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Exercise (比较级和副词)

一. A. 写出下列形容词或副词的比较级和最高级

1. near ____________ ____________ high___________ ___________

2. warm ___________ ____________ clever__________ ___________

3. white ___________ ____________ blue __________ __________

4. nice ____________ ____________ gentle___________ ___________

5. safe ____________ _____________ wide____________ ___________

6. close ___________ _____________ long____________ ___________

7. heavy __________ _____________ sunny___________ ____________

8. early ___________ ______________ dry ____________ ___________

9. busy ___________ _____________ happy ___________ ___________

10. easy ___________ _____________ angry ___________ ____________

11. windy _________ ______________ little __________ ____________

12. thin ___________ ______________ ` fat ______________ ___________

13. hot ___________ _______________ big ______________ ___________

14. wet ___________ ______________ ` good____________ ___________

15. bad ___________ ______________ well __________ _____________

16. badly _________ ______________ many____________ ___________

17. much _________ ______________ far ______________ ___________

18. important ___________________ _______________________

19. dangerous ___________________ _______________________

20 beautiful ____________________ _______________________

21. difficult _____________________ _______________________

22. brightly _____________________ _______________________

23. strongly _____________________ _______________________

24. expensive ___________________ ________________________

25. quietly _____________________ ________________________

B. 写出下列形容词的副词形式

1. bad ___________ nice ___________ beautiful___________

2. clever _________ easy ___________ busy _______________

3. heavy _________ angry __________ happy ______________

4. gentle _________ wide ___________ safe ________________

5. close __________ late ____________ early________________

6. deep ___________ high ___________ near ________________

7. fast ___________ good ___________


1、 The flowers are very _____________________. (beautiful)

2、The girls are sitting there ______________________ .(quiet)

3、They’re talking very _________________ . (loud)

4、We can get there _________________ . (easy)

5、They’re getting ready for the sports meeting __________________ . (busy)

6、They’re living a _________________ life. (happy)

7、The wind is blowing __________________ . (strong)

8、He plays the piano ______________ .(bad)

9、The river runs _________________ down the hill. (gentle)

10、The sun is shining _______________ . (bright)



11、The man is riding his horse along the road __________________ . (slow)

12、The girl sings ____________________________ than the boy. (beautiful)

13、Jack plays football _________________ than Dick. (bad)

14、He is speaking __________________ . (angry)

15、The children are running __________________ along the road. (happy)

16、She runs __________________ of all. (fast)

17、The sun is shining _____________________this afternoon than this morning. (bright)

18、Jim works ___________________ than Tom. (hard)

19、He walks ___________________ of the three. (far)

20、Little Tom is sitting there ___________________ of all. (quiet)


1. The white shirt is as ________ as the yellow one.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

2、 You know ________ about it than Tom does.

A. even little B. even less C. more little D. more less

3、 This garden is ________ that one.

A. ten times as long as B. ten times longer as C. ten times longer as D. as long as ten times

4、 The earth is getting ________ .

A. warm and warmer B. warmer and warm C. warmer and warmer D. warm, and warm

5、 Which one is ________ , football or basketball?

A. more popular B. popular C. popularer D. much popular

6、 The fifth orange is ________ of all . Give it to that small child.

A. big B. bigger C. the bigger D. the biggest

7、 Allan is one of ________ popular teachers in the school.

A. more B. the more C. most D. the most

8、 Which city is ________ , Beijing, Shanghai or Fuzhou?

A .beautiful B. more beautiful C. much more beautiful D. the most beautiful

9. He runs __________ of the four boys.

A. fast B. faster C. the fastest D. fastest

10、________ all the students in his class, Xiao Ming writes ________.

A. Of, most carefully B. In, the most careful C. Of, very carefully D. In, much more carefully

11、I think P.E. is ________ any other subject.

A. the more important B. the most important C. as important than D. as important as

12、I don’t feel very ________ today.

A. good B. better C. nice D. well

13、The more you study during the term, ________you have to study the week before exams.

A. the less B. the lesser C. less D. the little

14、The old man was too tired to walk any __________.

A. far B. farther C. the farthest D. farer

15、The children are laughing ________. They look very ________.

A. happy, happy B. happily, happily C. happily, happy D. happy, happily

16. I think maths is _____ of all the subjects.

A. the most interesting B. more interesting C. so interesting D. the best interesting

17. The girl doesn’t run _____ the boy.

A. much faster as B. as fastest as C. more careful than D. so fast as

18. The young man drives _____ than he did three months ago.



A. much carefully B. much more careful C. much careful D. much more carefully

19. Don’t worry too much.I am sure everything is going on _____ with you.

A. good B. fine C. well D. nice

20.---Do they like him?

