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Units 1-2

1-5 CCBBD 6-10 DCABA 11-15ABCBD 16-20 DACBC

21-25 BDCBC 26-30 ACCDC 31-35ABACC 36-40 CABDC41-45 ADAAB

46. fall 47. argue 48. everywhere 49. except 50. failed 51. competition 52. is

53. can’t 54. send 55. pressure 56. organized 57. freedom 58. complain

59. planning

60. themselves 61. capital 62 . can have no 63. But on weekends, I will dress more casually. 64. He will be a doctor. 65. My life in ten years. 书面表达

Students’ life in 50 years

I think the students’ life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today. They won’t go to school to have classes. They will stay at home to study on computers. They will ask their teachers or classmates for help by chatting on the Internet. They won’t use paper, pens or exercise books. They will go to school to do sports together. For example, they will go to school to play ball games. I don’t like that kind of life. I like to meet my teachers and classmates every day.

Units 3-4

1-5 DCBCC 6-10 ABCAA 11-15 BCCBB 16-20 AABCC

21-25 ABABA 26-30 BCADB 31-35 ADCAC 36-40 CBABD 41-45 ACCBD

46. decision 47. danger 48. experience 49. message 50. copy 51. sleeping

52. work 53. well 54. more 55. loudly 56. hard 57. have 58. late 59. hours

60. healthy 61. C 62. outside 63. 几分钟后,医生第三次从屋内出来了。

64. He said he was going to have a hammer. 65. He was trying to get his bag open with them.


The Internet is very important in our daily life. On the Internet, we can learn news both at home and in the world. And we can also learn all kinds of information. We can send e-mails to our friends by Internet. We can even make phone calls, go to net school, read many books and learn foreign languages alone. If you are free, we can enjoy music, watch sports and play chess and cards on the Internet. We can do shopping, have a chat with others and make friends with them.

Units 1-5

1-5 BBCBB 6-10 DCAAB 11-15 BCBDB 16-20 CBADB 21-25 BCDAD

26-30 BCAAD 31-35 CBACD 36-40 BDBCC 41-45 BCADD

46. pressure 47. style 48. chance 49. disappointing 50. decision 51. told 52. childhood

53. Germany 54. started 55. came 56. interesting 57. in 58. lovely 59. something

60. instruments 61. B 62. The king wanted to see if anyone would move the big stone.

63. 每一个障碍都是改变你命运的机会。64. The richest men came by and simply walked around it and went away. 65. Many gold coins and a piece of paper from the king.


Fellow students, We are going to visit the Science Museum tomorrow. We will meet at the school gate at eight in the morning and we will go there on foot. Take your pens and notebooks with you. We should listen and watch carefully and write down something interesting when you visit the museum. Please don’t make any noise in the museum, and don’t take any pictures. You’ll have to hand in a report about the visit next Monday. Units 6-7

1-5 CADBA 6-10 ABACA 11-15 BCCAA 16-20 BADDC 21-25 ABDCA 26-30 DACBC 31-35 CBDAC 36-40 BDDBC 41-45 DCCBA

46. western 47. accident 48. barber 49. line 50. behavior 51. likes

52. Different 53. of 54. countries 55. special 56. families 57. charity

58. best 59. spend 60. making 61. A 62. C

63. doesn’t it 64. 因此,空气无处不在,它给予活着的事物以生命。

65. Besides so many cars, there are many factories, too.


My dear friends, I’m very sorry to know the big earthquake took place in your hometown. Maybe many people around you lost their lives in the earthquake. But please don’t be afraid. You are not lonely. We’ll be with you forever. Let’s cheer up! To be brave to face all kinds of difficulties. Learn to forget these sad things. Study hard from now on and try your best to make much progress in your study and life. And we are sure that our future will be more beautiful.

Units 8-9

1-5 CDACB 6-10 BAADD 11-15 AACDB 16-20 CBCCD 21-25 DACBD

26-30 CBCAD 31-35 FTTFT 36-40 BBDCA 41-45CBBBC

46. entered 47. Neither 48. modest 49. improve 50. progress

51. rabbits 52. pets 53. special 54. to show 55. has 56. kinds

57. free

58. killing 59. reasons 60. children 61. It’s very popular in America.

62. It comes from the kitchen. 63. F 64. T

65. 大多数美国人认为为朋友或家人举行惊喜派对是非常激动人心的。 书面表达

I want to be an English teacher. In fact , It’s all I have ever wanted to be.

However, my English was poor before. In the last final exam, I didn’t even pass my English exam. For my dream I decided to work hard on English. I’ve been studying English for two years now. I think speaking is the most important in English study. So I often talk with my teachers or students in English. And this helped me improve my English a lot. I decide to do more speaking and try hard to make my English better.

Units 6-10

1-5 BABAC 6-10 DBABB 11-15 CCDAD 16-20 BDABC 21-25 CCDAB 26-30 DABCD 31-35 CBABD 36-40 ADBCA 41-45 BCADC

46. collecting 47. differences 48. western 49. amusement 50. traffic

51. second 52. best

53. off 54. of 55. into 56. likes 57. cooked 58. Don’t 59. everything

60. be

61. some differences between American and British English. 62.

C 63. 英式英语和美式英语不仅仅发音不同。64. But their French is different from the French of France.

65. Four


Sunday 11th May,

Today is Mother’s Day. I love Mother so much that I’ve done many things for her.

In the morning I bought some flowers with pocket money and put them in the vase. In the afternoon I went to the market to buy some vegetables and cooked a simple but delicious dinner for my family. After dinner, I gave Mother the card that I made myself and said “ Happy Mother’s Day” to her. Then I told her to pay more attention to her health and not to overwork. I also promised to help her do some housework from then on. Hearing the words, Mother was moved to tears.

Today is a special day, warm and meaningful.

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