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满分:150分 考试时间:120分钟)



I. 听力测试。(共30分)



1. A. I’m relaxing at home . B. She is studying for a test . C. They are hiking .

2. A. About 340 kilometers . B. Take a train . C. About three hours .

3. A. You are very healthy . B. It’s bad for your health . C. I’m sorry to hear that .

4. A. Next week . B. Tomorrow . C. Yesterday .

5. A. She is thin . B. She is wild . C. She likes reading .

6. A. Yes , I do . B. You are welcome . C. Good idea !



7. A. By bike . B. By subway . C. By bus .

8. A. He has a fever . B. He has a stomachache . C. He has a cold .

9. A. Go shopping . B. Take exercise . C. Do their homework .

10. A. Tara . B. Tina . C. Tina is as serious as Tara .

11. A. Yunnan . B. Hong Kong . C. Tibet .

12. A. Yes , he can . B. No , he can’t . C. No , he can .





13. Sarah and her brother are having their __________ holiday .

A. winter B. Ssummer C. spring

14. They went to the museum __________ .

A. by bike B. by taxi C. by subway

15. They __________ in the afternoon .

A. went hiking in the mountain B. walked to the restaurant to have lunch

C. went shopping

16. Sarah was __________ . (全卷共九个大题

A. tired but happy B. tired and unhappy C. angry



17. Liangliang was __________ years old .

A. four B. five C. six

18. Lianglian’s mother was __________ .

A. a nurse B. A teacher C. A doctor

19. The boy said “__________ ” to his mother .

A. I’m sorry . B. How are you ! C. I love you !

20. What kind of boy do you think Liangliang was ?

A. Quiet . B. Lazy . C. Clever .

II. 单项选择。(每小题1分,共20分。)


21. – Can you come to my birthday party tomorrow evening ?

-- __________ .

A. Sorry , I can B. OK , I’d love C. Sure , I’d love to D. No , I can

22. How long does it __________ you __________ to work ?

A. take , getting B. spend , getting C. spend , to get D. take , to get

23. Beijing is a big city famous __________ her history .

A. for B. as C. to D. with

24. In Hong Kong , many people go to work __________ bus .

A. on a B. by a C. take a D. on

25. I have two pencils here . One is black , __________ is yellow .

A. other B. another C. the other D. the others

26. I __________ watch TV on weekends because I have lots of hoework to do every day .

A. often B. usually C. hardly ever D. sometimes

27. Lily is __________ Lucy . Lily likes singing but Lucy likes dancing .

A. same as B. different in C. different from D. the same as

28. __________ my sister is ill , she still wants to go to school .

A. Although B. Until C. Burt D. And

29. – Adam , I’m going to Europe for vacation this summer .

-- __________

A. Have a good time ! C. You’re right .

C. I’m sorry to hear that . D. That’s OK .

30. -- __________ do you take a shower ? -- Once a week .

A. How long B. How much C. How far D. How often

31. – What’s the matter with you , Henry ? -- __________ .

A. I’m going to the hospital B. I have a high fever

C. I’m visiting my grandparents D. I want to go fishing

32. Jackie Chen is coming to Chongqing for vacation and he is staying __________ .

A. two days ago B. for two days C. on the 12th D. last week

33. I forgot __________ my homework to the classroom and the teacher was angry with me .

A. bringing B. bring C. brought D. to bring

34. It’s good for us to __________ .

A. be stressed out B. go to bed late

C. eat junk food D. eat a balanced diet

35. I don’t have __________ to tell you .

A. something interesting B. anything interesting

C. interesting something D. interesting anything

36. It is very important for us __________ .

A. to keep healthy B. to keep health C. keeping healthy D. keeping in good health

37. She __________ the teacher but __________ nothing .

A. listened , listened to B. listens to , heard

C. listened , heard D. listened to , heard

38. I think Zhao Benshan is __________ than Guo Degang , Do you think so ?

A. funny B. funnyer C. funnier D. more funnier

39. The little boy eats __________ food and he is __________ heavy .

A. too many , too much B. too much , much too

C. too many , much too D. much too , too much

40. She has __________ books in her room , and __________ the books is 300 .

A. a number of , a number of B. the number of , the number of

C. the number of , a number of D. a number of , the number of

III. 完形填空。(每小题1.5分,共15分)


Young people today may not know Zhu Mingying . But twenty years , she was very famous . She was a dancer at first . But one day she thought that she could also sing . So she went to visit a music teacher . The teacher her to sing some songs and then said that she would not be successful(成功的)in singing , she didn’t have a good voice(嗓音). But she didn’t give up(放弃). She spent a lot of time to have music lessons . She had time to rest . She even didn't have much to buy herself delicious food . Life was really hard for her at that time . She practiced for many years , and at last she felt very , because she proved(证明)she could be a good singer .

