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7a unit2 revision

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Unit2 Let's play sports!

1.walking n.散步 go walking 去散步 2.time n.时间(不可数) 许多时间 a lot of time n.次数(可数) 一次 once 两次 twice 三次 three times 许多次 many times 3.enjoy v.喜欢,享受, 欣赏 enjoy doing sth.喜欢做某事 He enjoys______________ (sing). singing 4. really adv.真正的,的确,确实 really interesting The film is__________________.(真的有趣) really I_________want to go shopping.(real) 5.player n.运动员 play(动词)+er →player write→writer作家 sing→singer歌手 work→worker工人

6.member n.成员 I am ______________ (…的一个成员) the a member of Reading Club. am in =I ______ ________the Reading Club. 7.club n.俱乐部 在英语俱乐部 in the English Club 8.free adj. 空闲的,免费的 am not free I ___________________(没空)today. in my free time I draw pictures_______________(在我空余时间). a _________(免费的)ticket free 9.true adj. 真的,真实的 come true 实现 true It’s ______that money is not everything.

10.hope v.希望 hope to do sth. hope +(that)从句 I hope __________(see)you again. to see I hope____________________(我梦想实现). my dream comes true 11.weekend n. 周末 在周末 at/on weekends=at/on the weekend 12.else adv.另外,其他 别的某个人 someone else What else ________________(别的什么)do you need? =______ other things What _____ ______ do you need? Who else ___________(别的谁)wants to go shopping?

13.a lot of =lots of 许多 许多钱 a lot of money 看了许多书 read lots of books 14.fun n.(不可数)乐趣 玩得高兴,玩得愉快 have fun un Reading is f______. 15.match n. 比赛 ; 火柴 pl. match es 看足球比赛 watch football matches 16.hero n. 英雄,偶像 hero es my hero Yao Ming is______________(我的偶像).

1.碗 2.排球 3.梦想 4.成员 5.画画 6.真实的 7.的确,确实 8.比赛 9.其他的 10.队,组 11.乐趣,享乐 12.英雄 13.运动员

bowl volleyball dream member drawing true really

else team fun hero(heroes) player


1.进行体育运动 play sports 2. 走向... walk to… 3. 一天很多次 many times a day 4.擅长 be good at/do well in 5.你最喜爱的体育运动 your favourite sport(s) 6. 放学后 after school 7. 看起来高兴 look happy 8.踢球踢得好 play football well 9.在某人的闲暇时间 in one’s free time make him happy 10.使他开心 11.使我感觉好极了 make me feel great 12.在下一届世界杯 in the next World Cup 13.在电视上看篮球赛 watch the basketball matches on TV

15.我们校篮球队 our school basketball team 16.谈论 talk about/of 17.…怎么样? What about +n./Ving? 18.变为现实 come true 19.当然 of course 20.许多有趣的书 a lot of/lots of interesting books 21.住在北京 live in Beijing 22.足球俱乐部的一名成员
a member of the Football Club



at home

Exercises: 用正确的单词或词组填空: 1. ----Where shall we meet tomorrow morning? ----What about the Reading__________(俱乐部)? Club

players 2. The _________(运动员) there are all from the USA.
3. ----I had a bad _________(梦) last night. dream ----Don’t be afraid. It’s not true.

4. ----Can it come true?

hope ----I ________(希望)so.

7. The boy is _______________ (一个新成员) the Reading a new member of Club.
looks happy 8. Daniel ____________(看起来高兴)

comes true 9. I am sure my dream __________________ (实现). 10. ----The music always ________________ (使我开心). makes me happy ----I like it too.

三、Simple present tense of the verb “to do”

肯定句式: 主语+动词原形或动词的第三人称单数式+… I stay at home. He works hard. 否定句式: 主语+don’t/doesn’t+动词原形+… We don’t study Japanese. He doesn’t play football. 一般疑问句式: Do/Does+主语+动词原形+…? Do they walk to school? Does she live here?


How to add “s” “es” to the verbs
Most verbs +s
walk live fly study miss watch finish fix walks


Verbs ending in a consonant +y

-y + ies


Verbs ending in ss, ch, sh , x or o

+ es

watches finishes fixes



don’t know 1. His classmates____________(not know) what he really likes. 2.He ________(like) watching TV. likes

has 3.She ________(have) lunch at twelve.
stays 4.He usually_________(stay) at home at weekends. doesn’t draw 5. Millie ____________(not draw) pictures at the weekend.

6.She___________( not do) her homework on Friday doesn’t do evening.

1. He watches TV every Sunday. (改为一般疑问句并做肯定回答和否定回答)

Does he watch TV every Sunday? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.
2. I do my homework every evening. (同上)

Do you do your homework every evening?

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.

3. Lucy and Lily come from the USA. (同上)

Do Lucy and Lily come from the USA? Yes, they do. No, they don’t.
4. She eats some bread every morning. (同上)

Does she eat any bread every morning? Yes, she does. No. she doesn’t.

5. They do a lot of homework every day. (改为否定句)

They don’t do a lot of homework every day.
6. I come from Nanjing.(改为否定句)

I don’t come from Nanjing.
7. He often flies to Beijing.(改为否定句)

He doesn’t often fly to Beijing.

我叫李强。我喜欢体育,并且我非常喜欢篮球。 我今年22岁。我是我们学校篮球队的一名新成 员。我经常放学后和我的同学打篮球。我们经常 谈论篮球并且在电视上看球赛。 在我的空闲时间里,我学英语。我也喜欢听音乐。 它让我很开心。 姚明是我最喜欢的篮球明星。他篮球打得非常 好。他是我的偶像。

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