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9A Unit 6 词组

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9A Unit 6 词组

1.be dressed like that

3.dress oneself = get dressed

4.dress the little child

5.dress up as ---

6.put on old clothes

7.wear a red dress

8.do such important work

9.do such an important job

10.The problem is much more serious .

11.I am seriously ill . = I am terribly ill.

12.My teacher is serious .

13.Be serious . Don’t say it for fun .

14.a serious social problem

15.nothing serious

16.You are nothing serious , you will be well after taking this pill soon .

17.My food has gone missing . = My food has got lost

18.be missing = get lost

19.read detective stories

20.hold a writing competition

21.the appearance of the murderer

22.the murderer of the murder

23.The police are trying to find out who the murder is .

24.be killed be murdered

25.The murder happened on a cold snowy night .

26.have four suspects

27.make notes 做笔录,做笔记

28.make notes on all the suspects

29.make notes on his ideas

30.make a note of you cost in this trip

31.a saleman

32.medium height

33.high --- height weigh --- weight

34.Don’t be nervous

35.be cruel to ---

36.The person most the murderer

37.be likely to ---

He is likely to be the person we want to find

38.be wanted

39.Hi, Jack , you are wanted on the phone.

40.Two English teachers are wanted here .

41.He is wanted for murder all over the country .

42.complain --- complain

43.complain to sb about sth

44.a letter of complaint

45.The body was found in the doorway of a clothes shop

46.The police have confirmed that the victim was a computer programmer .

47.He was last seen leaving his office at bout 7:00 p.m.

48.The murder took place between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.

49.at the scene of the crime

50.whether --- or not ---

51.whether to do sth 53.I want to know help me .

54.I just care 55.I am not sure help him

56.whether the victim was killed somewhere else or be killed at the place where he was found .

57.sth unusual

58.as usual

59.a usual man = a common person = an ordinary person

60.an unusual man

61.get up earlier than usual

62.contact us on ----

63.be particularly interested in ---

64.be attacked with a knife

65.attack sb

66.attract sb

67.bleed --- bled --- bled ---- blood

68.bleed to death

69.as a result

70.as a result of bad weather

71.There was no evidence to struggle .

72.There is no evidence of life on Mars.

73.put up a good fight

74.put up a tent

75.put up a picture

76.The victim obviously put up a good fight

77.more than one attacker

78.the death of ---

79.The police are checking the scene for fingerprints and other clues

80.The police are all wondering if the victim has any enemies

81.I am not sure whether this has made him some enemies

82.Please confirm it by writing to me .

83.take one’s place = take the place of --- 取代某人,坐某人的位置

Nothing can take the place of the lost pleasant time .

He stood up and said to the old man , “Here , take my place , please.”

84.so far

85.So far nobody has travelled to Mars .

86.----How is everything going , Jack ? ---- So far, so good.

87.have contact with -----

88.lose contact with ----

89.contact sb on ------

90.An accident is more likely to happen in that place .那个地方更有可能发生意外

91.He is most likely to succeed . 他最有可能成功。

92.We suppose the victim knew the attacker

93.be supposed to do sth

94.a witness to ---

95.the witness to the car accident

96.He took a deep breath and dived into the water 他深吸了一口气,然后潜入海底。 = He breathed deeply and dived into the water .

97.breathe heavily

98.out of breath

He ran up to her breathing heavily = he ran up to her out of breath

99.have blood on his shirt

100.The suspect had no hard evidence to prove that he was at another place at the time of the crime

101.He insisted that he was not guilty

102.offer a reward of 50,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the murderer 103.contact the police on 55501212

104.have a well-paid job

105.be guilty of ---(murder)

106.be charged with ---(kidnapping)

107.He was charged with breaking into several computer systems

108.do something against the law

109.sail against the wind

110.speak and act against you

111.stand against the wall

112.I am against it ------ I am for it

113.take in air and send it out through nose or mouth

114.take it easy

115.send it up into space

116.give out light and heat

117.It is possible that ---(there was more than one attacker)

118.offer a reward of 1000 yuan for information

119.arrest the murderer

120.The victim had been charged with computer crimes

121.There was not enough evidence to arrest him

122.Anyway ,he can prove that he was at another place at the time of the crime

123.make notes on the case

124.prove +adj. prove +to be

The play proved good. = The play proved to be very good .