If you want to do something , just , and you will be successful in the end !

42. A. good B. bad C. happy D. well

43. A. asking B. tells C. asked D. ask

44. A. so B. but C. because D. why

45. A. going B. to go C. goes D. go

46. A. a little B. few C. a few D. little

47. A. money B. food C. work D. clothes

48. A. sing B. to sing C. singing D. sang

49. A. happy B. sad C. angry D. tired

50. A. have music lesson B. try your best

C. find a teacher D. spend little money

IV. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共30分)


51. Xiao Ming wants to learn computer , he can call up the number __________ . A. 023-68206162 or 13783147258 B. 023-68206162 or 13708356472 C. 023-68206569 or 13708356472 D. 023-68206965 or 13708536472 52. If you want to learn drawing , you must go to __________ . A. Room 201 B. Room 307 C. Room 503 D. Room 305 53. If you are free on Thursday afternoon , you can go to learn __________ . A. English B. drawing C. swimming D. computer


Peter is thirteen years old . He is in Grade Two this year . He likes to play football and watch football matches . And he often reads newspapers . He tries to know when and where there is going to be a football match . Now Peter is having lunch . He is listening to the radio , too . He is very happy bacause there is going to be a nice football match on TV at four this afternoon . He wants to watch it very much . But he is going to have English and Chinese lessons . He thinks hard and finds a way .

“ Hello , Mrs. Black , ” Peter says to his teacher on the telephone , “ Peter is ill in bed . He wasnts to ask for half a day’s leave(请半天假). ”

“ Oh , I’m sorry to hear that , ” says Mrs. Black . “ But who is that ? ” “ It’s my father , Mrs. Black . ” 54. Peter is a __________ . A. middle school student B. doctor C. worker D. teacher 55. Peter will be in __________ next year . A. Grade Two B. Grade Three C. Grade One D. Grade Four 56. Peter often reads newspaper because __________ . A. he likes to read news B. he likes to read stories

C. he wants to know when and where a football match will be D. he doesn’t like reading books

57. Peter wants to ask for a leave because __________ .

A. his father is ill

C. he is ill in bed B. he wants to watch the football match D. his motehr is ill


Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player in the world . He was from Brooklyn , New York . He didn’t like to talk to other people about himself . He was very short . He didn’t play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first . But the next year things changed(改变)greatly for him when he was taller .

Michael Jordan was famous when he joined the university basketball team in North Carolina . Michael used his speed(速度)and strength(力量)to reach the basket again . He played so well that people called him “ Air Jordan ” .

After college , Michael became a basketball team member in the Chicago Bulls . The NBA was very surprised at the high-flying player . He was named “ Rookie ” (新秀)of the year in 1985 and “ Most Valuable(价值的)player ” in 1987 . He once set a record(创记录)by getting 63 points in one game .

58. Jordon is a basket5ball super star in __________ .

A. England B. America C. Canada D. Japan

59. When he joined the basketball team in his high school , he __________ at first .

A. didn’t play very well B. played very well

C. grew much taller D. set a record

60. He began to become famous in __________ .

A. the university basketball team B. the NBA

C. his high school at first D. the Chicago Bulls

61. The NBA was very surprised at the super star when __________ .

A. he was young B. he joined the basketball team in his high School

C. he joined the university basketball team D. he joined the Chicago Bulls


You may know the English letters A, B and C . But do you know there are people called ABC ? You may like eating bananas . But do you know there are people called “ banana persons ” ? If you don’t know , I will tell you . They are Chinese people like you and me , but they aren’t in China . Why do people call them that ?

ABC means America – born Chinese . An ABC is a Chinese , but was born(出生)in the United States . Sometimes , people also call them “ banana persons ” . A banana is yellow outside and white inside . So when a person is a banana , he or she is white ( American ) inside and yellow ( Chinese ) outside . They are born in America and they live in America for a long time . Even their nationalities are Americans . So they think like Americans and do things like Americans . But they still have Chinese blood(血液). Their parents , grandparents or great-grandparents were from China . They all have black eyed and black hair . So they look like us , Chinese people . For example , we all know the famous scientist Yang Zhenning . He is an ABC and he is a “ banana person ” . We like him , although his nationality(国籍)isn’t Chinese .

