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2013新版8年级英语Unit 5 测试

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Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?单元测试


( )1.He wants the game show. A. watch B. see C. to watch D. to see ( )2.What do you the sports show? ---It’s great!

A. think B. like C. think of D. look like

( )3.I the sitcom. It’s too long.

A. like B. don’t mind C. can’t stand D. love

( )4.Can you help me what time the train leaves?

A. find out B. look for C. watch D. see

( )5.I like watching news. I want to know what is around the world.

A. go on B. goes on C. going on D. went on

( )6. Mark ______a lot about Chinese history.

A. learn B. learns C. think D. thinks

( )7.What _____ Maria think of Ann? A.does B.do C.is

( )8.Henry doesn’t like the movie, I don’t _____. A.too B.either C.also ( )9.--Do you enjoy _____ to classical music? --Yes, I do.

A.listening B.listen C.listens

( )10.I don’t like Jackie. _____, I don’t like action movies.

A.In fact B.At fact C.On fact

( )11.The sports report is really boring. I can’t _____ it. A.mind B.like C.stand ( )12.My friend bought new earrings. She likes _____ very much. A.it B.them C.me ( )13.--What do you _____ the ring?-I like the ring. A.think of B.like C.think ( )14.I like this watch. _____ your brother? A.Do B.Does C.What about



educational_________serious__________wonderful_________relaxing________meaningless___enjoyable_________ exciting_______ boring_______ think of________ came out________ One of the main reasons_____________ In the 1930s ___________

the first cartoon with sound and music_________________

was like a common man____________tried to face any danger__________________

find out ______be ready to__________ dress up________ take sb. Place________

do a good job__________ game show __________learn from ___________talk show_________ soap opera_________go on _________watch a movie __________one of…..__________

try one’s best ___________a pair of _______ as famous as___________ look like__________ around the world ____________ have a discussion about__________________

one day________ such as_________ a symbol of _____________

something enjoyable__________ interesting information____________



2. 他不喜欢情景剧。3. 他希望看体育节目。4. 我们不喜欢肥皂剧。5.我认为我们能从游戏节目上学到很多。___________________________________________

6.我们开展了有关电视节目的大讨论。We a the TV shows.

7.我不能忍受体育节目。I the sports shows.

8.他希望有一天能成为一名电视台记者。He be a TV reporter.

9.你觉得肥皂剧怎么样?What do you the soap opera?

10.他计划今天晚上看什么电视节目?What TV show he to watch?

11. 你妈妈认为访谈节目怎么样?What does your mother ________ _________ talk shows?

12. 她从不看体育节目。She ____________ ____________ sports shows.

13. 你计划看体育节目吗?Do you ________ ________ watch sports shows?

14. 妈妈不同意我的想法。My mother doesn’t ____________ __________ me.


Host:Welcome to 8 o’clock Face to Face. Tonight we are talking to Linda, a 14-year-old girl. Welcome to the show, Linda.

Linda:Thank you. Host:Do you like to watch TV?

Linda:Yes, I like to watch TV very much. Host:What do you think of soap operas? Linda:Oh, I love them. Host:Me, too. And how about sports shows?

Linda:I don’ mind them. Host:Really? And what do you think of sitcoms?

Linda:I don’t like them. Host:And talk shows?

Linda:That’s great! I like them. Host:And what do you think of the game shows?

Linda:Oh, I can’t stand them. They’re so boring. Host:OK! That was interesting. Thanks for joining us.


( )1.Linda doesn’t like to watch TV.( )2.Linda likes soap operas very much.

( )3.Linda doesn’t mind sitcoms.( )4.Linda also likes talk shows.

( )5.Linda can’t stand game shows.

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