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a black hat

a green shirt

a white sweater a red T-shirt

yellow shorts

blue pants

red shoes

yellow socks

1.Sally likes this_____. red T-shirt 2.My mother has a_____. green sweater 3.The ____are very nice . yellow shorts

4.Are these your _____? red shoes
5.Do you like____? blue pants

6.Where’s my ____ ? black hat
white 7.Your _____ are under the bed.socks

3 dollars

A: How much is this black hat?
B: It’s three dollars.

5 dollars




How much are these blue pants? They are ten dollars.

How much are these …?

They are …






Clerk: Can I help you ?
Mary: Yes, please. I want a_______? sweater Clerk: What _____do you want? Mary : Blue. Clerk: Here you are . Mary :_____ ____ is it? Clerk:20 dollars.

Mary : I will take it. _____ ____.
Clerk: You are welcome.

Clerk: Can I help you ?
Mary: Yes, please. I want _____? pants

Clerk: What ______do you want?
Mary : Blue. Clerk: Here you are . Mary :_____ ______ are they? Clerk:$50 Mary : I will take them.____ ______. Clerk: You are welcome.



Do the exercise! (请完成练习题)

1.—How much ____those apples? A is B are C does D do 2.---what__do you want?---Yellow. A size B color C time D sweater These shoes are very nice.I’ll__them A buy B take C bring D want 4.This is your pen. Here_______ A. are you B. you are C. is it D. they are

(1 ( 8 ( 6 ( 5 ( 7 ( 2 ( 3 ( 4

请将下列句子排序。 )1. What can I do for you? ) 2. You’re welcome. ) 3. 45 yuan. ) 4. How much is it? ) 6. OK, I’ll take it. Thank ) 7. I want a shirt. ) 8. What color do you want? ) 9. White.

Ear training

1.A:How much is the ______ T-shirt ? green B: I t is eight dollars . 2.A: How much is the_______ bag ? black B:It is two dollars . 3.A:how much are the ____ shorts ? red B:They are nine dollars .

Ear training
4. A: I like this green sweater . How much is it? B: It’s __________. ten dollars 5. A: I like big blue hats . Do you have one? B: Yes .I have this one here. A: How much is it? B:It’s five dollars __________. 6. A: I like those long,blue and yellow socks . How much are they? two dollars B: They are only ___________.

明天是你好朋友的生日,到商店去给他买一件礼物吧! 1.将全班分为5组,每组6人,3个人为售货员,其余3人 为顾客。顾客可到任意柜台购物。听到老师击掌后, 本组售货员和顾客角色互换, 活动继续进行。 2. 售货员吆喝用语:Come here! Look!What nice things! 顾客砍价用语: How about …dollars? 3. 买卖活动提示语: A:Can I help you? B:I want …. A:Here you are. B:How much …? A:…dollars B:I’ll take it/them.

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