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( )1.What color ______ Cindy’s pencils? ----_______ blue.

A. is; It’s B. are ; They’re C. are; They D. is ; They’re

( )2.This isn’t_______bag. It’s _______.

A. his; my B. she; mine C.he; mine D. her; mine

( )3.Thanks ______ your family photo.

A. of B.for C.from D.in

( )4.---Where are his _______? ---________ the table.

A.keys; They’re on B.key ; They’re at

C.keys; It’s at D.key;It’s in

( )5.---Please ______Mary_______ 687-8068.

A..give; at B.call ;to C.call; at D.telephone;for

( )6.---______ , are you Linda ? ---Yes , I am.

A.Thank you B.sorry C.Excuse me D.It’s all right

( )7.---_______ do you spell “ruler”? ---R-U-L-E-R,ruler.

A.How B.What C.What’s D.Ts that

( )8._____ your pictures?

A.These are B.Are these C.Is this D. This is

( )9.---Is this your watch? -----_______ .

A.Yes ,this is B.Yes, it is C.No, this is D.No, this is

( )10. It______ a set of keys.

A. are B.is C.am D./

( )11.There is a computer game ______ the lost and found.

A.to B.in C.on D.of

( )12.That is ______ID card. _____ ID card is on the table.

A.a, The B.an ;The C.a; A D.an,an

( )13.---______ my schoolbag ? ---It’s on the desk.

A.What’s B.Where’s C.Who’s D.What color

( )14.---What _____ the watch? ---Is it yours?

A.for B.at C.in D.about

( )15.That is your_______.

A. a watch B.the watch C.watches D.watch





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