62. What does ABC here mean ?

A. Australian-born Chinese B. American-born Chinese

C. China-born American D. American-born Canadian

63. Why do people call an ABC a “ banana person ” ?

A. They look like Chinese but think like Americans .

B. They look like Americans but think like Chinese .

C. They look like bananans .

D. They like to eat bananans .

64. Why do ABCs think like Americans ?

A. They look like Americans . B. They are born in America .

C. They live in America for a long time . D. Both B and C .

65. What’s Yang Zhenning’s nationality ?

A. Chinese B. American C. Australian D. Canadian


V. 口语运用。(每小题1分,共5分)


Tina : Hi , Lucy , How are you ?

Lucy : Fine , thank you. And you ?

Tina : I’m not feeling very well .

Lucy : Oh , What’s the matter with you ?

Tina : I have a bad cold .

Lucy :

Tina : Last Saturday . I went to “ Yi Keshu ” to enjoy the night view , and it was really cold that

evening , but I didn’t wear enough clothes .

Lucy : Well , how often do you exercise ?

Tina : Once a month .

Lucy: Oh , my God . You are too lzay ! I exercise every day . And I walk to school every day .

Tina : In my father’s car .

Lucy : By the way(顺便问一句), can you come to my birthdayff party next Sunday ?

Tina :

Lucy : I hope you are OK then . See you !

Lucy : Bye .

VI. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(每空0.5分,共5分)

71. How many __________ ( tooth ) does an elephant have ?

72. The bus ride __________ ( take ) me half an hour yesterday .

73. What are you planning __________ ( do ) for vacation ?

74. What are you doing for vacation ? I __________ ( babysit ) my younger brother at home .

75. What is the most popular way of __________ ( get ) to school in China ?

76. Paul has a healthy habit . He often __________ ( sleep ) eight hours every night .

77. She finished __________ ( write ) a letter when I got to her house .

78. I always watch many basketball __________ ( match ) on TV. And I like Kobe best .

79. My good friend Lin Hui is __________ ( outgoing ) than me .

80. It’s difficult for me __________ ( work ) out the problem by myself .

VII. 句型转换。(每空0.5分,共10分)


81. He is doing his homework at the moment .(同义句)

__________ doing his homework __________ .

82. Lambert sent a postcard to his pen pal last night .(变一般疑问句)

__________ Lambert __________ a postcard to his pen pal last night ? (对划线部分提问)

__________ __________ is Mary going to Tibet this weekend ? (对划线部分提问)

__________ __________ they often go to work ? (对划线部分提问)

How __________ __________ do you usually watch TV every night ?

86. Remember to bring your dictionary to school tomorrow .(同义句)

__________ __________ to bring your dicitonary to school tomorrow .

87. Drinking more milk is good for our lealth .(同义句)

__________ good for our health to __________ more milk .

88. She decided to buy a new car .(同义句)

She decided __________ __________ a new car .

89. You should eat something bnefore you go to bed .(变否定句)

You __________ eat __________ before you go to bed .

90. My friend came home after 10:00 yesterday .(同义句)

My friend __________ come home __________ 10:00 yesterday .

VII. 原文填空。(每空0.5分,共5分)



Lin Fei’s home is about 10 kilometers school . He gets up at six o’clock every day , showers and has a his bicycle to the bus station . That takes about ten . Then the early bus takes him to school .


Traditional Chinese doctors we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy . For example , are you often and tired ? Maybe you have too much yin . You should eat hot yang foods , beef . Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this . But people who are too out and angry may have too much yang .

VIII. 短文填空。(每空1.5分,共15分)


When I was five years old , my mother first asked me a question , “ What’s the most part of one’s body ? ” she asked me . At that moment , I listening to songs very much ,

so I answered , “ My ears , mom . ” “ I don’t think so , ” said my mother . She always asked me this , but I never gave her the right answer .

Last year , my grandmother the world . For the first time , I saw my mother cry so badly . All the people in my family were very . That night , my mother asked me the question again . “ You need to learn this important lesson today , my dear , ” she said to me . “ The most important part of one’s body is the shoulder(肩膀). ”

“ ? ” I asked .

“ Because your shoulders can hold the head of a friend or one of your family , ” my mother said . “ Everyone a shoulder to cry on when he or she meets something sad . I hope that you have lots of love and strong(强壮的)shoulders . Then your and family can cry on them . ”

“ My shoulders are strong now , ” I said . “ You can cry on each of them , Mom . ” IX. 书面表达。(共15分)





Dear May ,


Yours ,




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