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1、degree adv: very much. too. quite.

2、frequency adv: always. already. often. never. usually. seldom. sometimes.

3、places adv: here. inside. out. everywhere.

3、Change the adj into adv.(add-ly)
play blow smile badly strongly kindly

see ask use go answer

clearly politely widely weakly quickly

cross sit speak write shine

safely quietly loudly carefully brightly

say snow learn listen win

angrily heavily easily nosily luckily

sing jump work come getup

happily far hard late early

grow write

high well

Do some exercises: 1.The children played in the park. (happy、happily)

2.The monkeys climbed the tree . (quick、quickly)

3. Uncle Wang worked . (careful、carefully)

4. He laughed and talked . (happy、happily)

5. He can life the basket. (heavy、heavily)

6.The sun always shines in September. (bright、brightly)


girl sang . (beautiful、beautifully)

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