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构成:助动词had + 动词的过去分 词(V.pp) 用法:
1. 过去完成时动词表示过去某一时间或某 一动作之前完成的动作或状态。在强调过 去某一动作发生在另一动作之前时。

在强调过去某一个动作发生在另一个动作前常常用 过去完成时态。 1.他说他以前见过你。 He said that he ______________ (see) you before. had seen 2. 到六点钟为止他们已经工作八小时了。 By six o’clock they ______________(work) for had worked eight hours.

过去分词的构成: 1. 规则动词的变化:

过去完成时的构成:由助动词 had + 动词的过去分词(V.pp)

a) 一般情况下在动词后面加 ed work ------ worked play -------- played b) 以 e 结尾的动词直接加 d use ------ used refuse ------ refused c) 以辅音字母加 y 结尾的动词,把 y 改 i 再加 ed study ----- studied carry ----- carried d) 以重读闭音节结尾的,前面有单个元音字母时, 双写辅音字母,再加 ed stop ---- stopped drop ------- dropped 2. 不规则动词的变化见不规则动词表


2. 过去完成时词可以表示过去某一 时刻之前发生的动作或呈现的状态, 这一动作一直持续 或将继续下去。

1. 到了六点钟为止,他们已经工作了八小时了。

By six o’clock they ____________ (work)for eight hours. had worked
2. 我到广州时,他在那里很长时间了。

When I came to GZ , he _____________(be) there had been for a long time.

had lived By the middle of last month we ______________(live) in Beijing for five years.

过去完成时与 by then(截止到那时); by 9 o’clock(直到 九点钟) by the end of …(在…结束/末之前); by the time…(在…时之前); up till then (直到那时); up until last night(直到昨晚)等连用,表示过去的过 去。 1. 到昨晚上,他已写完那封信。 By yesterday evening he ___________ (write) that letter. had written
2. 他说他以前见过你。 He said that he ____________(see) you before. had seen 3. 当我进来时,他已做完了作业。 When I came in he ________________(finish) his had finished homework.


3. 过去完成时和 already, just, ever, yet 等连用表示过去的过去。

例如:1. 他告诉我说他们队已经赢了。 He told me that his team _________ already had won ___________ (win). 2. 她说她仍没去过长城。 She said that she _______________(not go to) the hadn’t been to Great Wall yet.


过去完成时与when, before, as soon as, till/ until 等引导时间状语的从句连用, 强调动作发生的时间前后。

例如:1. 她到家之前她的孩子已经睡着了。 When she got home her children ____________(sleep). had slept 2. 在他们到达之前电影已经开始了。 Before they arrived here the film _________ already had started ___________ (start). 3. 我完成作业

了就去睡觉了。 had finished Last night, as soon as I _______________ my work I went to sleep.


had finished 1. After he ______________ (finish) his work he went out. had broken 2. The children ran away after they ___________ (break) the window. had gone 3. I went to Tom’s house but he __________ (go) out. had gone 4. Annie told me that his father ____________ ( go ) to would come Paris and he ____________ ( come ) back in a few days. 5. My friend __________ (buy) the car two years ago. bought He ________________ (buy) it for two years. has had

? 1 When Li Ming hurried home, he found that his mother ____already ____to hospital. ? A has; been sent B had; sent ? C has; sent D had; been sent ? 2 We ____five English songs by the end of last term. ? A had learned B learned ? C have learned D will have learned

? 3 Billy told me she _____lunch, so she was very hungry. ? A has had B hasn't have ? C have had D hadn't had ? 4 By the end of 1976, many buildings _____built in the city. ? A have been B have ? C had been D will

? 5 She _____her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband ____home. ? A has left; comes B had left; would come ? C had left; came D left; had come ? 6 He said that it was at least ten years since I _____a good drink. ? A had enjoyed B was enjoying ? C have enjoyed D have been enjoying

? 7 The meeting _____when Mr. Wang _____to school. ? A has begun; get ? B has been on; get ? C had begun; got ? D had been on; got

had left ? 1 When I returned home, he _____ (leave). ? 2 By ten yesterday evening, she had finished ________(finish) writing. had studied ? 3 He ______ (study) English for five years before he came here. ?had _____ ? 4 It ____stopped (stop) raining when I wake up this morning. didn't read ? 5 I _____ (not read) the book because I had read it before.

was ? 6 She said she____ (be) born in 1992. came ? 7 When he _____(come) to China two years ago he found people didn't understand him at all though he had learned ________(learn) some Chinese in his own country. hadn't seen ? 8 I saw Han Mei yesterday. We _____(not see) each other since left Beijing. had gone ? 9 When I got to his home, he_____(go) to bed. had ? 10 She asked if Mr. Liu _____ already come _____(come) back.

? ? ? ? ?

答案:1D 2 A 3 D 4 C 5 C 6A 7C 答案:1 had left 2 had finished 3 had studied 4 had stopped 5 didn't read 6 was 7 came had learned 8 hadn't seen 9 had gone 10 had come

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