---Yes.He is ____ a kind man.

A. very B. so C. much D. such

21.---Mary won’t go shopping this afternoon.

---I won’t go _____ .

A.either B.yet C.also D.too

22. ---What should I do if I don’t understand the word?

---Look it ____ in a dictionary.

A.at B.on C.up D.out

23.The car is running ______ .It seems to be flying.

A.more and faster B.more and fast C.fast and fast D.faster and faster

24.---I have three English dictionaries.

---I have nine.I have three times ______ you.

A.as much as B.as many as C.as little as D.1ess than

25. We love to go to the country in spring as the flowers smell so ____.

A. well B.nice C.wonderfully D.nicely

26. The boy doesn’t speak ____ his sister,but his written work is very good.

A.as well as B.so good as C.more better than D.more worse than

27.---Does Liu Hua ever guess the meanings of English words?

---He ____ guesses the meanings of new words.He uses his dictionary all the time.

A.usually B.always C.never D.sometimes

28.The meeting will be held in half an hour,but they haven’t got everything ready __.

A.ever B.already C.yet D.still

29.Now the air in our hometown is ___ than it was before.Something must be done.

A.much better B.more worse C.more better D.much worse

30.Johnny doesn’t sing quite _____ the other boys and girls in his class.

A.so well as B.as good like C.as well like D.so good as

31. I don’t believe the young man could run ____ fast ___ 20 kilometres an hour.

A.as;as B.as;like C.much;as D.so;like

32.Harry Potter is an ___ book for children, but my cousin doesn’t seem at all__ in it.

A.interesting;interesting B,interested;interested

C.interesting;interested D.interested;interesting

33. ---Do you like western food?

---No.The food of our country is ____ that of western countries.

A.rather good than B.much better than C.more better than D.not so good as

34.Mr Watson won’t be here next week,and _____.

A.neither his wife will B.neither his wife won’t

C.his wife won’t neither D.his wife won’t either




One of Harry's feet was bigger than the other. 'I can never find boots (靴子)and shoes for my feet,' he said to his friend Dick.

'Why don't you go to a shoemaker?' Dick said. 'A good one can make you the right shoes.'

'I've never been to a shoemaker,' Harry said. 'Aren't they very expensive?'

'No,' Dick said, 'some of them aren't. There's a good one in our village, and he's quite cheap. Here's his address.' He wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry.

Harry went to the shoemaker in Dick's village a few days later, and the shoemaker made him some shoes.

Harry went to the shop again a week later and looked at the shoes. Then he said to the shoemaker angrily, 'You're a silly man! I said, "Make one shoe bigger than the other," but you've made one smaller than the other!'

Which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)?

1. Harry's feet were not the same size.

2. Harry had never been to a shoemaker.

3. The shoemaker was from Harry's village.

4. Harry went back to the shoemaker two w-eeks later.

5. The shoemaker was right.







1. Is China the biggest country in the world?

2. Both Russia and Canada are bigger than China, are they?

3. Which mountain is the highest in the world?

4. Do you know what ocean is the deepest in the world?

5. Which river is longer, the Changjiang River or the Yellow River?

Exercise (比较级和副词)

一. A. 写出下列形容词或副词的比较级和最高级

1. nearer nearest higher highest

2. warmer warmest cleverer cleverest

3. whiter whitest bluer bluest

4. nicer nicest gentler gentlest

5. safer safest wider widest

6. closer closest longer longest

7. heavier heaviest sunnier sunniest

8. earlier earliest drier driest

9. busier busiest happier happiest

10. easier easiest angrier angriest

11. windier windiest less least

12. thinner thinnest fatter fattest

13. hotter hottest bigger biggest

14. wetter wettest better best

15. worse worst better best

16. worse worst more most

17. more most farther farthest

18. more important most important 19. more dangerous most dangerous

20. more beautiful most beautiful 21. more difficult most difficult

22. more brightly most brightly 23. more strongly most strongly

24. more expensive most expensive 25. more quietly most quietly


1. beautiful 2. quietly 3. loudly 4. easily 5. busily

6. happy 7. strongly 8. badly 9. gently 10. brightly

11.slowly 12. more beautiful 13.worse 14. angrily 15. happily

16. fastest 17. more brightly 18. harder 19. farthest 20. most quietly 5



1-5 ABACA 6-10 DDDCA 11-15 DDABC


(1998) 1-2AD (1999) D (2000) 1-5CDACD (2001)B (2002) 1-2BA (2003) 1-4CCDA (2004) 1-2AC (2005) 1-2 BD

开心一刻 1. T 2. T 3. F 4.F 5. T


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