125.keep a diary

126.in her diary

127.He says in his diary :----

128.be killed with a gun

129.offer sb sth = offer sth to sb

Ann offered a good suggestion to us = Ann offered us a good suggestion 130.offer to do sth (主动)提出(要做某事)

He offers to lend some books to us .

131.look for clues

132.be kidnapped by a kidnapper

133.be stolen by a thief

134.be murdered by a murderer

135.be scared = get scared

The witness said that when he saw the scene of the case , he got scared 136.hear about the case

137.the following day = the next day

138.notice sb doing sth

139.notice sb do sth

140.put up a notice

141.dare to do sth

142.There is a risk of getting killed

143.put up a drawing of the suspect

144.Time is running out .

145.I will call her when I get out of the shower

146.have a bath = take a shower

147.wait in the queue at the bank

148.see a man holding a gun

149. record a witness’s talk about the case

150. rob --- robbed ---robbing --- robbery --- robber

151. rob sb of sth rob me of my money

152. rob sw of sth rob the bank of 10 million

153.(sb, sw) be robbed of ---

154.I was robbed of my necklace yesterday .

155. Where are you when the robbery took place ?

156.wait in the queue at the bank

157.in the Bank of China

158.walk along the bank

159.hear a gunshot

160.I didn’t see his face because he was wearing a mask

161.in his thirt in his

162.at his thirtbirthday party as his th birthday gift 163.be familiar with ---

164.be familiar to ----

165.It seemed to me that the robber was quite familiar with the bank .

166.The bank is quite familiar to me because I was born here .

167.interview some witnesses for more details

= have an interview some witnesses for more details

168.A child has been kidnapped yesterday

169.complete this form with as much information as possible

170.no criminal record

171.six months in prison for theft

172.His occupation is a hairdresser .

173.have a criminal record

174.in the old times

175.in the modern times

176.give the dog a bone as a reward

177.get a reward for acting well

178.read a report on the kidnapping case

179.on the morning of ---

180.I don’t think he is guilty

181.at his sister’s wedding

182.be involved in this case

183.pay attention to different stresses

184.plan to take the necklace to the police station

185.He was charged with robbery

186.get along with --- = get on with --

187.get on well with ----

188.He is easy to get on well with

189.just then = just at that time

190.check these for fingerprints

191.I will check it for you .

192.start looking for clues

193.do sth against the law

194.leave for ----

195.leave sw

196.You need to take a break from schoolwork . 你需要从繁重的功课中解脱出来,休息一下

197.(sb)need to do sth

198.(sb) don’t need to do sth = (sb) needn’t do sth

199.(sth) need doing = (sth) need to be done

200.(sth) require doing = (sth) require to be done

201. rise , raise

202.The price of the houses has risen .

203. The table was raised by the two boys. 204. with the help of --- = with one’s help

205.with the support of --- = with one’s support

206.with his help

207.with the help of the local businesses

208.in his nineties

209.in the late 1990s

210.except , besides , except for , but

211.We all went to the concert except Jim .

212.We all went to the concert besides Jim .

213.I love my job except for the long hours . (除去整体中的某一部分) 214.No one but myself knows what really happened

215.be shocked at /by ---

216.We were shocked by/ at his sudden death .

217.it shocks sb to do sth

It shocks me to see how my neighbours treated their children .

看到邻居们如此对待他们的孩子, 我很震惊

= I was shocked to see how my neighbours treated their children .

218.with +n. +adj.

219.with + n. +doing

220.with + n. +done

221.with +n. +prep/adv

222.He slept well with all the windows wide open

223.The young woman hurried to leave , with her little boy crying behind. 224.The thief was taken into the police station , with his hands tied behind . 225.Miss Gao came into the classroom ,with a smile on his face .

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