even more __4__ than the children. Bob can’t wait to go. Their father would like to stay at home, but they’ll send him postcards __5__ Europe.

They’re __6__ next Friday. They’re going to New York by train, __7__taking a ship to Europe.

When they __8__ in Europe, they are going to __9__ countries for sightseeing. They’re going to those places by train or by bus and they’re __10__ a week there. Then they are flying home.

( ) 1. A. both B. all C. may D. maybe

( ) 2. A. enjoying B. forgetting C. keeping D. planning

( ) 3. A. didn’t B. sometimes C. never D. often

( ) 4. A. excited B. angry C. exciting D. stressed

( ) 5. A. in B. to C. for D. from

( ) 6. A. sending B. leaving C. finishing D. resting

( ) 7. A. so B. for C. as D. and then

( ) 8. A. get B. arrive C. come D. go

( ) 9. A. few B. a lot C. a few D. much

( ) 10. A. taking B. having C. staying D. spending

三.阅读理解 (2×15)


No.4 Middle School

Kunming, Yunnan

April 2nd, 2004

Dear editor,

I live in a beautiful city. Many visitors come to my city. There are so many colorful peacocks here. The peacocks mostly live on the grass land of Dongfeng Square.

They are given food freely by visitors. They usually throw food to them, and don’t think about at all whether the food is right or not. Some of the peacocks become ill,



some even died after eating the bad food given by the visitors. I’m sure most of the visitors who throw food to the peacocks really like the birds, but don’t realize that they may be doing them harm. The visitors should be told that what have done is very harmful to the birds, and this kind of thing must be stopped from happening. Perhaps we can build some small shops beside Dongfeng Square to sell peacock food. For us every person, it’s our duty to give more love to these beautiful birds and to look after them carefully.


Sun Yan

阅读短文, 选择正确的答案

( ) 1. Many visitors come to the writer’s city to _____.

A. do some shopping.

B. See beautiful peacocks.

C. play on Dongfeng Square.

D. eat nice food.

( ) 2. Some peacocks became ill and died because some visitors _____.

A. didn’t give them any food

B. gave them too much food

C. threw them some bad food

D. loved them and played with them

( ) 3. Some shops can be built beside Dongfeng Square so that they may _____.

A. sell food for visitors

B. sell food for peacocks

C. make the square more beautiful

D. have the beautiful birds

( ) 4. From the passage we know people should _____.

A. live and play with the birds

B. stop the birds from eating too much


C. give right food to the birds

D. give more food to the birds

( ) 5. We can guess the writer of the letter, Sun Yan, may be a _____.

A. visitor B. shopkeeper C. square keeper D. student


Nearly every family buys at least one copy of a newspaper every day. Some people subscribe to as many as two or three different newspapers. But why do people read newspapers? Five hundred years ago, news of important happenings ---- battles (战役) lost and won, kings or rulers overthrown (推翻) or killed ---- took months and even years to travel from one country to another. The news passed by word of mouth and was never accurate (准确). Today we can read in our newspapers of important things that occur (出现) in faraway countries on the same day they happen.

Besides supplying news from all over the world, newspapers give us a lot of other useful information. There are weather reports, radio, television and film guides, book reviews, stories, and of course, advertisements. The bigger ones are put in by large companies to bring attention to their products. They pay the newspapers thousands of dollars for the advertising space, but it is worth the money for new of their products goes into almost every home in the country. For those who produce newspapers, advertisements are also very important. Money earned from advertisements makes it possible for them to sell their newspapers at a low price and still make a profit (利润). 阅读短文, 选择正确的答案

( ) 6. What does the phrase “subscribe to” in the first paragraph mean “_____”.

A. go to the newspaper stand and buy

B. send their own news stories to

C. agree to buy for a specific period of time.

D. Become readers of

( ) 7. The good habit of reading newspapers is _____ nowadays.

A. widespread



B. found among a few families

C. unpopular

D. no liked by many people

( ) 8. The writer seems to agree that money spent on advertisements is _____.

A. wasted B. not much C. well spent D. of no use to anyone

( ) 9. Which of the following statements is RIGHT?

A. Five hundred years ago it took a long time for news to reach other countries.

B. Newspaper advertisements turn people’s attention away from their products.

C. The news that we read in newspapers is mainly about new products.

D. When newspapers are sold at a low price, the newspaper producers will lose money.

( ) 10. Apart from the news from the world, newspapers offer us _____.

A. how to produce things for life

B. a wide range of information

C. only great events happening around

D. mainly advertisements for products


Earthquakes (地震) may happen anywhere on the earth. when some plates of the earth move suddenly, an earthquake happens. many earthquakes begin under the sea. They often happen near the mountains, too.

During an earthquake, the shakings make rocks rise suddenly and even crack (断裂) open. Houses fall, people are killed or hurt, and sometimes the whole villages or hurt, and sometimes the whole villages or cities are destroyed. Can we do something to keep ourselves safe from earthquakes? Scientists have studied earthquakes and make maps that show the “earthquake belts(带)”. In areas in these belts, it’s possible for earthquakes to happen. In these areas we should build strong houses to fight against earthquakes.

In the future, scientists will be able to tell when and where an earthquake will be before they happen. They can also tell people what to do and how to do it.


( )11. The reason for an earthquake is ___________.

A. that there are so many plates on the earth

B. that the sea is too deep


C. rocks’ cracking open

( )12. A lot of earthquakes often happens ___________.

A. in the area B. next to mountains C. at night

( )13. A map showing the earthquake belts will tell people ___________.

A. what kind of houses to build

B. what kind of houses can stay up in an earthquake

C. where earthquake may happen

( )14. Which is Not True according to the passage?

A. During an earthquake people are killed or hurt.

B. The scientists can tell when and where an earthquake is now.

C. we should build strong houses to fight against earthquakes.

( )15. In the future, we’ll be no longer so afraid of earthquakes ___________.

A. with the help of scientists’ exact prediction

B. because of a map showing the “earthquake belts”

C. because we can guess the date and place of earthquakes

A: Excuse me. __1__

B: Yes. And you are.

A: __2__ This is my membership card. Would you please show me your passport? B: OK. __3__

A: Welcome to Beijing, Miss Jill. I’m so happy to be your guide in China. B: Thank you, Miss Zhang. __4__

A: Let me help you with your suitcase. Our car is waiting for us. __5__

B: Thank you for such wonderful service.

A: It’s my pleasure.



五 用所给单词的适当形式填空:(1×10)

1.Remember not (be) late next time.

2.Thank you for (invite) my whole family.

3.Lily always keeps (ask) her father the same questions.

4.It (take) me an hour to go home from school everyday.

5.Have you made a (decide) about where to go for your winter holiday?

6.She wants to learn design when she (leave) school.

7.Toby and Peter are planning (have) a party next weekend.

8.I heard somebody (sing) loudly in the next room at midnight.

9.Jason has (good) characteristic(性格) than Mike.

10.Which is the third (big) city in China?


以“My favorite supermarket”为题写一篇短文,字数80左右.可参考以下信息:

1. name, location, opening hours.

2. items on sale, your favorite things.

3. the service, the reason you like it.

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