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班级:_________ 姓名:__________ 出题人:胡 松

一、 选择填空(30 分)

( ) 1. He hardly takes _______, so the doctor asks him to do some running and morning ______.

A. exercise, exercise B. exercises, exercises C. exercise, exercises D. exercises, exercise

( ) 2. Please hurry up, here ______ the bus.

A. comes B. coming C. to come D. come

( ) 3. The result _____ the match is 4:2.

A. for B. of C. in D. to

( ) 4. What’s the TV news ____? The Chinese Team won five gold medals (09 连云港)

A. at B. across C. above D. about

( ) 5. After school, he is very ________ in playing sports.

A. act B. active C. activity D. activities

( ) 6. _______ I’m kind of unhealthy, because I hardly ever exercise.

A. Maybe B. May be C. May D. Be

( ) 7. Please leave her alone, she ________ angry.

A. maybe B. may be C. may D. be

( ) 8. _______ our hometown is only a small city, the number of foreigners (老外) living and working here _______ growing fast. (09 盐城)

A. Because, are B. Although, are C. Though, is D. As, is

( ) 9. Who is the boy standing over there? Well, if you _____ know, his name is Peter.

A. must B. may C. can D. shall

( ) 10. You’d better _____ too much time playing computer games. (09 重庆)

A. don’t spend B. not to spend C. to not spend D. not spend

( ) 11. A lot of boys want to go there, but only ______ know the way.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( ) 12. You’d better follow doctor’s ____ and drink less _______.

A. advice, coffees B. advices, coffees C. advice, coffee D. advices, coffee

( ) 13. The milk looks ______. Drink some, my boy? No, thanks. I don’t feel _____ today.

A. good, good B. good, well C. well, well D. well, good.

( ) 14. Last time you _____ the umbrella at home. Today, you mustn’t ______ it any more.

A. forget, leave B. forgot, left C. left, forget D. leave, forget

( ) 15. What a poor memory! I forgot ______ money from him yesterday. But today I forgot ______ the money to him again. (memory 记忆 return 归还)

A. to borrow, to return B. borrowing, returning C. to borrow, returning D. borrowing, to return

( ) 16. There are three _______ students on the playground and ________ them take part in the sports meeting. A. thousand, hundreds of B. thousands, hundred of

C. thousands of, hundreds of D. thousand of, hundred of

( ) 17. What do you think of the sweet food? Guangdong people like it very much, but in _____ parts of China, people like hot food very much.

A. other B. another C. others D. the others

( ) 18. We are going to do our work better with ______ money and ______ people.

A. less, fewer B. less, less C. fewer, fewer D. fewer, less

( ) 19. I felt ill in the morning, and I feel even _______ now.

A. ill B. iller C. more ill D. worse

( ) 20. His brother only thinks of himself, and he doesn’t ______ others.

A. decide on B. agree with C. take care D. care about

( ) 21. Do you think Hainan is a good place ________? Yes, I think so.

A. take vacation B. take vacations C. to take vacation D. to take vacations

( ) 22. We don’t know why ________.

A. she come here B. does she come here C. she came here D. did she come here

( ) 23. Mom, Linda is coming to dinner this evening. OK. Let’s give her _____ to eat.

A. anything delicious B. delicious anything C. something delicious D. delicious something

( ) 24. She often _______ after supper with her son.

A. takes walk B. on foot C. walk D. goes for a walk

( ) 25. We are happy that our country has developed(发展) _____ these years than before.

A. quickly B. less quickly C. more quickly D. most quickly

( ) 26. We will never forget what happened ____ the afternoon of May 12, 2008.

A. by B. at C. on D. in

( ) 27. Is there any difference between your idea and ______?

A. he B. his C. she D. her

( ) 28. “Have ______ try! You are so close to the answer,” the teacher said to Eric.

A. the other B. one another C. other D. another

( ) 29. Don’t forget to call me when you______.

A. reach B. arrive C. reach to D. get to

( ) 30. Helen plans _____ a gift to her pen pal for Children’s Day.

A. to rent B. to send C. sending D. renting.


1. I usually go to school on__________ (week) but often go to the movies on __________ (week).

2. On Sundays the girl often _________(help) some old men ________ (wash) the clothes.

3. An old woman is _________ (rest) under a big tree.

4. My English teacher wants me ___________ (read) English loudly.

5. __________ (give) up smoking, because it’s bad for your__________ (health).

6. __________ (keep) a healthy lifestyle helps you get good grades.

7. You’d better _________ (try) _________ (get) there on time.

8. There’re some __________ (different) between the two girls.

9. She likes to have friends who are ________ (different) from her.

10. It’s rude ________ (keep) others ___________ (wait) too long.

11. Mary with her friends ________ (like) to talk freely.

12. I hope _______ (go) to Tibet some day in the future.

13. Why not __________ (finish) your homework on time.

14. That shop stays __________ (open) all day.

15. _______ (All/Whole) the people here know the ________ (all/whole) thing

16. They make her __________ (wait) until 6’o clock p.m.

17. Do you have an __________ (interest) in music? No, I’m only _______ (interest) in dancing.

18. I don’t have any __________ (information) about it.

19. They are going to spend time _________ (take) walks.

20. It took her two hours _________ (finish) _________ (do) her homework.

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